Truck-Mounted Platform Rental on Long Island, NY

Truck-Mounted Platform Rental - Long Island NY - Alpha Platforms

Rental of an aerial platform is a popular solution for many industries – most of businesses prefer hire to purchase because they work at heights out of a regular schedule. In Long Island such services are also provided by a number of companies.

Aerial Platforms Hire: Nice Solution for Your Business

It is truly more reasonable and convenient than using your own heavy equipment, because:

  • you hire that type of machine that optimally meets particular requirements of your project (while projects can be quite different);
  • it is flexible as you enjoy full-fledged services – delivery of an absolutely faultless aerial platform of your choice to the required site with an experienced operator and all permission documentation at hand;
  • you receive support of the provider to ensure the machine would be working for you to its maximum ability;
  • you don’t have to be liable for the safety of works but rely on the wide experience of a provider instead;
  • you may choose various attachments to enhance capabilities of the machine;
  • you don’t waste to time to figure out how to set up and to use the machine;
  • you save money for other priorities of your business.

At the same time, you can be sure that any occurring problem or question will find an efficient and prompt solution.

Truck Mounted Boom Lifts – Sphere of Application

Truck mounted boom lifts can easily reach the height up to 103 meters being rather compact in their size. When you hire a machine from a competent and reliable provider, you are also provided with a skillful IPAF operator to work on your site. This means you don’t have to worry about the safety of your working crew.

Truck mounted aerial platforms represent the unrivaled solution for big height and outreach projects, they perfectly deal with heavy duty tasks, they move between sites easily and fast and get platforms removed from the working area as soon as the work is complete.

You can get a truck mounted platform at the site of your project at a moment’s notice. Discuss your project with managers to be offered the best machine to get the job done.

At AlphaPlatforms companies of Long Island find aerial platforms that range from 150 to 300 ft in their height reach with up to 135 ft in their side reach. It’s almost impossible to name all operations performed by these highly functional and productive machines through the years. They work much better and more efficient than traditional booms. With a huge choice of different attachments, they become unmatched in many industries.

Truck-Mounted Platform Rental | Long Island NY | Alpha Platforms

Among the most popular work-horses we offer are:

 A-150 platforms are true workhorses to carry the bulk of your daily workload when you work at heights. Their lightweight and compact size in transport position make them perfect for any city work. A heavy-duty Freightliner chassis, powerful engine, auto leveling outriggers, and a 12-foot wide cage with all standard A-line cage features and options offer great versatility in a myriad of everyday uses for this boom lift. The 30-foot upper boom provides generous up-and-over reach essential for various applications.

Our A-230 platforms are German-made and mounted on a rugged, custom-built all-wheel drive, 5-axle Kenworth chassis. This versatile model is tuned up for rough terrain field jobs as well as tight city streets and turns. It’s little wonder why the A-230 is our most frequently used model. With an impressive 230-foot working height, 30-foot upper boom, 12-foot cage, and outreach up to 115 feet, Alpha Platforms’ A-230 is designed to ensure superior flexibility and reach for any high-altitude job. This extremely maneuverable boom lift may be driven to any worksite, stabilized, and fully ready to work within 15 minutes. The A-230 is our third-tallest and most popular model for working around high-rise buildings and industrial towers.

A-300 PLATFORM Our flagship model for the most extreme projects, the A-300 is the tallest manlift in the world mounted on a conventional chassis. This rare 300-foot tall articulating and telescopic hybrid lift is German-engineered at the highest technological level. When combined with the operated all-inclusive rentals staffed by the IPAF-certified experienced driver, the A-300 lets you quickly complete the jobs that you didn’t think were possible

We love what we do

Conquering heights with a professional approach is our passion. AlphaPlatforms combines industry expertise, modern innovations, deep knowledge of the sphere. We do care about the safety of our staff and timely obtain all required licenses to perform duties on a legal basis. Our specialists will take care of your needs and provide you with the exact service and machine you are looking for. Hire the best truck mounted platforms in Long Island at the fair price as soon as today!

Alpha Platforms is the pioneer in operated boom lift rentals and height access service in the 150-300-ft range. Our precise German-made lifts have become the favorite height access method for those who try them once, as they combine unmatched productivity, safety, and reach.

Find out how boom lift rental with operator provides clients a safe and efficient way to complete work at heights

Learn more about our all-inclusive aerial lift rental service

Read how Alpha Platforms aerial work platform reduces owner's liability to zero


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