Bucket Lift Rental – How Much Does It Cost?

Bucket Lift Rental – How Much Does It Cost?

Bucket lift rental is a ready solution for multiple tasks. It’s quite clear that organizations do not occupy their park with aerial platforms and do not spend money for such special equipment. When such necessity occurs, they rely on firms that offer the service of bucket lift rental. Today this service is not only for picking fruits, like it used to be many years ago, it’s a necessity for many various industries. A bucket lift, for example, is required in work of teams dealing with electrical and telephone lines, window washing, removal or maintenance of trees, at factories and warehouses, on construction sites.

Rental of boom lifts has a number of advantages compared to buying one. The main reason is singularity of such projects when you need this type of equipment. Boom lift purchase is a huge capital investment, especially for medium and small business. Such buying ranges from 25,000 to 100,000 USD.

Besides, you should not think about repairs and maintenance of aerial platforms, if you rent them. You always have an access to modern fully-functional equipment when you choose rental services instead of buying your own boom lifts.

What factors matter in assessment of cost

Two main factors that influence the cost of bucket lift rental are a type of a required machine and length of a rental period. Companies usually offer daily, weekly and monthly rates for the service. It’s always better to estimate in advance how long you’ll use the rented equipment. The longer you hold a boom lift, the better deal you get. If you need an aerial platform for a short period of time, you may actually find a service provider with hourly based or half-day rates.

Larger models of boom lifts normally cost more. Those that can extend 100 ft and more in the air are much more expensive. You should also consider such factors as delivery and pickup fees, usually they add 100-150 USD to the total amount.

Boom lift rental advantages

In addition to those mentioned above, we can name some other reasons to prefer boom lift rental to buying your own equipment:

  • You save time – when you choose rental, you quickly fill out a single form and get exactly the type of aerial platform that fully satisfies your needs;
  • You save money – nowadays it’s very simple and fast to find service providers in your location and compare their rates to pick one;
  • You can choose the service of the most reputed company – all the information and reviews are available for your consideration, use the services of the most dependable boom lift supplier;
  • You minimize hassles – if you choose high-quality reliable company, you have less hassles and less expenditures.

Both articulating and telescopic boom lifts may be found at Alpha Platforms – the company that will make you believe that boom lift rental may go smoothly and cheaply for your business.



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