Truck-Mounted Aerial Platforms: Rent or Buy?

Truck-Mounted Aerial Platforms: Rent or Buy?

Industrial companies often face the need for truck mounted aerial platforms. Hundreds of urban projects and various works on the outskirts are implemented daily to provide people with new facilities, houses, energy, infrastructure. The modern scale of work cannot be satisfied with scaffolding anymore. Efficient, reliable and cost-effective results are achieved through the use of truck mounted aerial platforms which allow to reach extreme heights, utility lines above the ground, lift workers up to hard-to access areas, get to a jobsite independently simplifying and reducing costs of logistics.

The functionality of boom lifts is highly diverse. These machines are made use of almost in any industry today. But does it make sense to buy expensive aerial platforms even for regular use?

What circumstances and requirements are to be considered when deciding between buying and renting a boom lift?

Purchase Vs Rent

If you think you can save money on buying a used aerial platform, you will probably be disappointed soon. Maintenance, repair and storage of used aerial platforms are sufficient expenditures for any business. If you want to save money and avoid additional routine tasks related to maintaining the fleet of heavy machines, consider the option of rental that can improve the financial management of your company and prove to be a reasonable investment.

Here we will name the main reasons why boom lift rental is a preferred option for a business on budget compared to purchase of used or new equipment:

  • You do not face the problem of depreciation of purchased boom lifts and the loss in their value simply because you haven’t bought any.
  • Instead you enjoy the latest technologies and reliable machines from the leading manufacturers – regularly upgraded, properly maintained and treated with care.
  • You do not have a headache caused by the problem of storing heavy equipment on your own territory. Heavy machines have long periods of idling and occupy much space which can be a problem for many companies. When you rent boom lifts, it’s out of your concern.
  • Usage of rented aerial platforms is more flexible. You rent some when your business is booming and return them back to the provider in the period of a low phase.
  • The funds, which could be spent on maintenance and repair of heavy machines, can be invested more wisely into the development of your business.
  • You do not have to invest money into training of personnel who will operate those heavy aerial platforms. Instead you hire specialists from the provider of boom lifts for the required period of time – hours, days or maybe a week.

The decision between to purchase or to rent is rather serious for any company as the one that assumes sufficient investment. It’s especially costly if you wish to but a brand-new aerial platform. At the same time, buying a used machine does not guarantee any saving, because it often bears some unexpected risks. Rely on advanced, perfectly maintained truck-mounted boom lifts from Alpha Platform to meet your budget and perform all industrial tasks prior to the deadline.

Truck-mounted aerial platforms for all industries

Highly demanded aerial platform offered by Alpha Platforms is A-150. The machine is very versatile to be used for a wide range of urban works and not only. Compact, light weight and maneuverable, it will help to meet even the strictest deadline.

Along with these two popular boom lifts, at Alpha Platforms you can find technologically advanced aerial platforms for major large-scale projects in New York. We can reach the ultimate height as high as the sky and do it in a safe manner!

Certified professional operators at the same place

As the company that has been in the market for ten years, Alpha Platforms now delivers the comprehensive set of services together with aerial platforms from 150 ft to 300 ft from leading manufacturers. You are also offered IPAF certified operators to ensure the works to be done smoothly. All operators of Alpha Platforms are backed by years of experiences, they are true professionals in reaching extreme heights!

Do not hesitate to ask questions and get recommended certain models of aerial platforms for your specific project. Cooperation with Alpha Platforms is the optimal option for your business in NY.

Alpha Platforms is the pioneer in operated boom lift rentals and height access service in the 150-300-ft range. Our precise German-made lifts have become the favorite height access method for those who try them once, as they combine unmatched productivity, safety, and reach.

Learn more about our all-inclusive aerial lift rental service

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Check how boom lift rental with operator provides clients a safe and efficient way to complete work at heights


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Which Aerial Lift Should I Rent?
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Which Boom Lift Would You Choose? Important Information
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