TOP 8 Best Aerial Work Platforms 2020

TOP 8 Best Aerial Work Platforms 2020

Aerial platforms perform a huge variety of tasks both in an urban environment and beyond. These working horses imperceptibly make our life convenient, warm, clean and comfortable. Most of them feature an aerial platform lifted up by a certain type of extension and mounted on a vehicle. They can reach high waters tower or power lines for maintenance, move materials on a construction site, lift working crews to the areas that cannot be reached otherwise, pick fruits, trim trees and many more.

United by the similar goal, these vehicles considerably vary in their functions and characteristics. And when choosing one, it’s important to be aware of their functionality and basic features. When you need to manage a number of tasks on the site of your project, you should choose the appropriate vehicle for each task of yours. Proper choice saves time, nerves and money.

This article compiles TOP 8 Best Aerial Work Platforms chosen by industrial companies more often than any others.

# 8 Cherry Pickers

IMG_2494-compressor-870x480 TOP 8 Best Aerial Work Platforms 2020

These are highly maneuverable truck-mounted machines to lift one worker or a crew for maintenance operations at height, for installation or remodeling. The standard height reached by cherry pickers is 30-230 ft.

Truck mounted cherry pickers are often called bucket trucks. They feature a railed aerial platform connected with a hydraulic crane. The height reached by cherry pickers is suitable for accessing utility lines, various systems, lights, warehouse racks, windows and facades.

# 7 Spider Lifts

rsz_110814_s15_peak_edge_0031140814 TOP 8 Best Aerial Work Platforms 2020

Spider Lifts easily maneuver in narrow spaces and set up on rough terrain. You may fit them in a tight place or move them on any uneven terrain and grassy slopes. They are perfect for forestry, operations inside buildings, works in a yard etc. You may see them working in an atrium, shopping center or even a church. But when you don’t have conditions that seriously complicate your work, you may choose an ordinary cherry picker instead of a spider lift.

# 6 Industrial Forklifts

types-of-forklifts TOP 8 Best Aerial Work Platforms 2020

With an upward lift these vehicles can move items vertically. Industrial forklifts normally have durable pneumatic tires to support heavy loads of up to 36 thousand lbs. Such lifts are suitable for internal building working and at warehouses. They successfully deal with many industrial projects. You may also rely upon industrial forklifts when you need to do some finishing touches in a building.

# 5 Rough Terrain Forklifts

WRTD-in-field TOP 8 Best Aerial Work Platforms 2020

These vehicles are highly demanded on construction sites – they ideally manage to reach height and lift heavy loads while operating on rough terrain. Rough terrain forklifts are trusted to move building materials even for long distances.

They both feature great balance qualities and powerful lifting, the mass of loads carried by rough terrain forklifts may be as heavy as 8,000 lbs while the height reached is as high as 21 ft. Besides, you may adjust the vehicle to your needs and ensure support for items of any size.

# 4 Telescopic Forklifts

telescopic-forkit TOP 8 Best Aerial Work Platforms 2020

These ones are equipped with an extendable boom lift and a lifting attachment. In fact, telescopic forklifts feature all the same advantages of traditional forklifts but they have an additional one – capability to work in tricky locations when you need to move items even at extreme height – both forward and upward. Telescopic forklifts represent a popular choice for construction sites.

# 3 Scissor Lifts

scissor-lift TOP 8 Best Aerial Work Platforms 2020

Scissor lifts are divided into two basic categories: rough terrain scissor lifts and electric ones. Let’s find out which one is the best for your project.

Rough terrain lifts feature a brace-supported aerial platform and huge tires. They can reach height of up to 60 ft. The functions they perform are basically the same as performed by electric scissor lifts. But there is an important difference. Their tires are more stable which makes them more suitable for work in an exterior environment or at rugged conditions. Compared to an ordinary scissor lift that requires a flat surface to work on, a rough terrain scissor lift can overcome a rough terrain while moving to your worksite. It can also bring several crew members to an exterior site at once.

Electric Scissor Lifts are successfully used in small and tight spaces, often working indoors. They can also fit multiple personnel on one platform just like a rough terrain scissor lift. An arm is replaced by a wide platform with cross-brace supports. This is actually the main difference of this vehicle compared to a boom lift.

An electric scissor lift can move straight up and down, but you have to place it beneath the area you are operating on. This feature makes the use of electric scissor lifts limited to a certain degree. At the same time, it has a big advantage represented by a large platform that takes a whole crew to the project site at one time.

Electric scissor lifts are widely used to repair building facades, to install cladding and to clean windows.

You should also know that scissor lifts can be pneumatic, hydraulic and mechanical. Choose one depending on your goal. Ask for professional advice while choosing the proper vehicle. If you hire a wrong machine, it may cause an incident or even a fatal outcome.

# 2 Telescopic Boom Lifts

telescopic TOP 8 Best Aerial Work Platforms 2020

These big machines are normally used outside to reach different heights including enormous ones. The main feature of a telescopic boom lift is an extendable arm which is attached to a freely rotating turntable. This feature makes a telescopic boom lift different from articulated one.

The bucket of the vehicle is usually too small to hold several workers at one time. Telescopic boom lifts participate in highly specialized works including power lines repairs, trimming of trees etc. where only one person accesses the required spot. Compared to other vehicles, telescopic boom lifts have a much longer reach. Electric models with solid tires are appropriate for interior operations, those having inflated tires are perfect for rough use outdoors. When you choose a proper vehicle for your project, always consider the lift height of the boom. The largest boom lifts can be found at Alpha Platforms.

# 1 Articulating Boom Lifts

articulating TOP 8 Best Aerial Work Platforms 2020

This is a type of an aerial platform that features a bendable, jointed arm mounted on a turntable that makes a full circular rotation. The height reached by an articulating boom lift is actually the same as with a telescopic one.

The arm of the boom lift has many joints which help it to bend and access different spots at height. It easily overcomes obstacles while bringing a worker up to such spots that cannot be reached with any other means.

This type of machine is suitable for piping and electrical repairs, for window cleaning and various maintenance works. There is a special type of the vehicle which is called a spider lift. It is lightweight and compact – perfect to operate in tight spaces. Such aerial lifts are supported by 4 legs to ensure great elevation even in confined places.

Now we are going to give you a tip to determine which boom lift is better for your project – telescopic or articulating one. Both are highly demanded and both are good in performing challenging tasks. The first thing to consider is the environment of your project.

If you deal with a small space and need a highly maneuverable machine, hire an articulating boom. If the main challenge is to reach ultimate height, the best will be a telescopic boom. The latter is more stable and more efficient on rough terrains.

Cherry Picker Rental – Hire From Alpha Platforms

Cherry Picker Rental – Hire From Alpha Platforms

Cherry picker is a very useful machine applied on construction sites and to perform many types of jobs at the height impossible to be reached with a ladder. This type of machine requires professional knowledge because when operated wrongly, it may cause unpleasant incidents and injuries.

When companies deal with minor urban tasks, they often choose cherry pickers out of all available aerial platforms.

What is it used for?

The original purpose this machine was invented for, as you may guess, was picking fruits. The elevated platform helped to reach higher areas that could not be reached and maintained otherwise. Cherry pickers are often called basket cranes or hydraladders. Today they are widely used for work at warehouses, for operations related to installation, maintenance and repair of lights, power lines, heating units, any mechanical systems, dealing with street banners and so on.

Did you know that orderpickers and forklifts that grab loads from elevated sections in a warehouse are also often called cherry pickers? Yes, they are highly functional indeed.

Cherry picker types

Depending on project requirements, clients choose among:

  • truck mounted cherry pickers;
  • telescopic cherry pickers;
  • articulated cherry pickers;
  • trailer-mounted cherry pickers.

They are normally truck-mounted but can also sit on paneled vans or flat beds. Some are also attached on self-moving platforms or trailers.

P-76 Cherry Picker is one of the most popular models and here is why:

  • it provides very flexible access to many different surfaces at height;
  • it is helpful for tree and building maintenance, being widely used by public authorities as well;
  • it is highly maneuverable with its short wheel base.

Please, check out all cherry picker models available from our company here.

Luckily, it can always be hired at the affordable price from Alpha Platforms. Rental of the cherry picker is a cost-effective, reliable and prompt solution for your business.

Additional features

IMG_2494-compressor-870x480 Cherry Picker Rental – Hire From Alpha Platforms

While operating with a cherry picker, a worker should stand alone on a platform or in a bucket. Some models have a duplicate set of controls that allows to alternate the position of the bucket. Telescopic cherry pickers are able to adjust the reach of the device. Tipping over is prevented by special auto-safety controls. Other models are provided with articulating boom sections.

Cherry pickers may also vary depending on the source of power:

  • electric (batteries charged);
  • gasoline;
  • diesel.

Electric ones are ideal for working indoors.

Basic safety tips

Regardless of the project characteristics and your goal, keep safety while operating a cherry picker as a top priority. Profession of operators who deal with heavy equipment is undoubtedly prone to hazards and they need protection and observance of safety regulations.

First of all, they should be properly trained and skillful for handling a cherry picker. It will help them to maneuver the machine if it has a failure or requires maintenance. This will also protect from incidents in the working zone.

Always inspect equipment before getting started. Pay attention to each part of a cherry picker and never postpone minor repairs if they have to be done. Provide workers with safety harnesses, helmets and uniform.

Safe clearance from hazardous areas should always be maintained on site – stay at least 3 ft. from powerlines. Get the work started only when you have a plan and proper supervision – it is dangerous to handle the machine with efforts of a single person: someone should always remain on the ground while another one is lifted up. Do not ignore weather conditions too – avoid working on a windy day – wind is only stronger at height.

Bucket Truck Choice And Rental Offer From Alpha Platforms

Bucket Truck Choice And Rental Offer From Alpha Platforms

When you consider different bucket truck options for rental and have no confidence which one is best for your project, look around and analyze what models are chosen by other companies. Nobody would probably dare to name the best truck in the industry. Nevertheless, it is not hard to determine the most widely used and the most popular models.

In fact, each industry depending on its goals and requirements chooses its own bucket truck. But everyone wants to use a presentable and reliable vehicle – well-kept and stored by its provider. Even when rented, the machine represents your business and your approach to the work you do. Be demanding and do not agree to less than you really need.

Questions to be answered while choosing aerial platforms

First of all, the truck has to be fully equipped with everything required for your task. If you plan to work in a high voltage area, make sure it is well insulated. If you need to reach the certain height, rent the vehicle that will bring the crew this high. Trucks for trees cutting and cables handling can be pretty much different.

Size is another important feature to consider. Does your project need a heavy-duty work horse or a light-duty vehicle? What trucks are normally used by other companies for similar works? How heavy is your cargo? Does the area of the project allow you to use heavy machines?

When you answer the basic questions, you will have a better understanding on the vehicle you need.

Human resources – do you need to hire anyone?

When you rent aerial platforms, treat the safety of the operator is a top priority. Good companies always test their vehicles. You need also pay attention to details – your driver should be properly trained to operate the truck of your choice – is he qualified to drive the truck with a stick shaft, for example? Is he okay with a manual transmission?

The person in staff of your company is not always the best choice for such projects. He’s also competent enough to decide on the bucket truck you need. Yes, this probably incurs extra expenses, but this guy has to be the one who works with truck mounts on a daily basis or has a past extensive experience of such kind.

Telescopic Vs. Articulated

Parts of articulated bucket trucks sit on joints: they easily fold and bend and, therefore, this type of trucks is more maneuverable and appropriate for work in confined areas with obstacles on the way. Telescopic bucket trucks are less maneuverable but more stable. They become a better option when you need to work at a significant height, move along rough and rocky terrain, relocate heavy objects from one place to another.

Additional characteristics to be considered

When you use lift rental services, make sure you make a right decision on:

  • Weight capacity: choose between our reliable platforms to find the best for your business. We have power lifts and boom winches to lift up 2,660 lbs;
  • Chassis: this factor includes different regulation requirements. Make sure that the chosen type of a chassis does not affect payload, cargo handling capacity, platform height etc.;
  • Fuel type: do not use diesel when you work in a tight closed space, rent a truck with an electric motor instead.
  • Type of transmission: transmission of bucket trucks can be both manual and automatic. This factor does not have a big impact on costs, this is why simply rent the machine preferred by your operator. Keep in mind that trucks with a manual transmission provide smoother driving and minimize roll-back effects on slopes being also a bit cheaper;
  • Extra attachments and accessories: they are fully determined by the peculiarities of your project. Normally truck bucket accessories are classified according to three types: telecom ones, forestry ones and those for general utilities. Certain projects may also require some customization – it often proves to be cost-effective and supportive in terms of safety.

Alpha Platforms is ready to cover all your needs and provide you with a vehicle to get the job done in the best possible way!

Aerial Lift Rental Cost - How Does It Form?

Aerial Lift Rental Cost – How Does It Form?

Regardless of the works to be done, it’s not difficult to find a suitable boom lift for rent that will satisfy your budget. There are many providers in the market that compete with each other and provide affordable prices. Evaluate the price match policy of Alpha Platforms to make sure it’s one of the best companies with great prices. Rely on professionalism of our team in the sphere of aerial equipment rental and get the best machine to get your job brilliantly done.

Factors that influence the rental cost of aerial platforms

There is a number of factors that influence the cost of boom lift rental. The main are the following: brand, model, age, size of the lift, additional attachments and accessories that make the machine more efficient for your goals. Project location is also the factor to be considered by a rental provider.

Clients often need special features to increase the functionality of the rented lift, they may include:

  • Racks/carriers – they increase the storage of the machine and the amount of usable deck space. Besides, they contribute to safety of workers who can have their instruments and tools at hand.
  • Deck extensions – some projects require more space on the boom lift and easily find the solution represented by a deck extension.
  • Glazier package – this one allows crew members to move glass and tools in a safe manner and with higher efficiency. Such packages also save strength of workers and simplify work in the air.
  • Welding package – the packages mounted on the platform provide workers with all necessary welding instruments to be available at hand. Welding packages are usually fixed on the main unit to avoid drop hazard.

Boom lift rental advantages

You enjoy some significant advantages when rent boom lifts from a reputable company:

  • You do not waste your time and get the job done in a well-timed manner mainly because the professional team helps you plan all the works step-by-step and follow the schedule;
  • You do not waste money for the purchase of a highly expensive equipment that also requires regular maintenance and professional operators;
  • You get all additional services related to the use of the boom lift for free;
  • You make sure that risks on site are reduced to minimal when you deal with a reputed and experienced boom lift provider.

Great platforms for your business

Here at Alpha Platforms we have the most competitive prices for the most demanded workhorses in many industries.

Lightweight and compact A-150 foot boom lifts are suitable for any urban works. They are highly versatile to be applied in lots of industries.

A-175 is monstrous in the aspect of side reach – you can move for 40 meters (130 ft) from one side to another with help of this great machine.

A-200 is requested by industrial companies that deal with large-scale construction projects.

A-230 will help you in the environment with tough working conditions. In fact, it can face any challenge and show amazing results both in the city or far beyond. These platforms are mounted on all-wheel drive and equipped with rough terrain chassis ready to move in extreme off-road conditions.

Give us a call to receive recommendations on the machine that will surpass your expectations!

Tips for Choosing a Boom Lift to Rent

Tips for Choosing a Boom Lift to Rent

Ho do businesses choose the right aerial platform for their tasks? How do they decide whether they need to buy an aerial platform or to rent one? It surely depends on the frequency of jobs and economic efficiency of such costly purchase. Most of companies rely on rental of boom lifts as the optimal option for their business. But what factors do they need to consider to decrease costs and increase productivity while choosing among aerial platforms? These are some tips to help you come to the best decision.

Aerial platform design

Companies commonly choose between telescopic and articulating units. The first ones are more suitable for projects when workers need to overcome obstacles at height to get to the required area. And this is where companies need to consider the height of a boom. A 100 foot boom lift is often enough to deal with a high variety of construction, repair, maintenance and other tasks. But when the height to be reached is significant – when companies work on stadiums, bridges, tall buildings etc. – it is best to rely on a 200 foot boom lift.

Articulating booms cannot compare with telescopic ones in the aspect of maneuverability. Neither they reach so high spots as telescopic ones. However, they can easily perform many urban tasks being a highly available cheaper option.

The matter of size

Another important matter to be considered is max. height and horizontal span you need to reach while doing the job. Choose the aerial boom based on the “up and over” needs of your project. In the aspect of storage, it may also be important how low the unit can be configured. The boom should not be too wide for your working space in order it could fit the narrowest places on site. One more specification that could matter is ground bearing pressure – the value in PSI helps to evaluate how safely you can operate the machine on the surface of the project area.

Diesel or electric

Depending on the job location, decide if a diesel-powered boom is suitable for you. If you plan to work indoors or in a confined area, choose an electrically-powered machine to avoid exhaust. Electric lifts have another advantage over diesel ones – they are more compact.

When the job is to be mostly performed outside, the most obvious choice is a lift powered by internal combustion. Diesel machines, as well as gasoline and propane, have a higher travelling speed and do not require recharging batteries.

Towable or self-propelled

In most cases self-propelled models seem to be the appropriate choice. However, when you need to relocate the machine between places, it is best to choose a portable towable lift. A towing hitch will connect the unit to a work truck. Towable lifts are compact, lightweight, easily controlled and, therefore, suitable for many operations from painting and tree work to maintenance and repair.

Additional options

Think of other additional options you might need on site. For example, what flooring do you have in the working area? Maybe you’d need non-marking tires or rubber-footed tracks while working indoors? If the working space is pretty much confined, think of a jib boom extension. If you plan to work in the dark, consider work lights to be mounted on the machine. Many operations, such as plumbing or electrical ones, may need racks and trays on the aerial platform.

Simply describe the working conditions to a specialist of a boom lift rental provider to get the optimal machine for your project.

80 ft Boom Lift Rental

80 ft Boom Lift Rental – Alpha Platforms For Your Business

80 ft boom lift rental is one of the most demanded units in many industries that deal with operations at height. It may access difficult areas and hard-to-reach spots. Such aerial platforms are applicable in many industries for maintenance, construction, renovation, repair and other works.

80 ft boom lifts and great alternatives from Alpha Platforms

Our park has a nice model for flexible access to different spots at height. It is P-76 Cherry Picker which is applied not solely for tree works, but for building management and many other tasks set by public organizations. At the maximum working height 76,1 ft this unit has the maximum outreach of 33,6 ft. The highly maneuverable lift can be used even for the tasks that seem to be very challenging.

S-92 platform available in Alpha Platforms company is another machine that can safely deliver your crew to the ultimate height and even higher. Such lifts are truck mounted – they are installed on under-CDL chassis that do not require a special driving license.

If you plan to work in the city, we recommend you to rent a S-92 lift on a 2×4 Isuzu cab over chassis. In the off-road conditions it is better to choose a S-92 lift on a 4×4 Ford F-650 all-wheel drive chassis.

Types of boom lifts

A boom lift is a type of an aerial lift characterized by high versatility. Regardless of a certain model, a boom lift always has a base, an arm and a work platform which could be replaced by a special attachment fixed on the end of the maneuverable arm. The main characteristics that distinguish one machine from the other are boom type, source of power and special attachments (bucket/workspace).

Boom lifts may be equipped with telescopic, knuckle or vertical booms. Each boom has its own limit of extension, an ability to maneuver, lift up and down or get angled. The mass lifted by a boom may also vary from model to model.

Boom lifts, depending on work requirements, can be equipped with additional attachments like lumber forks, lifting hooks or buckets.

The source of power may also vary, boom lifts may be electric, gasoline or diesel-powered, battery-operated or pulled by a truck. Electric lifts are optimal for operations in confined areas, diesel-powered ones are chosen for outdoor performance.

Talk to the manager to rent the best unit for your project

In the absence of boom lift rental service many companies would stop to exist. Purchase of expensive machines is not affordable and reasonable for the most businesses including those in the public sector. Fortunately, it has never been a big problem to rent a suitable boom lift for operations at height. Call to the provider and describe your project in detail to find out what machine can meet requirements best than others. You will always find a great solution for tree cut tasks, window cleaning, water tank painting, power lines maintenance and so on.

Truck mounted boom lifts are the most functional and efficient machines for your business. The fleet of Alpha Platforms includes platforms that range from 65 to 230 ft and might include a wide range of attachments for enhancement of their lifting capabilities.

Give us a call to talk all the details through with our specialists and get your job done in the best possible way!


3 Most Common Reasons for Ladder Accidents

Any work related to height access is dangerous. Be it window cleaning, construction or roof repair, the chances of injuries are high, especially if you avoid using special equipment. Ladders are highly common tools in households. Many companies tend to use them as well. It may seem easier and cheaper to use a ladder rather than opt for ropes, scaffolding or aerial platforms, especially when the heights aren’t substantial. However, it’s worth noting than more than 90,000 people every year end up in emergency rooms after falling from a ladder. To make your work safer, let’s look at the three most common reasons for ladder accidents.

  1. Choosing the Wrong Ladder Parameters

Many different ladders exist on the market today. All of them serve different purposes. When choosing a ladder, it’s important to consider such parameters as height and weight capacity. If the ladder can’t handle more than 200 lbs., you should stick to the limits. Workers often forget that the tools they carry with them are heavy as well. The mentioned limit includes the total weight present on the ladder at one time. The key reason for slipping and falling is choosing a ladder too short for the task. Workers start reaching up and lose balance. Others put the ladder over something, such as a table or a chair, to increase its reach. Such an approach is highly dangerous and can result in injuries and lethal consequences.

  1. Not Inspecting Ladders Properly

Even though a ladder is not a complex piece of equipment, it undergoes plenty wear and tear. Companies tend to overlook the condition of ladders they have been using for years. Meanwhile, ladders have a shelf life. If are used every day, they must be replaced every two to three years. Damaged and worn ladders break easily at the most unexpected moments. It’s important to inspect them before each project to ensure workers’ safety.

  1. Using Ladders Incorrectly

Some workers use ladders for tasks other than climbing. They could use one to support another to increase the reach. Others may climb ladders more than one person at a time. It’s vital to ensure 3 points of contact for the ladder to be safe. It’s important to follow the standard safety guidelines and use height access tools according to their intended purpose.


If you are planning to work at heights, you may want to consider renting height-access equipment such as aerial platforms to ensure higher safety of your workers and better work efficiency.



Local Law 11

Local Law 11 – Safety While Operating At Heights

We have got used to the urban landscapes with high-rise buildings and skyscrapers and few of us think on the safety issue of this jungle. Are those facades really safe? Local Law 11 was created with this very purpose – to regulate the safety of modern structures with help of special inspection.

Local Law 11 of New York

For New York it’s already quite a norm to know Local Law 11 by heart. Especially for those who owns property, lives in many-storeyed buildings and reside in condominiums. The Law relates to buildings taller than six stories. According to its provisions, each building façade with more than 6 stories has to go through inspection every 5 years. The right to carry out the inspection belongs to a licensed architect or engineer. The core idea of the Law is to make high-rise buildings safe for pedestrians and adjacent structures. Components of facades may cause traumas and even fatal injuries to innocent people walking by.

Local Law 11 was born following the sad accidents involving bystanders who had suffered from falling façade elements. The Law was initiated by the New York City authorities in 1980 when a piece of terracotta falling from a building killed a young man on the Upper West Side. However, the first law regulating the issue was Local Law 10. When the government of the city realized that it has some weak points, it came with the new stricter version of the law – LL11.

Each material used for making a façade has its own technical features, this is why the process of technical evaluation is also special for stone, brick, glass and other types of walls. The environmental conditions also affect the quality of facades and make them deteriorate:

  • temperature deferential between summer and winter;
  • air pollution caused by traffic and heating systems;
  • salt and corrosion – caused by the proximity of the sea.

Under LL11 professional engineers and architects inspect signs, windows, air conditioners, lighting fixtures and other types of appurtenances attached to the facades that may be potentially hazardous for passers-by and other street structures. Missed inspection deadlines are punished with penalties. Completed jobs are confirmed with reports.

Truck mounted boom lifts to reach high facades

To avoid penalties and prevent accidents, it is necessary to carry out inspection jobs on time. The areas exposed to the wind, sun and smokestack influence need attention and maintenance first. In those cases, where scaffold cannot be used in the absence of hooks on the parapet, property owners need to use boom trucks. In fact, 90% of all inspections under Local Law 11 are made with truck mounted boom lifts. It is much more convenient than bringing scaffolding into the building, and it does not require many people to be involved. Besides, opting for aerial platforms, you don’t have to go into people’s apartments or out on their balconies to arrange the process. The job becomes more efficient, safe and fast.

The most popular type of equipment rented for LL11 inspections is 150 foot boom lift. It is light, compact, versatile in terms of the uses – undoubtedly perfect for almost any city work. You can always rent one at Alpha Platforms at the best price.

Bucket Trucks Rental in New York

Bucket Trucks Rental in New York

In fact, any industry existing in the city needs special equipment. And any business strives for maximum efficiency at lower cost. For many companies it is unreasonable to buy their own special equipment, maintain its functional condition and pay for its parking on the long-term basis. Rental becomes the obvious way out.

Lift rental advantages

Lift rental has a lot of advantages for business that requires to access high-rise buildings, dams, bridges, water tanks etc.

In the city of New York, full of skyscrapers and modern structures combined with strict requirements to their maintenance and repair, these services are very popular.

First of all, aerial platforms are safe compared to scaffolding. They are equipped with safety line systems, emergency shutdown and movement limit functions. They also have cameras to monitor operations being made under structures and communication systems that keep operators interconnected while doing their job. The systems of lighting enable the machines to work at night. Modern boom lifts are easily installed, efficient and highly safe for operators and crew members.

Secondly, aerial platforms are versatile – they come into use in many industries. To choose the proper machine for your project, describe its details to specialists of boom lifts provider. For example, many types of work in the city environment could be done with help of a 100 foot boom lift with a jib. Being rather compact, it remains maneuverable in the streets, but its self-stabilizing hydraulic extendable outriggers can show great performance even on rough and uneven terrain.

Thirdly, truck mounted platforms set up easily and save your time on site. In most cases, it takes mere minutes to deploy the equipment. Even if your project involves relocation – the boom lift can relocate and redeploy to the new location rather fast.

We know that every project is unique and has its own requirements. But every machine available in our fleet is unique too. Their designs and basic characteristics can meet the particular set of needs related to the project. Be sure, that situations when it seems that solutions do not exist, we can find them for you. The Alpha fleet can adapt to all projects and situations.

Height access services at their best

Specialists of Alpha Platforms know everything about height access. We maintain the technologically advanced, top-of-the-line fleet to be used in many industries. Our aerial platforms range from 65 to 230 ft.

The chosen lift will be delivered to the site of your project and set up by our operators on the designated day. Backed by the professionalism of our operator, you ensure maximum utilization of all special features of the rented equipment, maximum efficiency and safety. Alpha Platforms offers boom lifts on hourly and daily basis in New York for your convenience.

The starting point of your order is a telephone call and the conversation with our specialists. We need to consider all details to provide you with the best solution for your individual task. The more information you provide on this initial stage, the better result you finally get in the end. Rely on our experience and high-quality boom lifts to get the best of your project!

Boom Lift Rental – Factors to Form The Cost

Boom Lift Rental – Factors to Form The Cost

If your business sometimes requires the professional services of the boom lift rental, choose the provider that can offer 100% functional faultless equipment treated with care. At Alpha Platforms clients find the best prices and the excellent quality of the services.

Truck mounts for your business

Depending on your tasks, we will help you to choose the optimal platform to get your job done:

All the boom lifts available at Alpha Platforms are maintained in the perfect condition. Our clients enjoy safe, efficient and convenient use of aerial platforms.

There is no need to overpay: describe your business task, and we’ll recommend you the equipment of that very capacity and size that will suit your needs best.

What factors can influence the rental cost?

The price for the rental services depends on such factors as:

  • Model of the aerial platform;
  • Fuel option;
  • The height you are going to operate at;
  • Maneuverability of the boom lift;
  • The period and the schedule of the work;
  • Transportation costs depending on the location;
  • Additional options required for your project.

As a rule, boom lifts are rented under a per day rate, not hourly, because projects that demand this equipment normally require more time to be completed. However, at Alpha Platforms the hourly based rate is also possible.

The cost of truck mounts rental includes the daily or hourly rate for the particular machine and the costs for loading, unloading and delivery of the machine to the designated location.

The process of rental

Everything begins with your call – you need to describe the project and to specify all the conditions and requirements. Our specialists will estimate the scope of work and choose the best equipment for you. We need to consider the loading limits of the ground, characteristics of the machine, the delivery path and possible hazards.

Only when these factors become clarified, we can provide you with the final cost of the services. When the designated date is getting close, we secure parking spots on the way to make sure the boom lift will have enough space for maneuver.

The machine will be delivered to the location on the day of the job, after setting up it will be ready to perform the task. We have a special traffic management team to deal with obstacles, barricades and directing road and pedestrian traffic during working hours.

The only job to be done from your side is commanding your crew on the project site. All crew members should wear hard hats and harnesses. Please, do not ignore this. Safety is the top priority. All the rest is our job! If you rent boom lifts for the first time, you will realize how convenient and reliable this type of services is. If you address the team of Alpha Platforms and rely on our experience and high-quality equipment, it is really simple – to reach the heights safely and professionally!