Mobile Aerial Platform in NYC on Advantageous Terms

Mobile Aerial Platform

A mobile boom lift is the kind of equipment that simplifies many industrial tasks. Every time when your workers need to get elevated to a certain height, there’s a machine targeted for this purpose. The only thing that seems tricky when you rent a mobile aerial platform is making the right choice. And it’s when you need to answer a number of clarification questions.

When you place an order for rental of an aerial work platform, describe the job site to specialists of a provider, clarify the height you need to elevate to, describe the load you need to lift up, warn about the obstacles you need to overcome on site, inform on the outreach you need to cover when elevated, describe the terrain, mention the additional options you would find useful for better working performance.

Those companies that regularly rely on mobile boom lift rental services normally don’t have any problems to get the right machine, although every job requires a specific truck mounted aerial platform. First-timers don’t have to worry either, in New York City they can contact Alpha Platforms for professional advice and the most reliable boom lifts on flexible and beneficial terms.

Versatile mobile aerial platforms in NYC

Mobile-Aerial-Platform2 Mobile Aerial Platform in NYC on Advantageous Terms

What do we mean when we use the term “mobile aerial platform”? To put it simply, it’s a boom lift that can be easily moved. Truck mounted one. The one that does not need other means of transportation to get to your job site. It’s pretty convenient and cost-effective. You don’t associate expensive fees with this type of machines.

Other distinctive features of truck mounted aerial platforms, provided by Alpha Platforms in New York, are a high reach – it moves both vertically and horizontally – and 360⁰ rotation of a turntable. Up to date, it’s the safest and most efficient solution for a huge variety of urban and large-scale industrial jobs. Water tower painting, power lines repair, window washing, construction, tree pruning and much more.

Key advantages of truck mounted boom lifts

  • Mobility!

Even if your job site is in the middle of nowhere, there is always a model of an aerial platform to get there independently along the roughest terrain. It can work both indoors and outdoors, you only need to properly choose between battery or diesel-powered machines. Certain models perfectly do in confined and crowded places where obstacles may seem rather challenging.

  • Versatility!

Alpha Platforms offers boom lifts from 92’ to 300’ to reach the required height for prescribed manipulations. Some aerial platforms are also remarkable with their amazing outreach and maneuverability in overcoming obstacles at height. They allow to change positions without moving the truck itself. For instance, you can move horizontally to different areas along the piping, safely elevating personnel for repair operations.

  • Reaching heights!

mobile-aerial-a-300 Mobile Aerial Platform in NYC on Advantageous Terms

The most outstanding platform to reach both clouds and stars is A-300 platform provided by Alpha Platforms. The model is not afraid of moving along rough terrain and working in extreme conditions. It courageously faces any challenge, brilliantly performing both in a city and at oilfields where other machines are helpless. The maximum outreach of the machine is 106’, maximum length of a jib boom is 31,6’.

  • Time saving!

They seriously have no competitors when it comes to industrial projects. Other equipment like scaffolding may take weeks or months to complete jobs where a truck mounted boom lift will help you within fifteen minutes. Can you imagine how much money and time you save when you rent an aerial platform for your business?

  • Impressive level of safety!

The main feature of our boom lifts compared to cranes or man buckets is their intended purpose to lift personnel above instruments. It means that safety here is the top priority. This is why, these machines undergo strict safety standards in extreme challenging conditions to subsequently assist you on working site.

As for Alpha Platforms operators, each of them goes through IPAF and manufacturers training on every model we provide for rental. These guys have extensive experience behind their backs, and they’re true experts in elevation of people and tools.

Boom lift rental stages

Firs of all, contact specialists to discuss every detail and determine the best model for your specific project, agree about terms and schedule. On a designated day and hour, an Alpha Platforms operator will deliver the aerial platform to your working site, set it up and stay to operate the machine and assist your workers with their tasks.

Presence of our operator is the best guarantee of ultimate utilization of every unique ability of a hi-tech boom lift, safety regulations and the highest performance. Do not hesitate to contact our company in the most convenient way for more information.



The International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) promotes the safe and effective use of powered access equipment worldwide in the widest sense – through providing technical advice and information; through influencing and interpreting legislation and standards; and through safety initiatives and training programmes. IPAF is a not-for-profit organisation owned by its members, which include manufacturers, rental companies, distributors, contractors and users. IPAF members operate a majority of the MEWP rental fleet worldwide and manufacture about 85% of platforms on the market.
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