Rental of an Aerial Lift in Boston, Massachusetts

Rental of an Aerial Lift in Boston, Massachusetts

Are you looking for a reliable provider of aerial work platforms in Boston, Massachusetts? Alpha Platforms will offer the most beneficial terms and an individual approach to your project. A lot of American companies – large and small – have already heard about our services and had it integrated into their own success.

Boston is the city of great projects and ambitious ideas, but even the most challenging tasks can find a solution when you address Alpha Platforms. For more than ten years, we have been offering the lowest prices combined with super professional services, our clients hire excellent boom lifts for daily, weekly and monthly rental in Boston and many other cities of the USA. With deep knowledge of the industry, many loyal clients and partners across the country, we are expanding the geography of our services to bring businesses to success and new heights!

So safe and convenient

Truck mounted boom lifts from Alpha Platforms can be hired at any time for the required period of time – several hours, days or even months. Try to find another provider of boom lifts with the terms as flexible as ours! Few of them can give you the desired model straightly when you need it, and this is exactly what we do. Our big fleet of aerial work platforms is getting only bigger to cover more cities across America and more projects of old and new clients.

The most successful and stable companies choose Alpha Platforms because this provider always cares about safety in first place. It’s the crucial point in our business. We provide special training to every operator employed by the company to ensure the professional approach and the best skills to our clients. Height access equipment is a highly important asset of Alpha Platforms, but the main asset, truly significant, are people, who strive to achieve the best result. We do not focus on the scale of your business, our services are equally good for small and big companies.

We can satisfy your needs in height access works regardless of an industry and budget of the project. Each client is offered a top-quality technologically advanced device for safe, prompt and stable operation. Aerial lifts from Alpha Platforms are hired by construction companies and facility management organizations that cannot do without versatile and reliable machines. In Boston we also provide our services to aviation companies whose needs can be more specific.

If you wish to ensure smooth and faultless work on site, to protect your property and personnel from incidents, do contract with Alpha Platforms as the most trustworthy provider of height access machinery in Boston, Massachusetts. We will be able to offer exclusive and flexible conditions based on your specific needs.

AWP: how to make a proper choice?

For beginners, it may be challenging to understand what kind of a boom lift they need for their certain jobs. We normally recommend them to start with answering the following simple questions:

  • What kind of a work site they are going to use a boom lift at? Will the machine be used on rough terrain?Or it will be a confined enclosed area? All these conditions are highly important for choosing a proper aerial platform.
  • Is it more important to access an ultimate height or be able to maneuver between the obstacles high above the ground?
  • What attachments can enhance productivity of a height access machine for your specific project?
  • What loads do you need to carry? How many people have to be elevated for work? Do you have any restrictions to dimensions of our boom lifts?
  • Will an aerial work platform work indoors or outdoors? If you answer all these basic questions in detail when ordering our services, you will save yourself from extra charges and ensure better result!

The fleet of Alpha Platforms in Boston consists of very versatile boom lifts that will be useful in many industries. Give a call to our company, and we will help you decide about the model, bucket, source of power and other features of the appropriate boom lift.

Rental of an Aerial Lift in Boston, Massachusetts Alpha Platforms

Cooperation with Alpha Platforms as the key to successful business

Long-term fruitful relationship with Alpha Platforms will help you company grow and be truly a strong competitor in your industry. No other solution can be more cost-effective and beneficial as aerial work platforms from the old industry’s player like Alpha Platforms. Become a regular client and get the opportunity of hiring excellent boom lifts on special conditions. Let’s develop, grow and prosper together! Contact us in Boston, Massachusetts, right away!

Alpha Platforms is the pioneer in operated boom lift rentals and height access service in the 150-300-ft range. Our precise German-made lifts have become the favorite height access method for those who try them once, as they combine unmatched productivity, safety, and reach.

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