Aerial Work Platforms for Rent in Jersey City

Aerial Work Platforms for Rent in Jersey City

In any industry, when planning to work at height, it’s important to take all precautions and find a matching aerial work platform whose basic capabilities will be suitable for your tasks. It’s nice to know that Jersey City has a great fleet of AWP from Alpha Platforms now. This American company, founded in New York, is expanding influence all over the country now, bringing the superb height access quality to each American state.

You can give us a call from any place in Jersey City and discuss details – an appropriate machine will come to the appointed place to get your job done with the highest quality. We have excellent workhorses for huge industrial projects and ambitious construction tasks, as well as minor jobs in a warehouse. Rough terrain or urban asphalt – here you will find what you need for the required number of days, weeks or months.

No need to buy expensive AWP when you can rent one

Most trades and businesses need height access boom lifts in Jersey City from time to time. But few of them can afford to buy huge machines without putting their business to risk. Aerial boom lifts require regular investments in maintenance, storage, repair, renovation and more. Much more reasonable is getting a suitable AWP on a rental basis.

This equipment has become irreplaceable for height access jobs these days. They help to install ventilation systems or sprinkler systems, to paint water towers, to wash windows of tall buildings, to repair wiring and hang banners, to make a footage of huge festivals and sports events.

How to Chose an Aerial Work Platform for Your Project?

An aerial work platform must be chosen on the basis of your requirements, you need to consider:

  • horizontal reach
  • source of power
  • load capacity
  • working height
  • additional attachments which boost productivity of the AWP

We know that such things can be confusing for non-professionals, that’s why we’re always ready to discuss your project and choose the best possible boom lift depending on your needs.

Alpha Platforms is not only the provider of excellent technically-advanced aerial work platforms, but also is a source of professional advice and provider of knowledgeable operators. It’s easy to control your budget and ensure great performance when you cooperate with Alpha Platforms in Jersey City!

You’ll see that our company will become your favorite provider of height access machines in the state. We strive for long cooperation and mutually beneficial outcome.

Perfect Aerial Lifts in Jersey City and Beyond

We’re proud of the AWP fleet we have here – in Jersey City. Indeed, any job related to height access you could only imagine, will be implemented at its best. Our machines have a great ability to overcome obstacles – both at height and on the ground, to safely carry your workers to the desired height, to move in places where only tanks could move…

Gorgeous boom lifts from Alpha Platforms already perform in Jersey City to implement residential, commercial and industrial projects. We enthusiastically get to any work – small or big. And it seems there are no limits and boundaries for our aerial boom lifts – Alpha Platforms has become a partner of the great ambitious Space-X project where crew members and cargos will be brought by a modern starship to the outer space! Everything is possible – we know this for sure! Do you want to be a part of something truly big?
Rent Aerial Work Platforms in New Jersey

Why Alpha Platforms?

Good question. The market is truly full of AWP providers now. But you never know what machines and what people are there behind the advertisement. Alpha Platforms is one of the pioneers in the market. It has lots of regular loyal customers across the USA, their trust and loyalty allow the company to grow and move to new territories in order to bring the best and most affordable height access services to your place.

We aim to build long-term cooperation that will help to improve your business and let us further invest in our own fleet. It is you who make us offer exceptional services to small and big companies all over America. Do you know any other company with such a long professional history in the height access market that compares to Alpha Platforms in Jersey City?

We don’t! We have come to stay and grow, to make more contracts and execute each of them with the guarantee of excellent quality. Our employees are given good career opportunities, professional training and decent security equipment. We highly appreciate our reputation and won’t let you down.

Give us a call and discuss your project in Jersey City with a knowledgeable specialist who will help you choose that very perfect boom lift and proper attachments.

Alpha Platforms is the pioneer in operated boom lift rentals and height access service in the 150-300-ft range. Our precise German-made lifts have become the favorite height access method for those who try them once, as they combine unmatched productivity, safety, and reach.


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