Affordable Rental of Aerial Work Platforms in Washington, D. C.

Affordable Rental of Aerial Work Platforms in Washington, D. C.

We are happy to inform that our super reliable boom lifts and rental services are now available in Washington, D. C.

Alpha Platforms is a well-known provider of truck-mounted boom lifts whose business was initially launched years ago in New York. Today it’s winning trust and respect in other American cities, continuously expanding the geography of rental services.

Why you may need our aerial work platform rental in Washington, D.C.?

Washington has significant urban and industrial sectors which demand boom lifts with their ability to solve versatile tasks and maneuver at height. In our company you will find both telescopic models for reaching ultimate heights and articulating ones for maneuvering at height and accessing hard-to-reach spots.

You should contact Alpha Platforms for lift rental in Washington, D. C., if you have:

  • irregular projects (both indoors and outdoors) where you need to reach heights;
  • your own height access equipment is currently not usable;
  • you do not have enough aerial equipment to meet the deadline of your project;
  • you want to test and assess capabilities of aerial equipment before you decide on buying a similar boom lift.

Despite your reason, hiring a boom lift from Alpha Platforms will give you more opportunities in business without the necessity to enter long-term commitments or spend enormous amounts on buying your own boom lifts. Observing this alternative from any angle, you will not find serious disadvantages.

What makes Alpha Platforms special?

Washington is a big city where aerial work platforms are offered for rent by numerous companies. That’s why we believe this to be important to say a few critical things about Alpha Platforms to help you make the right choice:

  1. Alpha Platform is a team of experts who obligatorily undergo special training under the internal corporate program to fully meet the policy and expectations of the company and to be trusted as part of our reputable organization;
  2. Alpha Platforms is the company where clients are always aware of the costs without hidden costs that emerge upon completion of the works;
  3. Alpha Platforms is very flexible and friendly, which means we try to individually approach every client and project in the aspects of time, payment schedule and others;
  4. Alpha Platforms treats safety (in all appearances) as the top priority in this business; Alpha Platforms is equally attentive to all clients, big and small;
  5. Alpha Platforms builds its success on the reputation and … ambitions!

For example, we partner with the fantastic SpaceX starship project to help the world’s most powerful launch vehicle ever designed in its amazing plans of reaching other stars and planets! This spacecraft is able to carry 100 metric tons to Earth orbit, and we can’t wait for new victories of this ambitious creation.

Efficiency and safety for your property and personnel

Moving back away from huge projects to routine urban tasks, we should say that you don’t have to risk and endanger yourself trying to save money on boom lift rental. If you need to work at height, abandon the idea of using a ladder or scaffolding, and better estimate all the advantages of our services. It truly makes a difference in terms of safety and efficiency.

Whether you need to paint a water tower, or repair power lines, or maybe wash windows of a tall commercial building, you can entrust these jobs to Alpha Platforms – a highly experienced provider of reliable boom lifts in the USA. When you realize how substantially it benefits your business, you will not consider other alternatives again.

How to choose a boom lift for your project?

There are many different boom lifts in the market now, and it seems to be very difficult to make the right choice and avoid overpayment. But this problem disappears as soon as you contact our specialists on the phone and discuss your project with them. They will ask you the standard questions to offer the best model of a boom lift designed for projects like yours.

Alpha Platforms is ready to ensure top-quality aerial platforms and high professionalism of operators in Washington, D. C.

Challenges, that we are not willing to deal with, do not exist.

When it comes to height access, Alpha Platforms becomes the most obvious and straightforward decision in a steadily growing number of American cities! Washington is the city of great opportunities and ambitious projects, so we believe we have much work to do here! Renovations, building new facilities, repairing existing structures, cleaning and painting works, and more.

Alpha Platforms is the pioneer in operated boom lift rentals and height access service in the 150-300-ft range. Our precise German-made lifts have become the favorite height access method for those who try them once, as they combine unmatched productivity, safety, and reach.


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