How to Choose Between a Boom Lift and a Scissor Lift

Choosing height-access equipment can be tricky. Many different machines can be used for construction and maintenance projects. But which one is right for you? Once you realize that ladders and ropes aren’t the answer to your complex and perhaps somewhat dangerous task, you face a choice between a boom lift and a scissor lift. Let’s find out which lift is the best for your needs.

What is a Boom Lift?

A boom lift is the same as a man lift of a cherry picker. It has a hydraulic-operated element that lifts the basket with a worker to a certain height. The element is similar to an extending arm. It’s operated from the base part of the machine on the ground. Two types of boom lifts exist:

  • Articulating boom lift – a jointed arm bends at one or more places and offers excellent reach and flexibility.
  • Telescopic boom lift – a long and straight arm doesn’t bend and has limited flexibility but a higher reach than articulating boom lift.

Boom lifts can reach heights up to 180 feet and often beyond.

What is a Scissor Lift?

This lift pushes the basket with workers using crisscrossed braces. They squeeze like a spring and push the platform to the necessary height. These lifts can only move in one direction – up. The lift is operated from the base, which needs a stable ground to provide proper functionality. Scissor lifts usually don’t reach higher than 40 feet.

Which One is Right for You?

To figure out which lift is the best choice for your project, you need to consider the following factors:

  1. Direction

If you need to move the worker not just vertically but laterally, you need a boom lift. They are an excellent choice for tough-to-reach areas that require certain maneuvering to access. But if you simply need to move straight up, for example, for window washing or façade repair, scissor lifts are sufficient.

  1. Height

How high is the object you need to reach? Since scissor lifts rarely go higher than 40 feet, they are mostly suitable for residential projects. Commercial cleaning, repairing, and construction is often done with the assistance of boom lifts.

  1. Number of Workers

How many people are doing the job? Boom lifts are often created to lift one person. If you need more than one worker, you would have to settle for a scissor lift.

  1. Budget

Since boom lifts are more versatile and functional, they are usually more expensive to rent. With all other requirements being equal, it’s better to choose a scissor lift over a boom lift to save money. In some cases, you may need both machines to complete the project.

Boom Lift Rental in Manhattan for industrial purposes

Boom Lift Rental in Manhattan for industrial purposes

Looking for rental of reliable and productive boom lifts in Manhattan? You have come to the right place! Here, at AlphaPlatforms, you can rent a boom lift for any industrial purpose either in Manhattan itself or in the neighboring suburbs. At your request, we will deliver required equipment to a working site and provide you with a skilled operator. All you need to do is to contact us and describe the task you need to solve. It makes no sense to overpay for a bigger boom lift when the required outreach and height are much smaller.

Boom lift rental as the most efficient solution for your company

We appreciate your time and know how hard you work, this is why we do our best to provide you with well-maintained reliable equipment and efficiency right in the place of Manhattan where you find convenient.

A wide range of truck mounted boom lifts are ready to help you out, the one you need for your project is selected according to your specific requirements. This type of equipment is the best choice to reach the areas you cannot reach in any other way. Properly used, boom lifts are safe and versatile. The range of works to be done at height with help of boom lifts is almost endless:

  • fruits picking from tall trees;
  • repair of power lines;
  • painting and cleaning works;
  • removal, replacement or installation of billboards;
  • various construction works and more.

When you make an order of a certain truck mounted boom lift in Manhattan from AlphaPlatforms, please, describe the place you are going to work at – type of terrain, presence of obstacles etc. – the height and side outreach you need to work at, whether you will be working indoors or outdoors, how fast you need to work.

What industries might need an aerial lift?

The huge advantage of aerial lifts is their applicability in many industries and jobs. Manufacturers often need to reach overhead elements, for example. Electricians apply lifts to make repairs at height, to deal with power lines. Construction companies rely on boom lifts as the primary and most irreplaceable equipment in the fleet. Emergency teams make use of aerial lifts to reach upper floors of houses and high structures, HVAC companies find them as the best option for reaching indoor and outdoor appliances. In fact, truck mounted boom lifts are applied in all industries within and beyond the city.

AlphaPlatforms will meet any requirements of your business goal. In our company you can rent a boom lift either for a day or a month at the most affordable prices. Here you will find flexible terms and cost-effective solutions even for emergency situations. AlphaPlatforms is the best provider of high-quality truck mounted boom lifts in Manhattan, just give us a call to check this out!

Crane Basket Rental in New York

Crane Basket Rental in New York

Rental of a crane basket in New York can help you out when you cannot get the job done with other types of equipment such as ladders or scaffolds. A specialized lift may be required in many urban industries. And sometimes tasks can be rather urgent. At AlphaPlatforms you will find a top-notch program for the rental of man baskets and lift rental.

Top priority of crane rental service

In the aspect of use of suspended platforms or man baskets, the first priority is safety, of course. AlphaPlatforms deploys suspended platforms in strict compliance with the federal regulations. There is a special code in America to be followed for crane basket deployment. Besides, the crew dealing with a man basket has to comply with OSHA guidelines included in the regulation. These measures are another guarantee of safety on a working site.

Various additional instruments like bridles, hooks, shackles and links are also used to make operations performed at height safer. Such auxiliary equipment goes together with the rigging equipment of AlphaPlatforms to secure a platform to a crane. We always provide the rigging equipment with solid connection to ensure stability of a basket and reduce tipping risk.

Our personnel are also responsible for correct distribution of load on the platform. Maintaining balance is very important when you have to operate at height. Never ignore safety measures to win time! These simple efforts, even time consuming, will help you create safe conditions for everyone involved.

What industries may require crane basket rental?

In New York this type of rental service is mostly demanded by telecom-related firms. And it is not hard to understand why. Telecom industry widely depends on cell towers, these structures are the basis for delivery of their services. Like any other equipment working under high load, towers require regular maintenance. They may break or demand some adjustment as well. For these tasks suspended platforms become the best choice. And this demand brings you to AlphaPlatforms – the best lift rental provider in New York.

We do not have random people in our team, only experts. Because the price to be paid for a mistake is too high. They have required certifications, qualifications and expertise to get your job done at its best. Here you will always find skill, performance and commitment and a wide range of special equipment for any task to be safely performed at height. Crane baskets from AlphaPlatfroms, depending on your needs, can accommodate two, four or six crew members. Just give us a call or contact us through the website, describe your task and get the optimal equipment at the place of your project. It is easier, faster and more affordable than you thought.

Aerial Boom Lift Rental – Alpha Platforms for your services!

Aerial Boom Lift Rental – Alpha Platforms for your services!

The list of industries that depend on aerial platforms is countless, progress stops in the absence of aerial equipment in construction, maintenance and electrical work. At the same time, even big companies do not own their own aerial boom lifts and every time they need to search for a service provider.

AlphaPlatforms will help you get exactly what you are looking for. Here we have well-maintained high-quality units of aerial equipment from well-known manufacturers that will guarantee safe and efficient operations even when tasks seem to be rather challenging.

The fleet of Alpha Platforms to help you out

Truck mounted aerial work platforms available from our company can reach the height ranging from 65 to 230 ft and up to 115 ft in each side. They are exceptionally functional and productive for a great number of purposes. Even the largest lift can fully set up within ten minutes and extend up to 230 ft. The lifting capacity of this equipment is much higher than that of traditional booms. The capabilities of our lifts are also enhanced by various attachments.

The choice of aerial platforms available at AlphaPlatforms:

  • A-300’ Truck Mounted Work Platform – an ideal solution for challenging work environment and extreme conditions;
  • A-230’ Platforms appropriate for tough and extreme conditions;
  • A-200’ Truck Mounted Access Platforms rented for industrial tasks with height up to 200 ft and side reach up to 120 ft;
  • S-120’ Truck Mounted Access Platform can reach 120 ft of height and 75 ft of side outreach.
  • A-150’ Platform – the most versatile and highly demanded workhorses for many industries;
  • A-175’ is used for enormous side outreach (up to 130 ft);
  • P-76’ – a perfect choice for fruit picking, tree cutting, building maintenance, window cleaning;
  • S-92’ – the platform can be used for a wide range of city works, it can reach 92 ft in height and 52ft of side outreach;
  • S-105’ – being rather compact this platform is widely used for city tasks. At the same time, it can successfully perform on rough or uneven terrain. Maximum height – 105 ft, side outreach – 59 ft.

Aerial boom lifts rental is advantageous for your business

At every stage of work, we ensure the highest quality of equipment and professional approach of personnel. All platforms included in our fleet undergo regular technical maintenance to perform operations safely and efficiently. In the absence of your own heavy lifting equipment, temporary solutions offered by AlphaPlatforms will save any urgent situation and respond to emergencies that might occur in your business. Even if you plan to buy aerial boom lifts for your corporate fleet, it’s better to try them out first, right? Rental allows to swap platforms depending on requirements often changing in the process of project implementation.

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4 Reasons Why You Should Rent a Boom Lift for Your Next Project

Any project, which involves reaching heights, requires special equipment. From window cleaning and tree pruning to façade repair and construction, boom lifts are among the most demanded machines. They aren’t just cost-effective and reliable, these lifts can help you perform an impressive variety of tasks while being the safest equipment for many jobs. If you are wondering if you should rent a boom lift for your next project, this information can help you make the right decision.

  1. High Reliability for Indoor and Outdoor Projects

A boom lift is an excellent choice for a wide variety of professional tasks. Just as stable scissor lifts, boom lifts can be used both indoors and outdoors. This makes them suitable for complex projects. It’s always easier to hire one lift than to arrange several pieces of equipment on the worksite. Boom lifts come in several models, including quiet machines that have an electric motor. Such lifts are ideal for indoor work.

  1. Easy Operation

Boom lifts are easy to operate. They are highly efficient on virtually any terrain thanks to the towable feature. These machines don’t just extend platforms to formidable heights, they can also work in hard-to-reach spots while not taking up too much space. The lift doesn’t have too many speed restrictions, making it an all-purpose height-access tool. Even though these lifts are easy to operate, you still need special training to do it. That’s why respectable lift rental companies provide services of professional operators together with their lifts.

  1. Exemplary Stability

Boom lifts have strong stable legs, which make them one of the most stable pieces of height-access equipment on the market. This property is especially important for working on uneven terrain and in bad weather. Such stability is also vital for reaching extreme heights. These lifts also come equipped with an onboard drive system, which simplifies maneuvering, making the operation safer.

  1. Wide Variety

Boom lifts are among the most popular aerial machines on the market. They come in a variety of models that have different features. Depending on the project, you can choose a suitable boom lift. Some of them come with battery options while others have intuitive controls for simplified operation and much more. Boom lifts are versatile, reliable, and safe. They are suitable for different environments. If you aren’t sure which equipment you need for height access, a boom lift is likely to do the job. When hiring aerial equipment, consult boom lift specialists to figure out which machine suits your needs the best.

Bucket Lift Rental – How Much Does It Cost?

Bucket Lift Rental – How Much Does It Cost?

Bucket lift rental is a ready solution for multiple tasks. It’s quite clear that organizations do not occupy their park with aerial platforms and do not spend money for such special equipment. When such necessity occurs, they rely on firms that offer the service of bucket lift rental. Today this service is not only for picking fruits, like it used to be many years ago, it’s a necessity for many various industries. A bucket lift, for example, is required in work of teams dealing with electrical and telephone lines, window washing, removal or maintenance of trees, at factories and warehouses, on construction sites.

Rental of boom lifts has a number of advantages compared to buying one. The main reason is singularity of such projects when you need this type of equipment. Boom lift purchase is a huge capital investment, especially for medium and small business. Such buying ranges from 25,000 to 100,000 USD.

Besides, you should not think about repairs and maintenance of aerial platforms, if you rent them. You always have an access to modern fully-functional equipment when you choose rental services instead of buying your own boom lifts.

What factors matter in assessment of cost

Two main factors that influence the cost of bucket lift rental are a type of a required machine and length of a rental period. Companies usually offer daily, weekly and monthly rates for the service. It’s always better to estimate in advance how long you’ll use the rented equipment. The longer you hold a boom lift, the better deal you get. If you need an aerial platform for a short period of time, you may actually find a service provider with hourly based or half-day rates.

Larger models of boom lifts normally cost more. Those that can extend 100 ft and more in the air are much more expensive. You should also consider such factors as delivery and pickup fees, usually they add 100-150 USD to the total amount.

Boom lift rental advantages

In addition to those mentioned above, we can name some other reasons to prefer boom lift rental to buying your own equipment:

  • You save time – when you choose rental, you quickly fill out a single form and get exactly the type of aerial platform that fully satisfies your needs;
  • You save money – nowadays it’s very simple and fast to find service providers in your location and compare their rates to pick one;
  • You can choose the service of the most reputed company – all the information and reviews are available for your consideration, use the services of the most dependable boom lift supplier;
  • You minimize hassles – if you choose high-quality reliable company, you have less hassles and less expenditures.

Both articulating and telescopic boom lifts may be found at Alpha Platforms – the company that will make you believe that boom lift rental may go smoothly and cheaply for your business.

High Lift Rentals – Alpha Platforms to meet your needs

High Lift Rentals – Alpha Platforms to meet your needs

When your business requires to operate at height, you can rely on Alpha Platforms – the best regional provider of boom lift rental with affordable prices.

Why choose Alpha Platforms

  • We are highly responsive – you can rely on the expertise and assistance of our team in any matter related to operations at height. Any question will be answered.
  • We have very competitive rates and provide boom lifts on an hourly, half-day, weekly and monthly basis. It’s always convenient to work with Alpha Platforms.
  • Save time and money with the boom lift rental deal with our company – all you need to do is to fill out one form and specify details of your order, all the rest will be done by our professional team.
  • Enjoy the highest quality of truck mounted and other types of aerial platforms produced by well-known brands.
  • Be free of any obligation to buy a lift and make big investments.

It goes without saying that boom lift rental saves your company many hours and significantly increases efficiency in the working site. You can never reach the same result in terms of time, expenses and safety with scaffolding.

Despite the fact that boom lift rental is rather affordable, everything depends on the scope of work and type of equipment you need. We highly recommend you to make an accurate budget plan prior to commencement of the works. Please, describe the specifics of your project to specialists of Alpha Platforms on the phone, to be offered an aerial platform perfectly satisfying your needs.

Variety of boom lift designs at Alpha Platforms

Here, at Alpha Platforms we have a number of telescopic booms which are also called straight. They allow to achieve the highest horizontal outreach compared to other models of aerial platforms. Our clients often opt for telescopic booms when they work in restricted access and tight areas.

When it comes to obstacles on working site, we recommend clients to rent articulating booms – they allow to reach areas that could be blocked with some goods or equipment. Articulating booms are pretty much versatile, they are ideal for safe lifting and maneuvering objects and instruments around obstacles.

If you want to rent something particular brand, please consider specifications of boom lifts available at Alpha Platforms. You will certainly find what you need. Lifting, height, weight requirements are to be considered as well prior to making an order. Minor aspects are to be mentioned too, such as kind of terrain and working temperatures. If you are going to work in muddy or slushy area, please inform us on this matter as well. This way or another, at Alpha Platforms you will always find the best model for your project.

Socage Lift – Alpha Platforms Is Here to Help You

Socage Lift – Alpha Platforms Is Here to Help You

Socage is one of the most reputed and distinguished producers of aerial platforms. Equipment of this Italian brand is often chosen by companies for a wide range of works. These aerial platforms are light and compact but still featuring excellent performances in terms of outreach and elevation. Socage embraces innovative technologies and unique solutions, undertakes ambitious projects and reigns at the market of lifting equipment.

Socage brand represented in America – rental services

Boom lifts of the Italian brand are widely used in America as well. Alpha Platforms is one of the companies in the industry that offers Socage lift rental for multiple tasks. Socage truck mounted aerial and access platforms range from ten to seventy-five meter working height. Socage lift rental is one of the most demanded services at Alpha Platforms because these vehicles are helpful in a huge variety of industrial and agricultural tasks. Our clients often rent the following vehicles of the brand:

  • Socage T-Series represented by aerial platforms that reach the height of 14,5-20 meters. Such platforms are used for roadworks and a wide range of maintenance operations. They safely lift electricians and operators to the required height for power lines works. At the same time, T-Series, that can be mounted on 3,5-ton vehicles, make all operations simple and quick.
  • Socage DJ-Series – aerial platforms with double articulated booms and jibs. This equipment is ideal for operations at the height of 32-37 meters. It easily overcomes obstacles and quickly relocates the basket for the needs of a working team.
  • Socage E-series – these ones have electric controls being mounted on X-shaped chassis. The advantages of the series are in its ability to mount the equipment on 3,5-ton trucks and in its lightweight. The line is represented by double articulated, telescopic platforms – both equipped with JIBs and without them.
  • Socage TJ TJJSeries are made for operations at the height of 30-75 meters. Some models have one or two JIBs. Additional articulation and the freely moving basket make it easier to overcome obstacles at height.

Affordable and quick Socage lift rental

We hope we have helped you to understand what type of Socage equipment meets your working requirements, but if you still have any questions, do not hesitate to ask our specialists on the phone. Making your order in advance and mentioning all details will help us deliver the required equipment to the certain location on the date you schedule for your works. Please, provide us with maximum information in order we could choose the best option of Socage aerial platforms for your task and save your money. Rental of good-quality Italian aerial lifts is the best solution for your business!


Working at Heights When It’s Windy

The fall is here and so are unfavorable weather conditions. The wind is one of the most dangerous weather elements that can affect workers at heights. When it’s windy, height access equipment may not be stable. Meanwhile, wind gusts could cause workers to lose their footing and fall to the ground unless proper safety equipment is used. Dust and debris flying around during windy weather could obscure the workers’ vision thus leading to mistakes and safety problems. During gale winds, large debris may move and cause serious injuries to workers at heights or kick them off their feet and send flying to the ground. When it’s windy outside, other adverse weather conditions are likely to be present as well. For example, wind gusts could be part of a storm, which comes together with rain. Rain causes surfaces to become slippery thus increasing the risk of slip and fall accidents. Hail and lightning could also pose a danger to workers at heights. That’s why it’s recommended to stop working when adverse weather conditions are in the forecast. However, not all contractors are ready to stop the project when it’s windy out. Especially, when deadlines are approaching. Below advice could help you keep your employees safe when the wind is in the forecast.

What To Do Before Work Commencement

If you are planning outdoor height access work, you have to monitor weather conditions regularly. All your employees must be ready to stop working or relocate in case dangerous weather arrives. When you check the forecast, remember that the average wind speed may not factor gusts in. So make sure to find a respectable source with detailed wind forecast. Find out what wind speeds the height access equipment you are using can withstand. Secure all loose materials on site to prevent injuries from flying debris. Provide sufficient critical personal protection equipment to your employees.

What To Do When Work Commences

If you see winds in the forecast, give reasonable advice to your employees so they avoid heights and stay away from partially constructed buildings, which aren’t safely secured. Instruct workers to seek shelter in case gusts become too strong. When working at heights while winds are a possibility, fall-prevention systems must be used at all times. Employees should have adequate eye protection in case dust and debris start flying. After the windy weather is over, it’s important to check the integrity of structures thoroughly to ensure wind hasn’t affected it.


Preventing Falls through Skylights

Skylights are among the most dangerous obstacles workers at heights face. Companies, which offer roof services, must teach their employees about the hidden dangers of skylights and provide sufficient safety equipment to prevent accidents.
Many workers assume that skylights are safe. However, this isn’t always the case. Even if you are working in new buildings that seem to be meeting the safety standards for “man-safe” skylights, you must be careful. Weather elements, such as UV light could damage the layers of skylight protection and cause the material to become brittle.
Falling through a skylight is just as dangerous as falling off the edge of the roof. However, when it comes to safety training, the roof edges get much more attention.
All contractors and property owners should pay special attention to skylights. It’s the responsibility of a property owner to keep the skylights in top shape to maintain their “man-safe” status. It’s up to the contractors to provide proper training and equipment to the employees to prevent injuries.
Sufficient protection against falls is required for all workers, who do their jobs on or next to fragile materials. Your employees must have proper protection, including guardrails, safety nets, and harnesses. Walking on the roof, even if there aren’t any skylights in sight, can’t be allowed without safety equipment.
Installing Skylight Protection
To ensure extra safety while working near skylights, contractors and property owners can invest in skylight protection coverings. They are installed on top of fragile skylights so workers can walk safely near them without the risk of falling.
This type of equipment can be used together with roof walkaways so in case someone falls sideways from a walkaway, he or she doesn’t break through the skylight.
Different types of skylight protection exist, such as guardrails and screens. Both protective solutions are easy to install. They nullify the danger of workers accidentally falling through the skylight.
Roof Lifeline Cable System
In some cases, roof workers have to do their jobs on the skylights themselves. In such a situation neither type of abovementioned skylight protection works. Excellent access to skylights for maintenance and/or replacement can be achieved by using a lifeline cable system.
This cable system can protect workers on the roof. It may take some time to install, but the system offers excellent protection throughout the height-access project.
Final Thoughts
The dangers of skylights are often underestimated. Meanwhile, hundreds of worker are injured due to the lack of safety measures while working with skylights. It’s important to use either skylight coverings or a cable system to ensure a high level of safety on the roof.