Aerial Work Platform for Window Cleaning and Repair

Aerial Work Platform for Window Cleaning and Repair

When residents and business owners want their homes and offices look good and cozy, they not only mop the floors and remove the dust, they also let the shine in through freshly cleaned windows. Dirty windows worsen the atmosphere of any place – residential or commercial – so people have to ensure cleanliness of windows on a regular basis to feel fine and give the same feeling to guests and clients.

In a busy city, ordinary employees and home owners do not always find time for making their homes and offices tidy, while the popularity of cleaning services keeps growing.

Dirty windows of high-rise buildings can become an issue if you try to solve it without professional help. And the main problem is not cleaning itself, but reaching dirty windows at substantial height in a safe and convenient manner. The same problem – working at height – occurs when a window high above the ground requires repair manipulations that can be done only from outside.

Aerial Work Platforms to The Rescue

In cities with the growing number of tall structures and skyscrapers, people solve this problem with help of aerial work platforms that can hardly be replaced with any other means. Only aerial work platforms allow the job to be done reliably, promptly, and more importantly – safely.

Height access for window cleaning and repairing operations

The use of a truck mounted lift for tall buildings is not limited to window cleaning works, it is also irreplaceable for façade repair jobs, façade painting, hanging and removing of advertising installations and much more.

Using an aerial work platform, workers can ensure the best quality of their professional work. They do not worry about their own safety, feeling confidence every minute of their service. The only exception is a fear of heights, but who would agree to work as a window cleaner when he has height issues? So, these guys are totally OK when a boom lift is there. There is no better equipment for height access in a modern developed city.

Alpha Platforms is the firm that professionally solves problems of many industries where workers need to operate at height. The company has a nice park of truck-mounted boom lifts with the ultimate height reached of 300 ft (A-300), although clients normally solve their issues with aerial work platforms of a smaller size.

It’s easy to take care of windows in a big city

When you know where you can get professional and affordable help, you cannot find sound excuses of your house being dirty. It truly does not require efforts and much time when you cooperate with Alpha Platforms.

A short telephone conversation allows to agree on the main details of the order. Clients do not have to wait long for their turn, duly maintained aerial work platforms and skilled operators soon appear on site ready to solve your issue.

If you need to reach the windows on the sixth floor and lower, you do not have to pay for a huge boom lift but choose an average workhorse like A-200 instead of a monstrous aerial platform. Such equipment is great because it brings workers both up to the required height and aside, when they need to clean or repair several windows in a row or overcome some obstacles at height.

For example, the side reach of A-200 platform from Alpha Platforms is 120 feet, while the height it can reach is 200 feet! This model has become one of the favorites among experts of many different industries including cleaning services.

Do aerial work platforms have any disadvantages for urban works like window cleaning?

Some people tend to insist on naming disadvantages of the choice being described. Okay! Aerial work platforms – being the most reliable, promptly working, safe and self-propelled – do have some disadvantages that can be mentioned in this article.

First of all, compared to other techniques, boom lifts are reasonably more expensive. Secondly, they can be a bit noisy, although it’s hard to notice in a crowded street full of traffic. Some models are afraid of rough terrain, so the condition of the road to the working site must be discussed at the earlier stage. A number of boom lifts models from Alpha Platforms can perfectly move on any terrain. In a city, where you just need to clean windows at height, this problem does not exist at all.

Moving up to high windows and even higher to the stars!

Over the years of the professional work and caring attitude both to clients and own fleet of boom lifts, Alpha Platform earned an excellent reputation as a potential business partner to rely upon.

It participated in a highly ambitious project SpaceX’s Starship focused on a transportation system created to bring people and loads to Earth orbit, the Moon and other planets.

No other launch vehicle ever made by people can compare with Starship – the most powerful launch vehicle. Alpha Platforms is happy and proud to be a part of this awesome and super significant project. But do not worry, we won’t refuse to help you clean or repair windows. We love all sides of this job!

Alpha Platforms is the pioneer in operated boom lift rentals and height access service in the 150-300-ft range. Our precise German-made lifts have become the favorite height access method for those who try them once, as they combine unmatched productivity, safety, and reach.

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