Budget Boom Lift Rental

Budget Boom Lift Rental

The industrial and construction areas involve many tasks that can be solved only by means of huge and heavy equipment like boom lifts. It’s quite clear that holding such equipment in a corporate fleet is too pricey to make any sense. This is why boom lifts rental is a highly demanded type of services. The key points for making a proper choice are quality of the vehicles, prices and availability.

Boom lifts to meet your requirements wherever you are

The basket of a boom lift is spacious enough for workers and instruments. The control is carried out by an operator who sits in a bucket. Based on your tasks and requirements, you can rent a boom lift of any particular size – whether with an articulating boom or with a telescopic one. The price offered for the service mainly depends on lift height and availability. Discuss your task with a specialist to choose the best size lift. Make sure that delivery fee is included in the quote.

Choosing Alpha Platforms, you receive the required boom lift at the location of your working object. The company guarantees the fully working condition of the rented lift throughout the rental period. Any issues are easily solved with a telephone call. In a complicated situation or breakage, the equipment is replaced within a short period of time. If you need the best rates and the highest quality of the service, seek no more, you have come to the right place!

Your project decides what boom lift is best to be rented

The most essential question to answer before renting a boom lift is how high you need to operate. The platform height is determined by the working height minus 6 feet. Keep in mind, if you rent an excessively high boom lift, you normally overpay. The jump in price is rather significant, this is why you should not ignore this matter. Simply find answers to the following questions when you rent a boom lift for your project:

  • Will you work indoors or outdoors?
  • Will you work on asphalt or concrete / gravel, grass or dirt?
  • Will you have any doors to go through or deal with tight areas?
  • Will you have any obstacles to get over?

These matters are better to be solved in advance with specialists of the company-provider. Alpha Platforms provide surprisingly beneficial rates for the rental of boom lifts regardless of your requirements. From the very first stage of your work to its final minute you will be provided professional assistance and efficient feedback to any related requests.

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