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4 Reasons Why You Should Rent a Boom Lift for Your Next Project

Any project, which involves reaching heights, requires special equipment. From window cleaning and tree pruning to façade repair and construction, boom lifts are among the most demanded machines. They aren’t just cost-effective and reliable, these lifts can help you perform an impressive variety of tasks while being the safest equipment for many jobs. If you are wondering if you should rent a boom lift for your next project, this information can help you make the right decision.

  1. High Reliability for Indoor and Outdoor Projects

A boom lift is an excellent choice for a wide variety of professional tasks. Just as stable scissor lifts, boom lifts can be used both indoors and outdoors. This makes them suitable for complex projects. It’s always easier to hire one lift than to arrange several pieces of equipment on the worksite. Boom lifts come in several models, including quiet machines that have an electric motor. Such lifts are ideal for indoor work.

  1. Easy Operation

Boom lifts are easy to operate. They are highly efficient on virtually any terrain thanks to the towable feature. These machines don’t just extend platforms to formidable heights, they can also work in hard-to-reach spots while not taking up too much space. The lift doesn’t have too many speed restrictions, making it an all-purpose height-access tool. Even though these lifts are easy to operate, you still need special training to do it. That’s why respectable lift rental companies provide services of professional operators together with their lifts.

  1. Exemplary Stability

Boom lifts have strong stable legs, which make them one of the most stable pieces of height-access equipment on the market. This property is especially important for working on uneven terrain and in bad weather. Such stability is also vital for reaching extreme heights. These lifts also come equipped with an onboard drive system, which simplifies maneuvering, making the operation safer.

  1. Wide Variety

Boom lifts are among the most popular aerial machines on the market. They come in a variety of models that have different features. Depending on the project, you can choose a suitable boom lift. Some of them come with battery options while others have intuitive controls for simplified operation and much more. Boom lifts are versatile, reliable, and safe. They are suitable for different environments. If you aren’t sure which equipment you need for height access, a boom lift is likely to do the job. When hiring aerial equipment, consult boom lift specialists to figure out which machine suits your needs the best.

Bucket Lift Rental – How Much Does It Cost?

Bucket Lift Rental – How Much Does It Cost?

Bucket lift rental is a ready solution for multiple tasks. It’s quite clear that organizations do not occupy their park with aerial platforms and do not spend money for such special equipment. When such necessity occurs, they rely on firms that offer the service of bucket lift rental. Today this service is not only for picking fruits, like it used to be many years ago, it’s a necessity for many various industries. A bucket lift, for example, is required in work of teams dealing with electrical and telephone lines, window washing, removal or maintenance of trees, at factories and warehouses, on construction sites.

Rental of boom lifts has a number of advantages compared to buying one. The main reason is singularity of such projects when you need this type of equipment. Boom lift purchase is a huge capital investment, especially for medium and small business. Such buying ranges from 25,000 to 100,000 USD.

Besides, you should not think about repairs and maintenance of aerial platforms, if you rent them. You always have an access to modern fully-functional equipment when you choose rental services instead of buying your own boom lifts.

What factors matter in assessment of cost

Two main factors that influence the cost of bucket lift rental are a type of a required machine and length of a rental period. Companies usually offer daily, weekly and monthly rates for the service. It’s always better to estimate in advance how long you’ll use the rented equipment. The longer you hold a boom lift, the better deal you get. If you need an aerial platform for a short period of time, you may actually find a service provider with hourly based or half-day rates.

Larger models of boom lifts normally cost more. Those that can extend 100 ft and more in the air are much more expensive. You should also consider such factors as delivery and pickup fees, usually they add 100-150 USD to the total amount.

Boom lift rental advantages

In addition to those mentioned above, we can name some other reasons to prefer boom lift rental to buying your own equipment:

  • You save time – when you choose rental, you quickly fill out a single form and get exactly the type of aerial platform that fully satisfies your needs;
  • You save money – nowadays it’s very simple and fast to find service providers in your location and compare their rates to pick one;
  • You can choose the service of the most reputed company – all the information and reviews are available for your consideration, use the services of the most dependable boom lift supplier;
  • You minimize hassles – if you choose high-quality reliable company, you have less hassles and less expenditures.

Both articulating and telescopic boom lifts may be found at Alpha Platforms – the company that will make you believe that boom lift rental may go smoothly and cheaply for your business.

High Lift Rentals – Alpha Platforms to meet your needs

High Lift Rentals – Alpha Platforms to meet your needs

When your business requires to operate at height, you can rely on Alpha Platforms – the best regional provider of boom lift rental with affordable prices.

Why choose Alpha Platforms

  • We are highly responsive – you can rely on the expertise and assistance of our team in any matter related to operations at height. Any question will be answered.
  • We have very competitive rates and provide boom lifts on an hourly, half-day, weekly and monthly basis. It’s always convenient to work with Alpha Platforms.
  • Save time and money with the boom lift rental deal with our company – all you need to do is to fill out one form and specify details of your order, all the rest will be done by our professional team.
  • Enjoy the highest quality of truck mounted and other types of aerial platforms produced by well-known brands.
  • Be free of any obligation to buy a lift and make big investments.

It goes without saying that boom lift rental saves your company many hours and significantly increases efficiency in the working site. You can never reach the same result in terms of time, expenses and safety with scaffolding.

Despite the fact that boom lift rental is rather affordable, everything depends on the scope of work and type of equipment you need. We highly recommend you to make an accurate budget plan prior to commencement of the works. Please, describe the specifics of your project to specialists of Alpha Platforms on the phone, to be offered an aerial platform perfectly satisfying your needs.

Variety of boom lift designs at Alpha Platforms

Here, at Alpha Platforms we have a number of telescopic booms which are also called straight. They allow to achieve the highest horizontal outreach compared to other models of aerial platforms. Our clients often opt for telescopic booms when they work in restricted access and tight areas.

When it comes to obstacles on working site, we recommend clients to rent articulating booms – they allow to reach areas that could be blocked with some goods or equipment. Articulating booms are pretty much versatile, they are ideal for safe lifting and maneuvering objects and instruments around obstacles.

If you want to rent something particular brand, please consider specifications of boom lifts available at Alpha Platforms. You will certainly find what you need. Lifting, height, weight requirements are to be considered as well prior to making an order. Minor aspects are to be mentioned too, such as kind of terrain and working temperatures. If you are going to work in muddy or slushy area, please inform us on this matter as well. This way or another, at Alpha Platforms you will always find the best model for your project.

Socage Lift – Alpha Platforms Is Here to Help You

Socage Lift – Alpha Platforms Is Here to Help You

Socage is one of the most reputed and distinguished producers of aerial platforms. Equipment of this Italian brand is often chosen by companies for a wide range of works. These aerial platforms are light and compact but still featuring excellent performances in terms of outreach and elevation. Socage embraces innovative technologies and unique solutions, undertakes ambitious projects and reigns at the market of lifting equipment.

Socage brand represented in America – rental services

Boom lifts of the Italian brand are widely used in America as well. Alpha Platforms is one of the companies in the industry that offers Socage lift rental for multiple tasks. Socage truck mounted aerial and access platforms range from ten to seventy-five meter working height. Socage lift rental is one of the most demanded services at Alpha Platforms because these vehicles are helpful in a huge variety of industrial and agricultural tasks. Our clients often rent the following vehicles of the brand:

  • Socage T-Series represented by aerial platforms that reach the height of 14,5-20 meters. Such platforms are used for roadworks and a wide range of maintenance operations. They safely lift electricians and operators to the required height for power lines works. At the same time, T-Series, that can be mounted on 3,5-ton vehicles, make all operations simple and quick.
  • Socage DJ-Series – aerial platforms with double articulated booms and jibs. This equipment is ideal for operations at the height of 32-37 meters. It easily overcomes obstacles and quickly relocates the basket for the needs of a working team.
  • Socage E-series – these ones have electric controls being mounted on X-shaped chassis. The advantages of the series are in its ability to mount the equipment on 3,5-ton trucks and in its lightweight. The line is represented by double articulated, telescopic platforms – both equipped with JIBs and without them.
  • Socage TJ TJJSeries are made for operations at the height of 30-75 meters. Some models have one or two JIBs. Additional articulation and the freely moving basket make it easier to overcome obstacles at height.

Affordable and quick Socage lift rental

We hope we have helped you to understand what type of Socage equipment meets your working requirements, but if you still have any questions, do not hesitate to ask our specialists on the phone. Making your order in advance and mentioning all details will help us deliver the required equipment to the certain location on the date you schedule for your works. Please, provide us with maximum information in order we could choose the best option of Socage aerial platforms for your task and save your money. Rental of good-quality Italian aerial lifts is the best solution for your business!


Working at Heights When It’s Windy

The fall is here and so are unfavorable weather conditions. The wind is one of the most dangerous weather elements that can affect workers at heights. When it’s windy, height access equipment may not be stable. Meanwhile, wind gusts could cause workers to lose their footing and fall to the ground unless proper safety equipment is used. Dust and debris flying around during windy weather could obscure the workers’ vision thus leading to mistakes and safety problems. During gale winds, large debris may move and cause serious injuries to workers at heights or kick them off their feet and send flying to the ground. When it’s windy outside, other adverse weather conditions are likely to be present as well. For example, wind gusts could be part of a storm, which comes together with rain. Rain causes surfaces to become slippery thus increasing the risk of slip and fall accidents. Hail and lightning could also pose a danger to workers at heights. That’s why it’s recommended to stop working when adverse weather conditions are in the forecast. However, not all contractors are ready to stop the project when it’s windy out. Especially, when deadlines are approaching. Below advice could help you keep your employees safe when the wind is in the forecast.

What To Do Before Work Commencement

If you are planning outdoor height access work, you have to monitor weather conditions regularly. All your employees must be ready to stop working or relocate in case dangerous weather arrives. When you check the forecast, remember that the average wind speed may not factor gusts in. So make sure to find a respectable source with detailed wind forecast. Find out what wind speeds the height access equipment you are using can withstand. Secure all loose materials on site to prevent injuries from flying debris. Provide sufficient critical personal protection equipment to your employees.

What To Do When Work Commences

If you see winds in the forecast, give reasonable advice to your employees so they avoid heights and stay away from partially constructed buildings, which aren’t safely secured. Instruct workers to seek shelter in case gusts become too strong. When working at heights while winds are a possibility, fall-prevention systems must be used at all times. Employees should have adequate eye protection in case dust and debris start flying. After the windy weather is over, it’s important to check the integrity of structures thoroughly to ensure wind hasn’t affected it.


Preventing Falls through Skylights

Skylights are among the most dangerous obstacles workers at heights face. Companies, which offer roof services, must teach their employees about the hidden dangers of skylights and provide sufficient safety equipment to prevent accidents.
Many workers assume that skylights are safe. However, this isn’t always the case. Even if you are working in new buildings that seem to be meeting the safety standards for “man-safe” skylights, you must be careful. Weather elements, such as UV light could damage the layers of skylight protection and cause the material to become brittle.
Falling through a skylight is just as dangerous as falling off the edge of the roof. However, when it comes to safety training, the roof edges get much more attention.
All contractors and property owners should pay special attention to skylights. It’s the responsibility of a property owner to keep the skylights in top shape to maintain their “man-safe” status. It’s up to the contractors to provide proper training and equipment to the employees to prevent injuries.
Sufficient protection against falls is required for all workers, who do their jobs on or next to fragile materials. Your employees must have proper protection, including guardrails, safety nets, and harnesses. Walking on the roof, even if there aren’t any skylights in sight, can’t be allowed without safety equipment.
Installing Skylight Protection
To ensure extra safety while working near skylights, contractors and property owners can invest in skylight protection coverings. They are installed on top of fragile skylights so workers can walk safely near them without the risk of falling.
This type of equipment can be used together with roof walkaways so in case someone falls sideways from a walkaway, he or she doesn’t break through the skylight.
Different types of skylight protection exist, such as guardrails and screens. Both protective solutions are easy to install. They nullify the danger of workers accidentally falling through the skylight.
Roof Lifeline Cable System
In some cases, roof workers have to do their jobs on the skylights themselves. In such a situation neither type of abovementioned skylight protection works. Excellent access to skylights for maintenance and/or replacement can be achieved by using a lifeline cable system.
This cable system can protect workers on the roof. It may take some time to install, but the system offers excellent protection throughout the height-access project.
Final Thoughts
The dangers of skylights are often underestimated. Meanwhile, hundreds of worker are injured due to the lack of safety measures while working with skylights. It’s important to use either skylight coverings or a cable system to ensure a high level of safety on the roof.

Budget Boom Lift Rental

Budget Boom Lift Rental

The industrial and construction areas involve many tasks that can be solved only by means of huge and heavy equipment like boom lifts. It’s quite clear that holding such equipment in a corporate fleet is too pricey to make any sense. This is why boom lifts rental is a highly demanded type of services. The key points for making a proper choice are quality of the vehicles, prices and availability.

Boom lifts to meet your requirements wherever you are

The basket of a boom lift is spacious enough for workers and instruments. The control is carried out by an operator who sits in a bucket. Based on your tasks and requirements, you can rent a boom lift of any particular size – whether with an articulating boom or with a telescopic one. The price offered for the service mainly depends on lift height and availability. Discuss your task with a specialist to choose the best size lift. Make sure that delivery fee is included in the quote.

Choosing Alpha Platforms, you receive the required boom lift at the location of your working object. The company guarantees the fully working condition of the rented lift throughout the rental period. Any issues are easily solved with a telephone call. In a complicated situation or breakage, the equipment is replaced within a short period of time. If you need the best rates and the highest quality of the service, seek no more, you have come to the right place!

Your project decides what boom lift is best to be rented

The most essential question to answer before renting a boom lift is how high you need to operate. The platform height is determined by the working height minus 6 feet. Keep in mind, if you rent an excessively high boom lift, you normally overpay. The jump in price is rather significant, this is why you should not ignore this matter. Simply find answers to the following questions when you rent a boom lift for your project:

  • Will you work indoors or outdoors?
  • Will you work on asphalt or concrete / gravel, grass or dirt?
  • Will you have any doors to go through or deal with tight areas?
  • Will you have any obstacles to get over?

These matters are better to be solved in advance with specialists of the company-provider. Alpha Platforms provide surprisingly beneficial rates for the rental of boom lifts regardless of your requirements. From the very first stage of your work to its final minute you will be provided professional assistance and efficient feedback to any related requests.

Bucket Trucks For Rent

Bucket Trucks For Rent

Bucket trucks are widely used for a huge variety of services: construction purposes, operations with telecommunications, transmission and distribution, dealing with banners and signs, as well as with lighting. A rare company has its own bucket trucks in a corporate fleet, this is why such equipment is often rented, when such need arises.

Customers choose a certain bucket truck based on their project and requirements – for example, this could be an insulating or non-insulating, telescopic or articulating, overcenter ot non-overcenter equipment. This is rather important to describe your needs in detail to rent that very model of a bucket truck you actually need. Choosing a wrong model may result in some extra pay.

How do I need to choose the provider of bucket trucks?

This should be a company ready to answer all of your questions and meet all your specific needs. It has to be ready to customize its equipment to suit your project on site. It has to test its fleet on a regular basis in order to provide safe aerial work for the crew of the client.

A bucket truck is used for work at height where people cannot have the job done with a ladder. Such equipment is often required on highways, side streets in suburban areas, on country back roads. It would be a mistake to think that bucket trucks are exceptionally rented for operations with electric poles. You can’t even imagine how versatile and wide its usability is!

When do I need a bucket truck?

  • When I need to deal with electrical and telephone line maintenance, replacement and repair – a bucket truck for these purposes is the most safe and convenient equipment.
  • If I need to harvest fruits on height. Ladders in this case are not high and safe enough. Apples or oranges, a bucket truck is the optimal choice!
  • If windows are dirty. A boom of a bucket truck can extend of sixty feet or even more. This service is often used by owners of commercial buildings.
  • If I wish to rescue an animal from the height. You have certainly read many heart-warming stories of the rescue by fire brigades and construction workers.
  • When I have to deal with the fire. Bucket trucks allow to reach tall buildings to extinguish the fire and rescue people.
  • If I wish to trim trees away from various obstacles like roofs, power lines or signs.
  • When I need to paint something high above the ground.
  • When I deal with a performance and need to fix some stage property at height.
  • When I want to make a piece of filming from an unusual perspective.
  • When I want to decorate the street with holiday lights!
Building Facade Inspection – Because Any City Ages

Building Facade Inspection – Because Any City Ages

With the lack of building facade inspections and maintenance, we put ourselves to the risk of injuries and property damaging. Regulations of any city stipulate regular intervals of facade inspections. Such works are often done with a rope access, but in many cases, when they have to reach the floors lower than 20th, for example, inspection is made with help of a certain boom lift.

Facade inspection is recommended to be carried out every seven years to keep the infrastructure safe and functional, while the city infrastructure – future-proof and reliable.

Take care of urban exteriors with help of our aerial platforms

It’s not hard to understand how important for any city it is to keep the exteriors of buildings in a good condition. This responsibility is normally taken by a managing board or an association of co-owners. Even being tight on budget, they will always find it quite reasonable to rent a boom lift for this type of work. Safe and reliable equipment, professional services of a qualified operator, delivery of the boom lift to a required location and attractive prices make Alpha Platform a very competitive provider of vehicles for height access. Please, check out they how we work to make a right choice.

This could be a facade from brick, glass, steel or stone – in any case it will require a regular inspection and maintenance. It is not only about the attractive look, but also – about functionality and safety. Facades protect structures they cover and provide safety to passersby. It’s always better to detect a minor issue before it turns into a serious problem.

Choice of platforms and work frequency

According to experts, facades of a building in normal condition are to be inspected every two or three years. As to buildings in poor condition, the annual inspection is recommended. If you wish to guarantee the quality of the work and meet the requirements, hire a registered architect or a team of professional engineers.

A-300 platforms are ready to work in a tough environment, they can face any challenges and operate in extreme conditions. They are also widely used for building facades inspection as well. It mcan bring specialists really high and far along the facade. Quite often it’s enough to make use of A-150 platform instead. These platforms, being true workhorses, are among the most demanded and widely used for any urban works.

What lifting equipment is to be chosen for cell tower inspection?

What lifting equipment is to be chosen for cell tower inspection?

Metal structures of cell towers make us connected. Everyone knows how important it is for each of us today. Some of cell towers may reach 100 meters in height. Standing outside, they are affected by adverse weather conditions and atmospheric phenomena. Sensitive equipment of cell towers requires regular inspection and repair. This is why cell tower inspections are carried out according to the scheduled plan.

Operations included in cell tower inspections

All components of a cell tower should be in a good working condition, this is why it’s important to check all elements of a structure to guarantee continuous communications. The inspection is to be carried out by a group of few professionals provided with instruments. To reach higher points of a cell tower, they normally use boom lifts and aerial platforms. Such lifting equipment allows to make operations safely and comfortably without any risk and fear. Ensured by the reliable lift rental, they can make: minor repairs, replacement of equipment, painting of components, rust removal, coating with antirusting compounds – all these operations are carried out high above the ground.

  • Specialists need to check the condition of cables and antennas and replace those that have been damaged.
  • Some equipment has to be renewed. The new 4G format of communication requires many station components to be replaced.
  • Painting of metal constructions. Old paint is to be removed, the surface is primed and then – painted with rollers and spray-guns. A cell tower with height of 50 meters normally requires 2 weeks to be painted.
  • Rust removal. To protect the entire construction from damage, it’s necessary to undertake an inspection and remove rust from its surface.
  • Coating with antirusting compounds. After removal of the old paint and priming, the metal is to be coated with protective compound. It will prolong the service life of the cell tower.

Each task related to cell tower inspection will find a reliable boom lift!

In fact, any cell tower requires regular inspections. It’s a large scope of work that requires a lot of aerial platforms and services of experienced operators. You can easily find both if you contact us for lift rental. We will help you to choose the best boom lift based on the height of a certain cell tower, the character of works and other details of your order. We accept your requests 24/7!