The Advantages Of Renting A Spider Lift

When you are thinking about renting lifting equipment for your business, be it painting, window washing, repairing or something else, you face a wide choice. When you have a complicated lifting problem to solve, such as tight spaces or indoor spots, a spider lift is a wonderful option.
The reason why these platforms are called spider lifts is it’s extendable legs, which are used for stabilization. These hinged legs help the machine stand in a variety of positions and on different levels while improving weight distribution. The legs give this equipment a spider-like appearance.
Not too many access platforms, other than spider lifts, can work on rough terrain as well as fragile floors. Coupled with the ability to reach impressive heights, this piece of equipment is often a top choice for a big variety of projects. Here are a few more advantages of renting spider lifts.
1. Compact Design
Spider lifts are fairly small and slim, which allows them to work in tight spots. They can easily fit into a doorway. This compact design is also very useful for work on narrow streets, yards, and hangars.
2. Light Weight
The spider lift is designed to spread the weight over a wide area, making it a perfect equipment to work on fragile floors and indoor environments. The areas, which can’t bear heavy machines, usually don’t have problems with spider lifts.
3. Indoor Work
Thanks to their light weight, compact size, and maneuverability, spider lifts are ideal for indoor projects that require lifting. The spider lift’s motor is rather quiet so it doesn’t sound disturbing in an indoor environment.
4. Mobility
Spider lifts are highly mobile. They can easily be transported on a trailer and towed. Some models can even be loaded onto a truck. These platforms are equipped with tracks, which easily endure common types of terrain.
5. Ease Of Use
Spider lifts are easy to transport and install on the spot.  This equipment is easier to use than heavier machinery. Such lifts require less labor than similar equipment.


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