Boom Lifts to Deal With Water Tower Inspection

Boom Lifts to Deal With Water Tower Inspection

Water tank inspection is a necessary procedure to ensure cleanliness and safety of potable water to people, working processes and equipment.

Water from a tower is used for various purposes: drinking, washing, cooking food or for industrial purposes. But how often is it required to inspect and maintain a water tower to prevent any harm to human health and condition of the equipment? Ignorance about this matter may take a tower out of service for days and even for weeks. The frequency of water tower inspection depends on its basic purpose. If you use this water for drinking, you have to do this work quite regularly.

This is when you need the services of boom truck rental. Describe your task to specialists of Alpha Platforms to rent the best boom lift for prompt tower inspection. The proper equipment will be transported to your working site in the shortest possible time.

Boom lifts for regular or emergency inspections

Some situations require inspection or monitoring of tanks while they remain in service. We deal with emergency situations as well. The appropriate boom lift is controlled by a professional operator throughout the entire working period. It ensures safety and convenience for a team of your specialists. Normally they have to work manually and have their tools at hand. Such work may last for more than 10 hours, so the team will certainly need to feel out of risk to provide the good quality of service.

Regular inspections of water towers help to identify possible minor deficiencies to prevent serious problems – expensive and time-consuming in their solution – in future.

Boom truck rental for the required period of work

The nature and purpose of a tank determines the normal working cycle between inspections. For example, fire protection tanks have to be inspected from their interior side every 25 years. Wastewater tanks are not inspected often but it’s highly recommended to inspect them as often as ordinary water tanks.

Water tanks need to be drained prior to work, the team will have to work manually – this is why a tank has to be thoroughly chlorinated before re-filling and bringing back to use. Such process may take up to 3 days. You can order a boom lift for this type of work for the required period of time and get assistance of a professional operator throughout the entire working cycle. The same is provided for a long-lasting water tank painting process.

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