Bucket Truck Choice And Rental Offer

Bucket Truck Choice And Rental Offer From Alpha Platforms

When you consider different bucket truck options for rental and have no confidence which one is best for your project, look around and analyze what models are chosen by other companies. Nobody would probably dare to name the best truck in the industry. Nevertheless, it is not hard to determine the most widely used and the most popular models.

In fact, each industry depending on its goals and requirements chooses its own bucket truck. But everyone wants to use a presentable and reliable vehicle – well-kept and stored by its provider. Even when rented, the machine represents your business and your approach to the work you do. Be demanding and do not agree to less than you really need.

Questions to be answered while choosing aerial platforms

First of all, the truck has to be fully equipped with everything required for your task. If you plan to work in a high voltage area, make sure it is well insulated. If you need to reach the certain height, rent the vehicle that will bring the crew this high. Trucks for trees cutting and cables handling can be pretty much different.

Size is another important feature to consider. Does your project need a heavy-duty work horse or a light-duty vehicle? What trucks are normally used by other companies for similar works? How heavy is your cargo? Does the area of the project allow you to use heavy machines?

When you answer the basic questions, you will have a better understanding on the vehicle you need.

Human resources – do you need to hire anyone?

When you rent aerial platforms, treat the safety of the operator is a top priority. Good companies always test their vehicles. You need also pay attention to details – your driver should be properly trained to operate the truck of your choice – is he qualified to drive the truck with a stick shaft, for example? Is he okay with a manual transmission?

The person in staff of your company is not always the best choice for such projects. He’s also competent enough to decide on the bucket truck you need. Yes, this probably incurs extra expenses, but this guy has to be the one who works with truck mounts on a daily basis or has a past extensive experience of such kind.

Telescopic Vs. Articulated

Parts of articulated bucket trucks sit on joints: they easily fold and bend and, therefore, this type of trucks is more maneuverable and appropriate for work in confined areas with obstacles on the way. Telescopic bucket trucks are less maneuverable but more stable. They become a better option when you need to work at a significant height, move along rough and rocky terrain, relocate heavy objects from one place to another.

Additional characteristics to be considered

When you use lift rental services, make sure you make a right decision on:

  • Weight capacity: choose between our reliable platforms to find the best for your business. We have power lifts and boom winches to lift up 2,660 lbs;
  • Chassis: this factor includes different regulation requirements. Make sure that the chosen type of a chassis does not affect payload, cargo handling capacity, platform height etc.;
  • Fuel type: do not use diesel when you work in a tight closed space, rent a truck with an electric motor instead.
  • Type of transmission: transmission of bucket trucks can be both manual and automatic. This factor does not have a big impact on costs, this is why simply rent the machine preferred by your operator. Keep in mind that trucks with a manual transmission provide smoother driving and minimize roll-back effects on slopes being also a bit cheaper;
  • Extra attachments and accessories: they are fully determined by the peculiarities of your project. Normally truck bucket accessories are classified according to three types: telecom ones, forestry ones and those for general utilities. Certain projects may also require some customization – it often proves to be cost-effective and supportive in terms of safety.

Alpha Platforms is ready to cover all your needs and provide you with a vehicle to get the job done in the best possible way!



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