Aerial Lift for Building Maintenance

Aerial Lift for Building Maintenance

Old houses are beautiful only when properly taken care of. Apartments and offices become cheaper compared to others and less comfortable when buildings do not get regular maintenance. At the same time, the construction industry of big cities is well funded, especially promising and commercially successful projects. But every house needs to be maintained. And the older it is, the more regular attention it requires.

Frequent maintenance as a cheaper way out

Alpha Platforms believes that It’s more effective to invest in regular maintenance of a building, than spend substantial money on major repairs.

In the absence of maintenance, buildings become uncomfortable, unhealthy and even dangerous. A falling piece of a façade may damage someone’s expensive property or deprive someone of his/her life. It’s responsibility of people to take care of structures they erect. Façade maintenance saves lives and preserves the beautiful and distinctive image of the city.

In megacities like New York, municipal services, home owners and owners of commercial buildings have been entrusting this task to aerial lifts rented from companies like Alpha Platforms. It’s the best existing solution for exterior maintenance of high-rise buildings.

Truck-mounted boom lifts arrive strictly on time to any location of the city and beyond, these machines do not need trailers or other kinds of equipment for their transportation, so they substantially reduce final costs.

All operators provided by Alpha Platforms are trained by experts under the special program developed by the company, and are properly certified for all categories of elevated works. There are no random people among them.

The team of Alpha Platforms is motivated to work and professionally grow as part of the reputable and reliable company. Height access operations assume risks, but these people know how to mitigate them and ensure safety of operators, boom lifts, property and lives of other people.

Why invest in building maintenance?

Take a calculator and estimate yourself. Maintenance always makes sense as the most obvious way to avoid repair expenses. Although it’s not cheap to maintain buildings, especially old ones. It’s also true that some public services try to save money by extending intervals between maintenance operations, and sometimes they’re lucky to avoid serious consequences. However, routine frequent maintenance consequently saves money, time and efforts, and allows to avoid serious problems and deterioration.

It’s also important to take care of decorative elements on facades as potential hazards to human health and life. Let them beautify the city instead of falling onto people’s heads.

Frankly speaking, you can avoid a lot of problems by renting an aerial work platform for regular building maintenance, if this obligation is imposed on you.

In New York, you can always rely on the experience and the reliable fleet of truck mounted access platforms of the company Alpha Platforms at affordable prices. We will help you choose that every boom lift that satisfies your needs best.

These aerial platforms will lift your workers and instruments to the height required for maintenance manipulations in the safest manner. They will also help to move aside and overcome obstacles while working at height. No other equipment can ensure the same speed, maneuverability and safety at affordable price.

Building maintenance tasks in the urban environment can be successfully solved by means of A-150 platform with a job, it will lift up to three crew members and tools to the height up to 150 ft, the maximum outreach of the boom lift is 95 feet which is often enough to solve multiple issues on a façade. If you need to get really high, consider A-175 or A-230 models with the enormous side reach ability.

At Alpha Platforms you can also get additional attachments that will make your works faster and more efficient.

Maybe you need a boom winch or a cage winch for loads?

Discuss it with specialists of the company to find the best option. Every building of the city has its own character and, just like a human being, it requires an individual approach. We will be happy to make the place of your residence or work more beautiful and safer – for you and other people.

Alpha Platforms is the pioneer in operated boom lift rentals and height access service in the 150-300-ft range. Our precise German-made lifts have become the favorite height access method for those who try them once, as they combine unmatched productivity, safety, and reach.


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