How To Choose The Best Aerial Equipment Rental Company


When it comes to renting aerial equipment, you are faced with the choice of an equipment rental company. They aren’t created equal. Some may not offer the equipment you need. Others could charge unreasonable fees. Before making the choice, you need to make up a list of things to consider. Take a look at these tips to help you with the task.

  1. Identify Your Needs

Before you start narrowing down your choices, figure out what your needs are. How big is your project? Which heights do you need to work at? How many pieces of equipment do you need? Will you work in hard-to-reach places? If you have trouble answering these questions, an aerial equipment rental’s representative can help you answer them.

  1. Make Measurements

If you are working with narrow spots, you need to make some measurements. With a simple measuring tape in hand, walk around your job site. These measurements can help you understand what type of equipment can be suitable for your project.

  1. Ask For List of Equipment

When selecting an aerial equipment rental company, don’t just ask about the type of equipment they have, find out the number of lifts they own. For large projects, you may need several pieces of equipment.

  1. Find Out About Services

A respectable aerial equipment rental company should offer a wide variety of services, starting from consultations about the type of equipment you need and ending with equipment operation. You should ask whether the company is ready to deliver the lifts to the job site and then remove them when the project is over.

  1. Find out About the Cost

Ask your aerial equipment provider about costs and billing structure. Do they charge per hour or per day? Can you get discounts? There is always room for negotiations when you are planning a long-term project using aerial equipment.

  1. Check the Reviews

If the aerial equipment rental company has been on the market for at least a couple of years, it should have reviews. Check out such resources as Google and Yelp to find out how happy the previous clients have been with the services. You can also look for reviews on the company’s website to have a good idea of how many clients it has worked with.

  1. Visit the Website

A respectable aerial lift rental company should have a well-thought-out website. You should be able to check out a list of equipment for rent, learn about the company, and find an easy way to contact the representative. A website is the face of the company. If the rental doesn’t pay too much attention to it, it should raise a red flag.

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