Bucket Trucks For Rent

Bucket Trucks For Rent

Bucket trucks are widely used for a huge variety of services: construction purposes, operations with telecommunications, transmission and distribution, dealing with banners and signs, as well as with lighting. A rare company has its own bucket trucks in a corporate fleet, this is why such equipment is often rented, when such need arises.

Customers choose a certain bucket truck based on their project and requirements – for example, this could be an insulating or non-insulating, telescopic or articulating, overcenter ot non-overcenter equipment. This is rather important to describe your needs in detail to rent that very model of a bucket truck you actually need. Choosing a wrong model may result in some extra pay.

How do I need to choose the provider of bucket trucks?

This should be a company ready to answer all of your questions and meet all your specific needs. It has to be ready to customize its equipment to suit your project on site. It has to test its fleet on a regular basis in order to provide safe aerial work for the crew of the client.

A bucket truck is used for work at height where people cannot have the job done with a ladder. Such equipment is often required on highways, side streets in suburban areas, on country back roads. It would be a mistake to think that bucket trucks are exceptionally rented for operations with electric poles. You can’t even imagine how versatile and wide its usability is!

When do I need a bucket truck?

  • When I need to deal with electrical and telephone line maintenance, replacement and repair – a bucket truck for these purposes is the most safe and convenient equipment.
  • If I need to harvest fruits on height. Ladders in this case are not high and safe enough. Apples or oranges, a bucket truck is the optimal choice!
  • If windows are dirty. A boom of a bucket truck can extend of sixty feet or even more. This service is often used by owners of commercial buildings.
  • If I wish to rescue an animal from the height. You have certainly read many heart-warming stories of the rescue by fire brigades and construction workers.
  • When I have to deal with the fire. Bucket trucks allow to reach tall buildings to extinguish the fire and rescue people.
  • If I wish to trim trees away from various obstacles like roofs, power lines or signs.
  • When I need to paint something high above the ground.
  • When I deal with a performance and need to fix some stage property at height.
  • When I want to make a piece of filming from an unusual perspective.
  • When I want to decorate the street with holiday lights!

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