Aerial Lift Rental in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Aerial Lift Rental in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

So, you are a manager, head of department, or a business owner in Philadelphia and you faced the necessity of height access, and that’s why you are here. If you still hesitate whether you should buy a boom lift or rent one, simply answer the following question: “Do you use this piece of equipment 2/3 of your working time?” If you do, you should seriously think of buying an aerial platform for your company. If you don’t… Welcome to Alpha Platforms – the most trustworthy and mature provider of boom lifts in America!

What factors should be considered when you rent a boom lift?

It’s true that you need to consider many costs involved into the process of renting an aerial boom lift. It’s not only about an hourly rate of a certain aerial work platform. You need to consider many things and hidden costs to avoid unwanted surprises. Some companies do not notify their clients in advance that pickup or delivery costs may actually exceed the rental costs in particular cases, this becomes a shock for clients, and certainly they do not come back for services to this provider. Although, it’s just the policy of the company – Alpha Platforms prefers to explain and to reason all costs involved in the order, especially if they arise unexpectedly for a client. For example, delivery of heavy machines can truly be costly for a provider, the further truck mounted boom lifts go away from the office, the higher cost will finally emerge for the whole service. You need to consider fueling and refueling costs, additional attachments, if any, working hours of drivers and operators.

Aerial Lift Rental in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Alpha Platforms

The most functional height access equipment in Philadelphia

In the present days, no other height access equipment can compare with our boom lifts in reliability, cost-effectiveness, versatility and functionality. In the industrial world, they perform the increasingly wide array of jobs.

At Alpha Platforms you will find an optimal model for your specific job without overpaying for unnecessary capabilities of a machine. Hanging a banner and washing windows in a building assume one machine, working at NPP or huge industrial complexes – another one. Out fleet is versatile and ranging from 65 to 230 feet in height reach with up to 115 feet in side reach. The simple cage can be supplemented by extra attachments which enhance the capabilities of boom lifts and specifically meet your needs.

Aerial work platforms are always ready to solve many types of tasks both in the commercial and residential sectors of Philadelphia. Minor and unimportant tasks do not exist for our company. Each client and each project are unique and valuable! So, we’ll always do our best to offer the boom lift that perfectly satisfies your requirements in the days and hours you find it more convenient.

State-of-the-art boom lifts to work for you

We treat our aerial lifts as live beings and friends, and spend much effort, time and money to maintain them in the perfect condition. They are truly state-of-the-art models thoughtfully designed for solving complicated tasks at zero risks which is very important both for us and our clients. Being a first-time user, you will be amazed at how easily, promptly and professionally your hard jobs can be performed. Please, provide the fullest description of your project (location, additional conditions, type of terrain, required attachments, need for operators, working outdoors or indoors, and others) to hire the right type of aerial lift.

It is always nice to know that you don’t face extra charges of maintenance, check-ups, accreditation, training of personnel, fueling and others, which are already part of your deal with Alpha Platforms. You should not worry about the ability of reaching heights itself because the company has various models of boom lifts to reach the required point – both with workers and tools.

Aerial Lift Rental in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Alpha Platforms

Business built on trust

Alpha Platforms originally appeared and embraced the industry in New York. Today it is persistently expanding the geography of its business to new cities and states of America. Nowadays, we can offer you the full range of equipment and services in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! Contact our expert team to choose the best option for your job and get professional advice.

The policy of the company is aimed to build trustful and friendly relations with its clients in every city covered by Alpha Platforms. That’s why we are super flexible in terms of working dates and hours, methods of payment and discounts for special and regular clients. We are waiting for your call and new challenges!

Alpha Platforms is the pioneer in operated boom lift rentals and height access service in the 150-300-ft range. Our precise German-made lifts have become the favorite height access method for those who try them once, as they combine unmatched productivity, safety, and reach.


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