Top 10 Most Popular Works Executed by Aerial Lifts

Top 10 Most Popular Works Executed by Aerial Lifts

It’s hard to imagine today how industries would do without the help of aerial lifts. These workhorses allow to build tall structures, maintain them, provide repairs and make the modern landscape look the way we’ve got used to see it. The main function of an aerial work platform is elevation. It helps to lift personnel, materials and tools to the desired height for required operations. The range of purposes aerial lifts are used for is very wide. They represent complicated equipment which is operated by specially trained and properly certified professionals.

Let us now focus on the main applications of an aerial platform and name the most popular ones. Why are they getting into the air? And what functions and characteristics do they need to have to satisfy the needs of standard projects in various industries?

#1 Building and construction

Aerial work platforms have no rivals in the sphere of construction: provided by articulating and telescopic boom lifts, they easily reach various levels of heights and hoist workers, necessary materials and tools overcoming obstacles, if any. Maximum heights are conquered by telescopic boom lifts but when a maintenance or building site has hard-to-access areas, there is nothing better than an articulating boom lift.

Aerial work platforms successfully do a lot of jobs related to construction. Ductwork repairs and installation, wiring maintenance, installation of different structural features high above the ground and many more. Many models of boom lifts perfectly operate on rough terrain and easily maneuver between obstacles on semi-finished construction sites.

For example, S-120 aerial work platform with a jib can be rather helpful at many construction sites. It can lift a group of three and reach the height of 120 feet.

#2 Safety inspections

All those modern massive structures like bridges, airplanes, water tanks and monuments sooner or later require safety inspections and maintenance. Aerial lifts safely and easily hoist inspectors and engineers to the required height in order they could do their job. That’s why you often see them next to shopping malls, warehouses, factories, production centers. They make our lives better.

When the object to be repaired or maintained is rather high above the ground, you can rely on A-150 boom lift from Alpha Platforms which is very versatile for many urban works and not only.

#3 Window Cleaning and Repair

Boom lift operators are also those very guys who take care of windows installed at height. They safely elevate workers on their platforms many floors above the ground to make windows clean. Both scissor lifts and boom lifts perform the task, but the first ones are commonly used for interior windows. The highest windows are reached by telescopic boom lifts.

#4 Orchard works

How to pick that apple hanging so high? With help of an aerial platform, of course! It’s the job for compact and light-weight machines like cherry pickers. One worker fits in a bucket and accesses hard-to-reach branches of a tree in a rural area.

#5 Repair of electrical wiring

Electricians traditionally rely on aerial work platforms, too. A long reaching arm extends vertically and horizontally bringing workers with tools to telephone wires, electrical lines and transformers elevated over the ground. Indoor projects prefer scissor lifts, outdoor ones often need other truck mounted boom lifts that can reach higher electrical lines.

Tons of different tasks are performed by electricians of telephone companies, building firms and many others with help of aerial work platforms.

#6 Tree trimming

Boom lifts come to help where ladders are helpless. They work on commercial and residential territories and elevate trimmers and landscapers who make all those trees look neat and beautiful.

#7 Entertainment works, broadcasting, special events

Oh, yes! If Miley Cyrus wants to impress fans by soaring high over the stage, she does it with help of an aerial lift until she learns to fly on her own. That’s the secret of numerous performing artists.

Besides, aerial platforms help to arrange special events working behind the scenes. They allow to install lamps, hand speakers, fix concert attributes etc. Your favorite rides in amusement parks are built and repaired with the use of boom lifts as well.

#8 Sporting events

Lighting and staging for sporting events are lifted and lowered by scissor lifts and other types of aerial platforms. We can see scoreboards, arenas and crowds of fans from a bird’s perspective thanks to aerial work platforms. They contribute to a bright show!

#9 Maintenance and repair of roller coasters

Back to entertainments – when amusement parks do not have their own aerial work platforms, they hire workhorses of Alpha Platforms and other providers of AWP to access roller coasters and eliminate any malfunctions or even safely bring visitors of the park back to the ground in case of an emergency.

#10 Warehouse and other indoor works

Electrically powered aerial lifts are often used to elevate goods and instruments indoors. They allow to perform a huge number of operations – setting, repairs, maintenance, handling loads, holding boxes and installation of equipment. Typically, a narrow platform is enough for a warehouse to execute the task. Powered by batteries or electricity, they do not pollute the air being safe for workers and citizens.

To find out what machine is going to be the best for your project, contact specialists of Alpha Platforms and get the detailed professional answer.

Boom Lift or Scissor Lift: Which One is Better For Your Project?

Boom Lift or Scissor Lift: Which One is Better For Your Project?

In urban conditions, at oilfields, outside the city limits, people daily implement various construction and maintenance projects. If only they could reach all tall structures with a ladder! Of course, they can’t and rely on modern powerful equipment. To hoist personnel, materials and tools far off the ground to hard-to-reach points, they normally use aerial platforms that will keep people safe while they are working. Both scissor and boom lifts can reach the height and let you do the job but the question is – which equipment will satisfy the needs of your project better?

Let us figure out the differences between scissor and boom lifts in this article to choose an appropriate machine for your project.

Scissor Lifts

Industrial and construction companies, as well as manufacturers cannot do without aerial platforms sometimes. Scissor lift has an X pattern which is also called criss-cross. Moving up and down, these helpers hoist people and tools to a certain operating height. The main advantage of this equipment is probably a spacious platform – big enough to raise several crew members at once and necessary materials too.

Speaking about the reached height and maneuverability, these workhorses do not outperform boom lifts. They can reach the height of 20-50 ft (around 15 m), moving vertically only – that is these machines will not help you to overcome obstacles elevated over the ground.

They may have electronic, hydraulic and pneumatic type of powering. Now let us compare them to boom lifts.

Boom Lifts

A truck mounted boom lift is surely a more flexible solution for multiple projects. The main advantageous difference of this machine is maneuverability compared to a scissor type. A hydraulic arm can move around obstacles and save a lot of time and efforts. Depending on the area to reach, a long arm can be angled at a certain direction. However, the size of a boom lift platform is smaller than the one of a scissor lift, so it can hoist only few workers and some materials.

The height you can reach with this aerial work platform is as high as about 130 ft (40 m). You can maneuver and access hard-to reach spots. Besides, the range of operations can be extended by the use of additional attachments – a lifting hook or a fork, for example.

These machines can be powered electrically, by diesel or batteries. You can choose an articulating or a telescopic boom lift for your project. The first one has a bendable arm which provides even higher maneuverability while performing the task. The second has a straight arm but can hoist a worker (not a team) even higher. It’s especially useful when you deal with electrical wiring or trimming of trees.

Decide between available aerial platforms

Discuss details of your project with our specialists and answer standard questions to decide between scissor lifts and boom lifts.

First of all, it’s the matter of the height you need to reach. When the height is the main requirement, choose straight boom lifts – scissor lifts will never bring you this high. If you don’t need to work on tall structures or trees, you can use a scissor lift and operate at the height below 20 m.

The next fact is maneuverability. If you need to move around obstacles to reach certain elevated areas, choose boom lifts, especially telescopic ones.

If you need to hoist many workers and this factor is deciding, you should rent a scissor elevating machine – it will hoist many people, materials and tools. As to boom lifts, they cannot hold many people – one person or few workers only.

Scissor lifts are mostly recommended for indoor works – all kinds of enclosed areas. Outdoor projects normally rely on boom lifts.

Speaking about the budget, a scissor lift is a cheaper option compared to a boom lift. But it cannot perform such a wide range of tasks and be as flexible and versatile as a boom lift.

Among other options, Alpha Platforms offers a double articulated S-120 platform on an eleven-ton chassis. It can hoist your personnel to the height up to 120 ft and hold three persons at once together with tools. Besides, this lift has a side outreach of up to 75 ft. This model is highly maneuverable and useful for many construction projects.

Another popular workhouse from Alpha Platforms is A-150. Being compact and light weight, it’s perfect for many urban works. Its cage is wide as 12 ft and the engine is rather powerful. Few machines can compare to this model in terms of versatility.

If you still hesitate what type of aerial platform would fit your project best, contact our specialists and find the best answer.

Articulated Boom Lift For Rent

Articulated Boom Lift For Rent

Every day New York has a huge number of tasks and projects that require the use of an articulated boom lift. Easily getting around obstacles and reaching the top of tall buildings and objects, this vehicle is highly effective and versatile for many industries. At the same time, most companies cannot afford to purchase this expensive equipment for non-regular projects, that is why they rely on rental services. But what factors are to be considered while choosing a provider of aerial platforms?

Alpha Platforms offers a wide range of perfectly maintained articulating boom lifts in New York for a wide range of projects and tasks under flexible terms that will satisfy a client. When it comes to truck mounted boom lifts, we are ready to offer the best. The toughest job will be done with help of reliable and durable machines of Alpha Platforms. We will show you how the challenging task can be executed smoothly and easily.

Сall us for details: +1 855-2000-855

Rental near you

Regardless of your location, we will be able to provide you with the required model of an articulated boom lift. Discuss details with our specialists to choose the aerial platform that will satisfy your needs best. Anyway, a truck mounted boom lift hired from Alpha Platforms in New York is a flexible and cost-effective solution. This type of machine favorably combines the reach of a significant height with the ability to overcome obstacles. Most of lifts are powered by batteries or diesel engines. When used indoors, the aerial platform is often provided with white strips protecting the walls from black marks. The machine is self-propelled, that is why you do not need to bear extra charges for transportation. It can arrive at the required destination ready for operation.

One solution for multiple options

Our reliable machines are offered in a wide range of lifting capacities, weights, types of propulsion and operating heights. A certain situation has its own requirements, but you are always welcome to consult our team and ask your questions. We’ve been in the rental market for many years, Alpha Platforms has a fair name and a good reputation in the city of New York. You do not have to overpay for a heavier machine, if your job does not require particular options, at Alpha Platforms you always get the optimal model of a truck mounted lift for a specific task.

Why articulating boom lift?

This type of a work-horse has a small footprint combined with an impressive reach. The boom sections of the arm operate in motion independently, that is why you can easily overcome obstacles from right to left and up and down and maneuver between the sections. It’s hard to find a better solution for small working areas with hard-to-reach objects. Small base and zero swing of the tail make articulating boom lifts perfect for operations in confined areas and tight spaces. Boom extensions and jibs will allow you to operate and maneuver even higher.

If you plan to work in a closed area, choose a battery-powered lift instead of diesel-powered one.

New York companies and contractors hire aerial lifts from Alpha Platforms for different purposes. The most common ones are probably:

  • Electrical / maintenance operations
  • Construction
  • Roof works

These machines are often rented by automotive or steel plants whose working areas are occupied by machinery and piping. Without articulating boom lifts, it’s rather hard to provide due seasonal maintenance for such objects. Less common but also regularly occurring conditions that require articulating boom lifts are the following:

  • Really tight or congested spaces where other machines are helpless in reaching heights
  • Irregular, short-term necessity, seasonal maintenance
  • Working indoors in the areas full of obstacles

When you rent an articulating boom lift from Alpha Platforms, you save on maintenance and storage expenses, but always enjoy reliable and well-maintained equipment. You also save your time which is important for any business and project. In the majority of situations, it’s more beneficial to rent an aerial platform than to own it.

Popular models

Super maneuverability and an outreach of up to 75 ft is provided by S-120 – the model of an articulated platform with a jib on an eleven-ton chassis.

A-150 platforms are also highly demanded in New York. Light-weight and compact, they perfectly deal with a wide range of urban tasks. Greatly versatile and highly reliable.

It’s easy to find what you need at Alpha Platforms. Please, do not hesitate to contact us for details: +1 855-2000-855

Telescopic Boom Lift Rental

Telescopic Boom Lift Rental

If you need a telescopic boom lift for a short- or long-term project, any seasonal maintenance or construction works, choose one here – in Alpha Platforms, NY! We provide aerial platforms for countless industries and tasks, and with our company you always get superb quality. Our machines are easily deployed and very durable. Discover the premium quality of aerial platform rental in New York with Alpha Platforms.

Essential in numerous industries

Our company has been providing aerial platforms for rental for many years. Our team has successfully implemented hundreds of projects in various sectors. Compared to other machines, telescopic boom lifts have a greater range of applications. Big heavy wheels perfectly do on rough terrain that is why these machines are in high demand in the construction field. Being self-propelled, they easily move the lift along the working perimeter.

A-200 platform can be recommended for projects in various sectors. Construction professionals find its 1,360 lb weight capacity, 200 ft of height and 120 ft of side reach more than satisfying.

A-230 has an all-wheel drive and a rough terrain undercarriage, that’s why it’s often used in tough working conditions. We recommend this model for works in extreme environment both within the city boundaries and for remote oilfield projects.

Сall us for details: +1 855-2000-855

If you need a truck mounted boom lift for outdoor project at enormous height, you will probably be recommended a diesel-powered unit. Such machine won’t have any problems while operating in hard-to-access places. Working indoors, it’s better to rely on electrically propelled machines. They are widely applied in factories, storehouses, trading centers etc., because they do not pollute the air.

Rental Features

It’s the stellar choice almost for any industry. In New York our company has been the leading provider of aerial platforms for many years. We control the quality of our lifts, the knowledge and insurance of our operators who are specially trained when employed by our company. Our aerial platforms are helpful for:

  • Maintenance operations;
  • Electrical works;
  • Painting works;
  • Cleaning companies;
  • Construction organizations.

At the same time the range of industries that may require a telescopic aerial lift is much wider. Contact us to find out in which way we can help. We are always ready where you are.

Boom sections of a telescopic boom lift extend telescopically and ensure a greater horizontal outreach compared to other aerial platforms. They allow to work at various angles, even narrow ones, and safely bring you exactly to the place you need to be at. These platforms increase efficiency deploying quickly and easily.

Telescopic or articulating?

A mechanical arm of a telescopic boom lift extends straight up from the base. This feature makes this kind of platform especially recommended when you need to move around objects. At the same time, this machines cannot move sideways. And this is when you need to rely on articulated boom lifts. In the extended conditions, telescopic boom lifts move easier than articulated ones, which is also important.

It is absolutely true that both types of lifts can successfully complete one and the same project. But, nevertheless, it’s better to consider different factors when you choose an aerial platform for your particular job. In small spaces articulating boom lift will demonstrate a better result. When the most challenging part of the job is to reach the certain height, choose a telescopic boom lift. In this aspect, telescopic platforms outperform articulating ones.

Talking about stability, telescopic machines can be called more stable, that’s why Alpha Platforms always recommend them for works on a rough terrain.

If you still have questions and hesitate what unit to choose, discuss your project with our professional team. We will help you to make a proper choice.

And, please, always think about safety. To avoid incidents on your territory and any adverse consequences, rent special equipment from a well-reputed company with a long story of success. Alpha Platforms considers your safety as its own priority, that is why it thoroughly inspects and maintains each aerial platform offered to clients. We will always help you to understand the controls and safety features of the lift to use it on site properly and avoid possible risks and incidents.

Just give us a call to get a reliable truck mounted boom lift to the location of your project: +1 855-2000-855

Chassis-Mounted Aerial Platforms Hire From Alpha Platforms

Chassis-Mounted Aerial Platforms Hire From Alpha Platforms

New York is the city of career heights and heights in the literal sense. Ordinary citizens do not question themselves who and how maintain all those skyscrapers, malls, old and modern structures towering over the city. But industry-related business owners surely know where to seek help and professional assistance. In Alpha Platforms, of course.

Years ago, it was hard to imagine freedom of movement while working on construction sites with obstacles and tall structures to reach. But all those objects people erect to live comfortably require maintenance and repair. At Alpha Platforms you can find the best results of the human thought aimed to solve this problem.

You don’t need to have expert knowledge about modern lifting equipment. You can describe your project and name your requirements in order our specialists could offer you the best. With unique and patented technologies, Alpha Platforms provides safe, effective and affordable services to industrial companies of New York.

Alpha Platforms to anticipate your wishes

Here you will find the most flexible solutions and will wish to stay. Our aerial platforms are suitable for virtually any site. The ordered platform can be delivered to the location of your project or driven there on your own to save on transportation. We will satisfy your needs and make this cooperation very beneficial for you.

Our fleet is maintained to be always in optimal condition. This is also why clients come back to Alpha Platforms each time when they need mobile lifting equipment. Your company is welcome too!

Many industries, one answer

Alpha Platforms is a provider of truck-mounted aerial platforms able to work in tough working conditions. A-300 model, for example, is mounted on an all-wheel drive and a rough terrain chassis – it’s what you need when other types of lifting equipment turn out to be helpless. This machine can face any challenge, our clients hire A-300 for urban works and complicated operations at oilfields.

Many industrial projects rely on unique features of A-200 platform. It is equipped with a 12-ft wide work cage and can reach 200 ft in every side. The model is one of the most frequently chosen by construction professionals.

Truck mounted boom lift A-175 has a super-heavy chassis and a light boom structure. You can reach 130 ft in each side with this workhorse.

A-150 is a lightweight and compact model ideal for various urban projects. Its heavy-duty chassis, powerful engine and a 12 ft wide cage with optimal A-line features, provide great versatility on site.

Many options in one place

It seems that aerial platforms differ one from another with size, capacity and the height they can reach. But, in fact, no two chassis mounted aerial platforms are alike. Their features can be absolutely different, some have vertical lifts, others – crawler lifts or an articulating boom. At Alpha Platform you can always discuss all details and choose the best machine to satisfy your requirements. Besides, you can supplement the platform with additional accessories to boost its performance and safety. Our team will be glad to answer all occurring questions regarding lifting machines. Your business can be connected with any industry – from cleaning to construction and much in-between, at Alpha Platforms you will undoubtedly find what you need.

These self-propelled platforms will quickly get to a required destination and set up faster than you expect. You can move around the site together with heavy equipment and even on rough terrain and between obstacles.

We treat every project individually and always keep in touch with our clients. Any questions that might occur in the process of work find prompt and reliable solutions. At Alpha Platform you get perfectly maintained aerial platforms and professional staff who know how to make the machine even more effective.

The final cost of the hired chassis mounted aerial platform depends on the particular model (the higher you need to get, the more you spend), on project duration (we are more flexible with long-term projects), location of your working area, working conditions (type of terrain, obstacles etc.), extra attachments used to enhance productivity of the truck mounted aerial platform.

At out company, along with modern robust equipment, you get professional advice and useful information regarding the use of lifting machines. Our business is built on expertise, constant training, advanced technical solutions and innovations. Call Alpha Platforms and find the best solution for your industrial organization!

Vehicle Mounted Boom Lift Hire From Alpha Platforms

Vehicle Mounted Boom Lift Hire From Alpha Platforms

Alpha Platforms is a well reputed provider of aerial platforms for a wide range of industries in New York. We have implemented so many different projects – each with its own restrictions and complexities – that we treat every mission as absolutely possible. At Alpha Platforms clients find quality, individual approach, strict observance of terms, assistance at every stage of work, competitive prices and professionalism.

Why vehicle mounted boom lifts?

Vehicle mounted boom lifts represent the safest and the fastest way to lift crew members, tools and various equipment to the required height. These machines are completely mobile – they allow to reach any area even in confined and restricted spaces, improve safety on a working site and save money of your company. Our aerial platforms have become the cost-effective and beneficial solution for many industry sectors in New York. They help with cleaning windows, painting water towers, construction and rescue operations.

Choose highly mobile equipment to boost productivity

Truck mounted boom lifts do not take much time to get to a working site and to set up. They easily adjust to demands of a project. When necessary, you can order particular accessories and additional equipment to accelerate the working process and increase effectiveness and/or safety of work. Truck mounted boom lifts offer ultimate portability. They implement multiple jobs on and off site at different conditions.

Alpha Platforms offers big workhorses for large-scale construction projects and lightweight platforms to operate in tighter spaces or inside buildings. You should not worry for floors or pathways – these machines will fit through standard gates and doorways without damaging everything around.

If you plan to work in extreme tough conditions, rely upon all-terrain vehicles from Alpha Platforms. With 4WD and 4-wheel steering options, they will reach hardly accessible spots while their levelling controls will stabilize the work on slopes.

Safe work with aerial platforms

Vehicle mounted boom lifts offer almost any industry the most convenient solution for lifting workers and heavy equipment and tools at height. When you hire this equipment, you do not need to spend time and money for its maintenance. You obtain the ready solution easy to operate.

Along with aerial platforms we provide trained and properly ensured staff. Such machines do not require big groups of people, even a road towable boom lift can be put in position by a single operator to be able of reaching of 10-26 meters.

When you deal with extreme heights, you surely want to be assisted by professional operators who know how to work with these modern, highly advanced machines. With our workers, you can get the most of aerial platforms – it means maximum efficiency, safety and cost-effectiveness.

Save money for other important goals

In any industry time means money, so it’s very beneficial to make use of vehicle mounted boom lifts as they improve speed and productivity. Compared to scaffolding, this solution reduces risks and time spent for work much more effectively. Besides, it does not require many people and consequently saves on labor costs. It’s easier to transport the equipment in the mid of the project, if necessary. You can move around the site with heavy loads, instruments and materials, the same cannot be achieved with traditional lifting methods.

Safe, flexible and highly mobile, our vehicle mounted boom lifts are always ready to assist your business. Alpha Platforms can resolve a lot of issues related to industries. Our workhorses operate in tight areas, they easily reach the hardest places, easily install and meet the highest safety standards.

Light and compact A-150 aerial platforms are a great choice for many urban works. S-120 platforms have no rivals in maneuverability and overcoming various obstacles. We consider any delivery destinations.

Give a call to our company and get professional advice with a view to your project. Discuss the opportunity of hiring qualified operators who can help you to reach the top of any high structure and perform required operations there. We do our best to satisfy the needs of our customers and strengthen our reputation. Alpha Platforms has been recommended in New York for many years and each client is highly appreciated. We would be happy to listen to you and discuss details of your project. Do not hesitate to ask any questions. Get in touch and hire the best for your business!

Rental of truck mounted platforms in Brooklyn, New York, on beneficial terms

Rental of truck mounted platforms in Brooklyn, New York, on beneficial terms

Safety, mobility, wide choice of models, time-efficiency, fair pricing – if you look for aerial platform rental provider in Brooklyn, New York, you have just found what you need. Alpha Platforms is the best option for various industrial projects, for those companies that need such machines but see no sense to purchase them. They deal with utilities, roofing works, telecom and electric networks, forestry, window cleaning and more.

Easy access to quality lifting machines

With expenditures incomparable with the purchase of special machines, you get the most of the top industry brands that proved to be highly productive and suitable for many tasks. Once you test our equipment and services, you will never consider any other option for your business. Alpha Platforms always provides truck mounted boom lift in the perfect shape and you do not bother about maintenance or repair issues that can seriously affect the duration of your project. Even if any unit suddenly needs some repair, it can promptly be replaced with another one at no cost for you.

Ideal solution for small short-term jobs

rsz_20160630_142807-870x480 Rental of truck mounted platforms in Brooklyn, New York, on beneficial terms

Any aerial platform available in our company can easily move in and out of your working area and get the job done quickly. They set up very fast and speed up the work. These workhorses are much better, safer and more convenient than scaffolding or other types of equipment. Outriggers help to ensure stability of the machine while it’s lifting crew member or heavy loads. It’s more versatile than a standard crane, it can also lift workers for operations at height and can do it safely.

Quite often it’s necessary to move around any obstacles or objects which is successfully performed by a hydraulic arm. We can provide you with machines featuring articulating and telescopic boom lifts. This way or another, in our company you will always get an advice on the best and the most economical option for rental.

Customization to enhance productivity

Boom trucks are the machines compatible with different attachments and accessories that can significantly increase their productivity depending on project requirements. We often recommend particular attachments to our clients to get the job faster. Customization of aerial platforms is another reason why rental of machines is better than its purchase. There is no truck that can serve for all types of jobs but, properly customized, it can do much more. You don’t have to buy all those add-ons additionally to the purchase of the expensive truck mounted platform. But when you rent one, you get the machine fully customized to your needs. Such customization can enhance weight capacity, boom length, remote controls, platform for crew members, storage space for instruments, outrigger configuration, waste disposal methods etc. Even if you require something really special, we will do our best to find the satisfying solution for your business.

Ready solutions for your projects

We are striving for excellence both in training of our operators and customer service. Providing exceptional services and finding solutions for the most special needs, we obtain regular customers in this market. Continuous improvement, innovation and training are those fundamentals we rely upon. We value our operators and provide good career and training opportunities, as well as exceptional insurance coverage to those who work for the benefit of your business.

Our fleet consists of truck mounted platforms that range from 65 ft to 230 ft in height and up to 115 ft in side reach. You won’t find more functional and reliable machines in Brooklyn. If you think that the rental of aerial platforms is too expensive for your company, give us a call to find out the opposite.

Alpha Platforms is very flexible about the pricing and it’s always better to discuss your project in detail with our specialists to agree upon the beneficial price.

Highly maneuverable S-120 platform with a jib can reach up to 120 ft and lift up to three workers with instruments. It’s one of the most commonly used truck mounted platforms in Brooklyn. Comact and light weight but truly effective A-150 platform is another popular choice of our clients in the city. It shows great versatility when works in urban conditions.

When you need to do some jobs at height, do not put your people and your money at risk – rely on ready customized solutions from Alpha Platforms and avoid headache. Hire the required machine in our company to ensure the optimal cost, level of safety and quality.

Bronx, NY: Rent Truck Mounted Platforms From Reliable Company

Bronx, NY: Rent Truck Mounted Platforms From Reliable Company

Bronx is a developed industrial city with dense population. There are many trading centers and big parks on this multinational piece of land of NY. Its numerous industrial companies – utilities, power supply, construction etc. – regularly rent truck-mounted platforms to perform their works instead of buying and maintaining their own equipment. This solution is understandable and reasonable. Rental services for aerial equipment save much time, nerves and money. Some jobs simply cannot be done in the absence of this convenient equipment. Aerial platforms are safe, multifunctional, easily deployed and they feature many useful functions to get the job done faster and more effectively.

The best solution for short-term projects

In Bronx, NY, Alpha Platforms offers the large truck-mounted fleet for rental with platforms from 92 to 300 feet. We are always available for services in any place of the city. With comparatively low rates, low mobilization costs and well-maintained machines, Alpha Platforms remains the company widely trusted by business in Bronx.

It’s the ideal choice for those firms that need lifting equipment for projects that last a few days or weeks. Alpha Platforms will always do its best to keep up with your schedule and to provide any urgent maintenance. Depending on your needs, we can offer flexible terms of rental including special offers for long-term projects.

Truck mounted boom lifts from Alpha Platforms are reliable workhorses for a wide range of works – maintenance of electric/telecom networks, banners replacement, water tower painting, window cleaning and much more. The most popular models – S-120 and A-150 are suitable for an impressively wide range of works.

Professional operators, aerial platforms that enjoy our care, client-oriented approach, vast experience and affordable fair prices allowed the company to take the leading position in the market of New York. We know how to make any work smooth for your business.

Choose the reliable provider

105-Feet-Aerial-Lift-870x480 Bronx, NY: Rent Truck Mounted Platforms From Reliable Company

Our self-propelled machines can promptly get to the site of your project, set up within mere minutes. Many other boom lifts and scaffolding take much more time to prepare for the work. platforms, provided with flexible outriggers and automated leveling systems, simplify any work even on the rough terrain or the space with numerous obstacles.

We know that every project is special and our managers are always ready too answer all possible questions and consult on available models of truck mounted platforms. You are going to have support and assistance at every stage of our cooperation. We will never offer a more expensive machine with the productivity higher than your project requires. At the same time, our technicians will ensure the ideal condition of every unit in the fleet. It’s not hard to understand your choice, if you choose Alpha Platforms!

Clients want to know what factors form the final price of aerial platforms. The rental price depends on:

  • the model of your choice (max. available working height to be found in Alpha Platforms is 300 ft);
  • duration of your project (long-term projects can obtain special discounted terms from Alpha Platforms);
  • location of your project (type of terrain, obstacles etc.);
  • additional attachments for enhancement of machine productivity.

Additional attachments to enhance the productivity of your project

  • telescopic cage to lift up to seven crew members to the required height;
  • movable cage controls, secondary controls at the turntable, emergency controls;
  • extra four-foot manual cage extension installed simply with no tools;
  • Z-line cage winch that does not depend on external power sources;
  • boom winch that may come with a rented Z-line lift;
  • camera mounts for arrangement of movie- Tv-shows making, mass events, broadcasting of sports and cultural events, concerts etc.;
  • all-wheel drive and rough terrain chassis for the work in tough conditions;
  • heavy-duty cages (1,540 lb);
  • power-lift system for heavy loads and super-performance.

Alpha Platforms not only offers safe and productive high-quality equipment but also provides technical advice and useful information on the use of aerial platforms. We are highly open to innovations, improvements, training and new technical solutions in our business. Your company can build long-term reliable relations with Alpha Platforms to enjoy our exceptional services on special beneficial terms. Do not hesitate to contact our specialists and ask your questions, if you have any. We can’t wait to work with you!

Rental of Truck Mounted Aerial Platforms | Downtown NY

Rental of Truck Mounted Aerial Platforms | Downtown NY

Go safely and efficiently with Alpha Platforms if you need to work at height in Downtown, New York! We’ve got a diverse fleet of machines for rental in your city to reach any spot at height and let you perfectly do the job many meters over the ground! With our specially trained staff, we can offer complete solutions for any industrial task. If you need any recommendations or professional advice, please do not hesitate to contact our specialists.

We have big machines, compact ones, appropriate equipment to work with obstacles – you will always find a ready solution with our team.

Our fleet available in Downtown

Here you may find workhorses that range from 65 to 230 ft in height and up to 115 ft in side reach. These aerial platforms are highly functional and productive – with the client-oriented policy we simply have no rivals in Downtown, NY.

For our work we choose machines that set up quickly and promptly extend up to 230 ft. Compared to traditional booms, our aerial platforms have a higher lifting capacity and a wide range of attachments you might need in place:

  • power lifts;
  • boom winch;
  • extendable cages;
  • internal controls and others.

The machines safely and comfortably accommodate a group of people to work at height. If you need assistance of our operators and workers, we’ll be happy to provide you with it too.

Professional training of operators as the basis of success

We do not rely on experience of newcomers. Instead we train our operators from nothing according to our own special program. Work at extreme heights is hazardous, but the number of incidents nowadays cannot be even compared to the terrific figures of the past. We perfectly understand that our clients wish their job to be done free of any emergency situations and unpleasant incidents. Here, at Alpha Platforms, you obtain reliable boom lifts and people who can guarantee maximum utilization of all available features of these modern machines. We are grateful to each worker in our team and do our best for their motivation. Our staff enjoys good working conditions and several types of insurance.

Boom lifts that proved to be the most popular in Downtown

S-120 – a double articulated aerial platform that features a jib mounted on an eleven-ton undercarriage. This machine is used to reach up to 120 feet in height and lift the crew of up to three members with instruments. The side outreach of the machine can reach 75 ft. Additional maneuverability in overcoming different obstacles is achieved with help of the hydraulic jib.

A-150 is also in great demand. Light-weight and compact, it is suitable for a great variety of city works. Greatly versatile, this platform features a heavy-duty Freightliner chassis, a 12-ft wide cage, a powerful 470 hp engine.

For work on rough terrain our clients tend to choose the A-200 aerial platform. It is ideal for big industrial projects as it has a wide work cage, the weight capacity of 1,360 lb, the impressive 200 ft height and 120 ft side reach. The machine is highly valued by professional teams in the construction sphere.

When rent, not buy?

Your business may require a boom truck and you will have a choice – to buy or to rent this equipment. This decision is serious as involves significant investment. Especially if you want a brand-new machine. Of course, you may buy a used aerial platform if you want to save money but this option may cause some unexpected risks. Rental of special equipment for your needs can improve cash flow and let you invest into other areas of your business that require attention.

If you rent an aerial truck, you do not purchase a machine that will inevitably lose its value rather soon; you can get an advanced modern boom lift to do the job in the best way; you do not have to bother about its storage. You can rent equipment when such necessity occurs – when your business is booming. It makes more sense for those companies that do not deal with works at height on a daily basis.

Truck Mounted Aerial Platforms | Staten Island NY

Truck Mounted Aerial Platforms | Staten Island NY

Companies looking for reliable rental services of aerial platforms in Staten Island, New York, will find exactly what they need right here – in Alpha Platforms. We have a wide range of workhorses that will meet all your requirements in any industry. As small as 65 ft in height to 230 ft – these boom lifts never disappoint. With our help you can maintain telecom or electric networks, change banners or public signs at height, paint water towers and much more. We can reach any spot almost as high as the skies!

Solutions to fit your budget

Truck mounted boom lifts from Alpha Platforms save time and money: we are ready to exceed your expectations and prove that rental of special equipment is a beneficial solution for your business. You will see that our prices are fair and affordable. As for the quality of the service, it will make you say WOW. We trust each operator of our team as a family member because we provide each of them with professional training according to our own program regardless of the previous experience. Our rental experts will give you a piece of advice and recommendations regarding your order. At Alpha Platforms you will find pleasant experience of business cooperation. From the initial transaction to delivery and return of the machine – the entire work is going to be smooth for your company.

Why choose our company?

We understand that many companies do not have much experience with boom lifts, that is why we are highly attentive to your questions. Our clients in Staten Island enjoy support and assistance throughout the entire project. Even if it makes sense for your company to buy a boom lift instead of rental, we will let you know about it. Our services are properly certified, our workers are fully backed by insurance. Technicians at Alpha Platforms ensure that every rental unit is properly maintained to run in optimal condition and its lifespan is maximized. Our company is the choice easy to understand!

Top equipment and unbeatable services in Staten Island

staten-island-aerial-platform Truck Mounted Aerial Platforms | Staten Island NY

No matter the chosen machine, you gonna be satisfied with our offer and rates. The final price depends on the aerial lift you rent, project duration, special features of the project site, additional attachments used to enhance productivity of the aerial platform. You may also rely on our specialists who can give you professional advice and accompany your staff in place, if necessary.

Extra attachments for better result

Do you need a telescopic cage? No problem! All A-line and Z-line are equipped with a traditional extendable telescopic cage (8-12 feet). It’s spacious enough for 6-7 crew members or 3-4 technical workers with tools.

Every A-line and Z-line lift comes with movable cage controls. You can place the cage control box in any place around the cage for convenience of the operator. Z-line units may also be equipped with an additional four-ft extension attachment to enhance the productivity of the cage. The attachments is easy to install within five minutes without special instruments.

To improve the qualities of the machine, you will also need adequate tools to handle the loads for the cage. The Z-line cage winch is an ideal feature for enhanced efficiency.

The boom winch can be provided together with a Z-line lift. It’s a perfect solution for work at height. For better safety, broadcasting and recording, you can use camera mounts and lighting rig mount attachments for a Z-line lift. This equipment will help you with making a TV show or a movie, sport or public event broadcasting.

We do not actually need to advertise ourselves in Staten Island, NY, because our clients always come back to Alpha Platforms when they need workhorses to lift their staff safely on height without incidents and failures. If you require equipment for height-related projects, let us know and rely on the unmatched professionalism and client-oriented approach of our company! Alpha Platforms will do the job for you in the best possible way.