Improving Stadium & Arena Maintenance


New York is no stranger to stadiums, theaters, and arenas; unfortunately, many of these buildings are in far worse shape than fans would like to see. We’ve all been in a local venue that has cracking seats, busted bathrooms, and looks like a shabby shadow of a once grander time, and, alarmingly, these are just the ground-level problems; what is hiding up in the rafters and behind the walls in many NYC arenas would likely be enough to scare fans away entirely.

Developing & Executing Maintenance Plans

Hired Professional

If you don’t have a dedicated role for heading up maintenance and facilities in your venue, then it is only a matter of time before problems pop up and people stop coming in. It is crucial that your facility have a full or part-time individual that is focused on overseeing maintenance work to the building well above whatever city statutes you have to abide by. This position should not be considered a janitorial position, but rather a customer service and public relations role; your building speaks volumes for the quality of entertainment, safety, and fan-focus that it takes to succeed as a venue in The Big Apple.

stadium Improving Stadium & Arena MaintenanceProactive vs Reactive

It is crucial that, together with your maintenance professional, you draft and attack proactive maintenance goals that get out in front of problems. By staying ahead of the curve with the issues that are sure to plague your facility, you minimize the costs and impacts to your business. For instance, if an electrical short causes lighting crucial to a show or event to fail you when it was needed most, it’s going to cost you an untold fortune in reputation and returned ticket sales; by instead dealing with the problem when the venue is empty, you avoid emergency electrician costs, don’t disrupt the show, and encounter far less stress. Remember, when it comes to your venue, to always assume that whatever can go wrong will do so at the most inopportune moment.

Think Beyond Ground-Level

While upgrading your seats may be popular with fans and guests of your venue, it is far more important that the ceiling and equipment well above their heads is safely working. By using a boom lift to access the taller elements of your stadium, arena, or theater, your maintenance staff and contractors can perform aerial maintenance almost as if it were on the ground. Rent a boom lift to repair or upgrade stadium lighting, scoreboards, catwalks, and even the exterior of the building. While this may not seem like the flashiest use of a maintenance budget, having a safely working venue will pay off far more in the long run than ground-level upgrades.

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