4 Mistakes Companies Make When Renting Aerial Equipment

4 Mistakes Companies Make When Renting Aerial Equipment

Modern aerial work platforms allow technicians to have an easier access to hard-to-reach areas on various buildings. The equipment capacity can be maximized if the managers take the time to learn about common mistakes. Avoiding them can extend the life of the machines while optimizing the work process. Mistakes made when renting aerial equipment may turn out to be costly for both parties. Such problems can be avoided by preventing them.

1. Ignoring Hazards

Many managers forget to learn about the potential hazards associated with aerial work equipment. Occupation Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) advises that these hazards include falls, falling objects, collapses, electrocution, contacting moving objects, contacting overhead objects. In many cases, two or more of these hazards are present. Ignoring them can lead to lethal consequences and damage to the equipment.

2. Lack Of Training

A simple way to avoid the above hazards is to provide proper training to the technicians before they start working with aerial platforms. Unfortunately, some companies believe that the technicians already know the safety rules. OSHA recommends arranging training and re-training sessions for workers on a regular basis. Different aerial equipment may have different hazards. If technicians know how to work with a boom lift, it doesn’t mean they can deal with truck mounted platforms just as easily.

3. Overlooking Functional Requirements

Not all aerial equipment is created equal. Choosing the right machine for the job involves understanding its functional requirements as well as the needs of a certain project. Managers often make a mistake of thinking that one aerial equipment can deal with numerous tasks. However, one project may require two or more different machines. It’s highly important to understand the height requirements of a project.

One of the most common reasons for falls is workers reaching out from the platform to get to a high spot. Renting a piece of aerial equipment, which is longer than you need, is a hazard as well. Lowering the lift too much may result in an imbalance issue and tip-overs.

4. Failing To Get A Consultation

Companies, which rent the aerial equipment, are always ready to provide an extensive consultation on the type of machines you may need for your project. Even if you believe that you know which equipment is right for you, don’t avoid a consultation. You are likely to learn something important.

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Which Aerial Lift Should I Rent?
Which Aerial Lift Should I Rent?
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Which Boom Lift Would You Choose? Important Information
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Choosing The Right Height Access Equipment: Part 2
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