Telescopic Boom Lift Rental

Telescopic Boom Lift Rental

If you need a telescopic boom lift for a short- or long-term project, any seasonal maintenance or construction works, choose one here – in Alpha Platforms, NY! We provide aerial platforms for countless industries and tasks, and with our company you always get superb quality. Our machines are easily deployed and very durable. Discover the premium quality of aerial platform rental in New York with Alpha Platforms.

Essential in numerous industries

Our company has been providing aerial platforms for rental for many years. Our team has successfully implemented hundreds of projects in various sectors. Compared to other machines, telescopic boom lifts have a greater range of applications. Big heavy wheels perfectly do on rough terrain that is why these machines are in high demand in the construction field. Being self-propelled, they easily move the lift along the working perimeter.

A-230 platform can be recommended for projects in various sectors. Our A-230 platforms are German-made and mounted on a rugged, custom-built all-wheel drive, 5-axle Kenworth chassis. This versatile model is tuned up for rough terrain field jobs as well as tight city streets and turns. It’s little wonder why the A-230 is our most frequently used model. With an impressive 230-foot working height, 30-foot upper boom, 12-foot cage, and outreach up to 115 feet, Alpha Platforms’ A-230 is designed to ensure superior flexibility and reach for any high-altitude job. This extremely maneuverable boom lift may be driven to any worksite, stabilized, and fully ready to work within 15 minutes. The A-230 is our third-tallest and most popular model for working around high-rise buildings and industrial towers.

The A-250 is our second-tallest model: only the A-300 is taller! This boom lift is equipped to face any challenge, from various city jobs and telecom infrastructure to oilfield projects in extreme conditions. As a heavily-upgraded A-230, the A-250 lift has supreme capabilities be it its height access, side reach, 60 foot upper boom with X-jib 400 degree cage rotation and 660-lb cage winch. It quickly becomes the favorite for all our clients and brings their productivity at heights to the next level.

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If you need a truck mounted boom lift for outdoor project at enormous height, you will probably be recommended a diesel-powered unit. Such machine won’t have any problems while operating in hard-to-access places. Working indoors, it’s better to rely on electrically propelled machines. They are widely applied in factories, storehouses, trading centers etc., because they do not pollute the air.

Rental Features

It’s the stellar choice almost for any industry. In New York our company has been the leading provider of aerial platforms for many years. We control the quality of our lifts, the knowledge and insurance of our operators who are specially trained when employed by our company.Our aerial platforms are helpful for:

  • Maintenance operations;
  • Electrical works;
  • Painting works;
  • Cleaning companies;
  • Construction organizations.

At the same time the range of industries that may require a telescopic aerial lift is much wider. Contact us to find out in which way we can help. We are always ready where you are. Boom sections of a telescopic boom lift extend telescopically and ensure a greater horizontal outreach compared to other aerial platforms. They allow to work at various angles, even narrow ones, and safely bring you exactly to the place you need to be at. These platforms increase efficiency deploying quickly and easily.

Telescopic Boom Lift Rental Near me Alpha Platform

Telescopic or articulating?

A mechanical arm of a telescopic boom lift extends straight up from the base. This feature makes this kind of platform especially recommended when you need to move around objects. At the same time, this machines cannot move sideways. And this is when you need to rely on articulated boom lifts. In the extended conditions, telescopic boom lifts move easier than articulated ones, which is also important.

It is absolutely true that both types of lifts can successfully complete one and the same project. But, nevertheless, it’s better to consider different factors when you choose an aerial platform for your particular job. In small spaces articulating boom lift will demonstrate a better result. When the most challenging part of the job is to reach the certain height, choose a telescopic boom lift. In this aspect, telescopic platforms outperform articulating ones.

Talking about stability, telescopic machines can be called more stable, that’s why Alpha Platforms always recommend them for works on a rough terrain.

If you still have questions and hesitate what unit to choose, discuss your project with our professional team. We will help you to make a proper choice.

And, please, always think about safety. To avoid incidents on your territory and any adverse consequences, rent special equipment from a well-reputed company with a long story of success. Alpha Platforms considers your safety as its own priority, that is why it thoroughly inspects and maintains each aerial platform offered to clients. We will always help you to understand the controls and safety features of the lift to use it on site properly and avoid possible risks and incidents.

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Alpha Platforms is the pioneer in operated boom lift rentals and height access service in the 150-300-ft range. Our precise German-made lifts have become the favorite height access method for those who try them once, as they combine unmatched productivity, safety, and reach.

Take a dive how boom lift rental with operator provides clients a safe and efficient way to complete work at heights

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