Aerial Lift Maintenance Information

Aerial Lift Maintenance Information

No matter what job at heights you do, if you use the lifts, proper maintenance is a must.

In fact, performing timely maintenance for an aerial lift is often more critical than for any other equipment since it’s exploited at substantial heights, thus needing to be as safe as possible. One seemingly insignificant maintenance mistake could cost workers their lives.

Whether you own the height-access machinery or rent it, you have to comply with the federal laws and industry guidelines in order to have the equipment safe and in working order.

What Are The Risks?

When working with heavy machinery, the risk of accidents and severe injuries is high. A faulty outrigger, an oil leak or defective lifting controls can lead to unfortunate consequences. Damaged guardrails and slippery floors may result in deathly falls.

All of the above can be avoided if you keep to the maintenance schedule. In fact, maintaining an aerial lift doesn’t take too much time. Just a few minutes a day can help avoid risky situations, such as falls, tip-overs, and electrocutions.

Following The Safety Standards

In order to ensure the proper safety and flawless operation of your aerial lift, you need to follow American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines. Both of them help you set up the right maintenance and inspection schedule for your equipment.

ANSI defines the inspection frequency and gives directions to follow when performing the inspections. All of them should be done by professionals. By law, you should arrange inspections after 150 hours of equipment work or 90 days, whichever occurs first.

Plan your maintenance based on the average operations hours. Remember that different types of height-access equipment may require different inspection schedules. OSHA lists aerial lift maintenance requirements. It’s important to read the manual to find the manufacturer’s recommendations as well.

OSHA also offers extensive information about height-access equipment safety in order to set a proper maintenance schedule. It gives daily inspection checklists for different equipment types.

If you are renting an aerial lift, don’t hesitate to ask the company about the inspection schedule and compliance in order to avoid unexpected problems.

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