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Los Angeles to New York, two cities that may as well be worlds apart; in addition to the vast distance separating these megacities, is the completely different look, feel, attitude, and even reputation. While Hollywood may be famously LA, that has never stopped writers, producers, and directors from setting The Big Apple is the literal or fictional scene for their films and shows.

As a boom lift rental company, Alpha Platforms is proud to help bring New York City to the big screen through aerial filming; today, we’ll share a few of our favorite New York City films and franchises.


This series may not seem like the most obvious choice for a limited list, but, in a number of ways, we believe it is. First off, it is worth mentioning that both the original and re-invented Ghostbusters franchises feature casts from the famed New York show, Saturday Night Live.

This simple fact, plus the expert utilization of some incredible local landmarks, has made the goofy sci-fi franchise both a success and also a representation of the city itself. Plus, these films famously use aerial filming to capture the grandiosity of large ethereal villains, dangerous situations, and even some high-speed driving scenes.

While not thought of as action movies, these films pack enough aerial filming in them to credit the description in our minds!

Taxi Driver

Somehow, Taxi Driver captures the spirit of New York on an individual level. Maybe it’s found in young Robert De Niro’s famous “you talkin’ to me?” line or just the film’s gritty realism, it seems to deliver a uniquely New York image. This is one of those movies that will capture anyone’s heart if they watch it enough, but probably none more than those that grew up (especially poor) in any of the NYC boroughs.

Best of all, the film was allegedly filmed during a time of political unrest, with strikes, violence, and intense heat making for a difficult shoot, yet the end product seems to show none of that struggle in an unintentional way.

Superhero Shows & Movies

From Deadpool to Daredevil, it seems like just about every superhero has a movie or show set in NYC. While these movies aren’t necessarily known for their depth in plot, they do gross huge amounts in the box offices and give New Yorkers a chance to see what it would be like if aliens, heroes, titans, and villains all had a heyday amidst the skyscrapers we hardly seem to notice anymore.

There’s something fun and aspirational about superhero films; even though we all seem to know about where they’re going to take us, there’s something comforting in the journey of it. We’ve watched the hero’s struggle play out time and time again with New York as a backdrop, yet it never seems to get old.

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