The Advantages Of Renting A Spider Lift

When you are thinking about renting lifting equipment for your business, be it painting, window washing, repairing or something else, you face a wide choice. When you have a complicated lifting problem to solve, such as tight spaces or indoor spots, a spider lift is a wonderful option.
The reason why these platforms are called spider lifts is it’s extendable legs, which are used for stabilization. These hinged legs help the machine stand in a variety of positions and on different levels while improving weight distribution. The legs give this equipment a spider-like appearance.
Not too many access platforms, other than spider lifts, can work on rough terrain as well as fragile floors. Coupled with the ability to reach impressive heights, this piece of equipment is often a top choice for a big variety of projects. Here are a few more advantages of renting spider lifts.
1. Compact Design
Spider lifts are fairly small and slim, which allows them to work in tight spots. They can easily fit into a doorway. This compact design is also very useful for work on narrow streets, yards, and hangars.
2. Light Weight
The spider lift is designed to spread the weight over a wide area, making it a perfect equipment to work on fragile floors and indoor environments. The areas, which can’t bear heavy machines, usually don’t have problems with spider lifts.
3. Indoor Work
Thanks to their light weight, compact size, and maneuverability, spider lifts are ideal for indoor projects that require lifting. The spider lift’s motor is rather quiet so it doesn’t sound disturbing in an indoor environment.
4. Mobility
Spider lifts are highly mobile. They can easily be transported on a trailer and towed. Some models can even be loaded onto a truck. These platforms are equipped with tracks, which easily endure common types of terrain.
5. Ease Of Use
Spider lifts are easy to transport and install on the spot.  This equipment is easier to use than heavier machinery. Such lifts require less labor than similar equipment.

Window Cleaning In The Cold

The winter is here and many people are wondering if window cleaners keep doing their job when it’s freezing outside. At Alpha Platforms, we are always glad to get the job done regardless of the weather. Our general rule is that we can clean a window unless the temperature is lower than 32 degrees Fahrenheit.
If most homeowners plan seasonal window cleanings and get them done in the fall, commercial building owners have a tougher job cut out for them. Storefronts and facades often get dirty in the winter due to melting snow and hard water stains. Some of our clients require winter window cleaning before special occasions, presentations, and other events.
Special Cleaning Agents
We prepare special window cleaning solutions that contain non-freezing elements similar to windshield washers to keep the water from freezing. We try to use the minimal amount in order not to harm the environment. If for some reason we face a frozen window, we are always ready to conquer it with special razor blades and scrapers.
Warm Employee Uniform
All our employees have high-quality winter suits in order to keep them warm at the freezing temperatures. They wear comfortable gloves that make it easy to handle the equipment while keeping the hands warm.
Delicate Planning
Since the winter days in New York are rather short, we have to do some special planning for winter cleanings. The windows shouldn’t be cleaned with the sun shining directly on them. Accordingly, the cleaning sessions are moved around to accommodate each client depending on which side his or her windows are facing. Winter window washing requires a substantial amount of logistics.
Equipment Tuning
During the winter, the rubber grip handles of most squeegees become useless. The rubber freezes and slips. That’s why we purchase special grips to wrap around the squeegee handle. We also invest in safer ladders that feature grip feed thread on each step.
We know the importance of keeping the windows clean all year round so we are ready to do it in any season!


6 Tips For Commercial Window Cleaners

Cleaning office building and shop windows is a compulsory task. Avoiding just one cleaning session can lead to the loss of curb appeal and decrease of profits. Professional commercial window cleaners have many tricks up their sleeves. If you are a beginner, we will gladly share them with you.

1. Don’t Overlook A Sea Sponge
Sea sponges are just as important for window cleaning as squeegees. You can pick up residual water from the frames and the window after squeegeeing. The wet sponge can be used to clean dirty frames and the squeegee blade.
2. Make Frequent Stops
After you swipe a squeegee against the glass, make a short stop. Waiting just 2 seconds allows the water to drip from the blade. You can also use a dry sea sponge to remove the water. If the drops stay, you may accidently shake them onto the glass during the next pass.
3. Invest In Ladder Leveler
This simple tool allows you to keep the ladder straight when working on an uneven surface. A small investment can keep you safe when you are up high.
4. Get A Small Squeegee
One large squeegee is enough for a great window cleaning session. However, if you carry the second squeegee, you can do your job faster. A small squeegee can be used to pick up residual drops left by a larger one. This way you save on using paper towels or microfiber cloths.
5. Ask For A Clear Window
When taking an order for a window cleaning session, ask the customers to clear the access to the window. If, when you come, there is still some furniture blocking your way, ask for help to move it. Don’t try to move heavy objects on your own. It’s not part of your job.
6. Don’t Use Too Much Detergent
The beauty of modern windows is that they are easy to clean. Most of them can be washed without any cleaning agents. Don’t use too much soap or other solutions. Keep them to a minimum unless the windows haven’t been washed for years. You’ll use up too much water and time trying to get rid of the soap.


Improving Stadium & Arena Maintenance

New York is no stranger to stadiums, theaters, and arenas; unfortunately, many of these buildings are in far worse shape than fans would like to see. We’ve all been in a local venue that has cracking seats, busted bathrooms, and looks like a shabby shadow of a once grander time, and, alarmingly, these are just the ground-level problems; what is hiding up in the rafters and behind the walls in many NYC arenas would likely be enough to scare fans away entirely.

Developing & Executing Maintenance Plans

Hired Professional

If you don’t have a dedicated role for heading up maintenance and facilities in your venue, then it is only a matter of time before problems pop up and people stop coming in. It is crucial that your facility have a full or part-time individual that is focused on overseeing maintenance work to the building well above whatever city statutes you have to abide by. This position should not be considered a janitorial position, but rather a customer service and public relations role; your building speaks volumes for the quality of entertainment, safety, and fan-focus that it takes to succeed as a venue in The Big Apple.

stadium Improving Stadium & Arena MaintenanceProactive vs Reactive

It is crucial that, together with your maintenance professional, you draft and attack proactive maintenance goals that get out in front of problems. By staying ahead of the curve with the issues that are sure to plague your facility, you minimize the costs and impacts to your business. For instance, if an electrical short causes lighting crucial to a show or event to fail you when it was needed most, it’s going to cost you an untold fortune in reputation and returned ticket sales; by instead dealing with the problem when the venue is empty, you avoid emergency electrician costs, don’t disrupt the show, and encounter far less stress. Remember, when it comes to your venue, to always assume that whatever can go wrong will do so at the most inopportune moment.

Think Beyond Ground-Level

While upgrading your seats may be popular with fans and guests of your venue, it is far more important that the ceiling and equipment well above their heads is safely working. By using a boom lift to access the taller elements of your stadium, arena, or theater, your maintenance staff and contractors can perform aerial maintenance almost as if it were on the ground. Rent a boom lift to repair or upgrade stadium lighting, scoreboards, catwalks, and even the exterior of the building. While this may not seem like the flashiest use of a maintenance budget, having a safely working venue will pay off far more in the long run than ground-level upgrades.

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Why Rent A Lift In NYC?

An interesting byproduct of the upward growth New York City and other dense urban populations worldwide have encountered is the need for reliable aerial work platforms. There are a number of tasks that can, and do, require the use of an aerial lift to complete. For many businesses, renting an aerial work platform in NYC is a normal and necessary part of doing business in the Big Apple, although the need is hardly limited to business and building owners.

Needs Lift Rentals Serve

lift-nyc-img Why Rent A Lift In NYC?Building Cleaning & Maintenance

Thanks to the wind tunnels created by streets and rows of tall buildings, New York City’s high rises suffer from a large amount of dust and general debris damage. The side of buildings are consistently pummeled by small assaults from things kicked up by the wind. Eventually, windows need to be cleaned and replaced, building faces need to be painted or cleaned, and tough-to-access utilities need to be maintained; all of these things require workers to access the side of the building. Doing so without a platform lift involves suspension and increased risk for worker safety.

The Piano

In old movies and cartoons, a common scene centered around the Baby Grand piano getting craned into a lofty living space, creating a perilous situation for the passersby below. Today, pianos aren’t as common as couches, refrigerators, and other major furniture pieces, but yet the need for bringing things in through a window or balcony is just as prevalent; terrace furniture, for instance, is often too large to bring through the living space and onto the terrace itself. Situations like this are best served with a lift to take things upward. Often times, renting an aerial lift is the best and easiest way to take things in that can’t quite go up the stairs.

Movies & Television Filming

This may seem surprising, but many shows are filmed using rental lifts to position cameras up high for more dynamic shots. In these instances, the studios obviously have no need for long-term ownership of a vertical platform lift, but an incredibly potent short-term need that prompts rental. Thanks to the diversity of character in New York City’s building and neighborhoods, a large number of shows and movies are filmed here. At Alpha Platforms, we even have specially-designed camera mounts for our aerial work platforms.


The wind energy industry is beginning to boom, especially on the East Coast. It is no surprise that it is windy here, but the extra benefit gained from this growth is reduced energy cost for major metropolitan areas, such as New York City. Windmills today are somewhere around 200 feet high, excluding the blades; while they are designed to be scaleable, there is a need for tools and equipment to get carted to the top for maintenance purposes. With our aerial lift rentals reaching 230 feet, Alpha Platforms can help those in the wind industry keep routine maintenance costs from becoming expensive replacements.

Nearly Endless Possibilities

With our aerial work platforms, nearly any height access work is possible. Whether you’re looking to do building work in New York City, move your favorite couch into your new condo, or something more rural, like wind turbine work or tree trimming, by renting a lift through Alpha Platforms, you can get all of your height access tasks done. Best of all, our truck-mounted rentals come with an experienced height access specialist to control the aerial work platform.

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Can Aerial Work Platforms Extend Downward?

When you think of aerial work platforms, you likely don’t think of downward extensions, but that is entirely possible with the lift rentals at Alpha Platforms. The applications for this interesting technology are more numerous than one may initially imagine.

Using Aerial Work Platforms Downward

The 7 Bend

rsz_2015-10-26_152004-1024x760 Can Aerial Work Platforms Extend Downward?Many of our lifts, especially taller boom lifts, have multiple joints that allow for some flexible folding. With tall buildings requiring a simultaneous vertical and horizontal lift, our boom lifts fill that need by using numerous joints and directional extensions. By allowing our aerial rental lift operators to move upward, forward, backward, and even downward, we can successfully reach shapes that are up and over an obstacle, such as a flat, terrace-like portion of a tall building. Typically, accessing these areas can be very difficult, as work crews can’t get a lift onto the terrace to reach the vertical windows above; by using a tall lift that can bend over the terrace, our experienced team can access the area from the street.

Below Ground Applications

downward Can Aerial Work Platforms Extend Downward?While rare, there are instances that require the height access work to occur below the truck; a few examples of this instance include:

  • Working on very steep inclines that do not allow for secure lift parking can require the lift basket to go below the point of the truck to reach a tree or building further down the incline.
  • Canyons or ravines that are too deep or dangerous to operate a lift from the basin will require a lift at the top to lower workers downward.
  • In the event of an earthquake or subway cave-in, accessing under the damaged area from a truck safely parked atop the remaining road is a viable solution.
  • Shorelines can often require maintenance, especially docks and seawalls. These areas can be difficult to access, even with divers, when they are tall and working from a boat is far less stable than a lowered aerial lift from land.


Many signs and buildings in New York weren’t designed with user maintenance in mind. These oddities can come in the form of electronic billboards adorning the side of a layered building, access panels located closely between two buildings, or any other up-and-over access point. By using our tallest boom lifts, your height access can ascend upward, forward, and then downward to access the area that needs work. This rare feature allows for workers to not be confined to tall ladders at perilous heights, but instead work from a stable and comfortable cage or platform. We frequently find use for this up-and-over or around-and-behind technology when assisting with Time Square advertising maintenance.

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Importance of Boom Lifts in the Film Industry

Every profession has tools of the trade that, while not absolutely necessary, can help to create a convenient work environment and, ultimately, a better finished product. For the film industry, the absolute must-haves are pretty limited: Sound and filming gear, cast, editing crew, and some other odds-and-ends that always seem to fill themselves in;  however, the cost of major productions reaches such great heights because of the peripheral costs, one of it which is boom lift rentals.

Aerial Shot Impact

car-chase Importance of Boom Lifts in the Film IndustryEvery Car Chase Ever

If you’ve ever watched an action movie, you’ve undoubtedly seen the impact that a boom lift can have on a scene; simply by being able to literally reach new heights, filming takes on a whole new range of depth. In outdoor action scenes, such as a car chase, it is crucial to be able to see everything that is going on at once, and the only way to do that is with a higher vantage point. Using a boom lift is different from simply building a platform from which a cameraperson can film from; instead, the boom is able to explore any vertical direction, even downward, to bring the camera to exactly where it needs to be for a certain shot. We’re able to enjoy action scenes that appear to be filmed “over the shoulder” of our heroes and heroines, only to pan out at a much higher angle, all thanks to the use of a boom winch.

how-aerial-works Importance of Boom Lifts in the Film IndustryHow Aerial Filming Works

When a company decides where they want to film a particular scene that requires aerial filming, they contact a company like Alpha Platforms in New York City, together, with the help of city permits, they work out the logistics of the filming and rental dates and times. Then, using a specialized camera mount, the boom is adapted to provide the camera operator with a nearly effortless utilization from just about any height. It is then the camera and boom operator’s job to work together to coordinate the location and angle of the boom relative to the scene and the camera relative to the boom to determine the exact angle and depth of the shot. While that all sounds complicated, it ends up working out not unlike firefighters using a high-rise hose attached to a fire truck’s cherry picker, except, of course, they’re shooting film and not water.

boom-lift-feat-1024x536 Importance of Boom Lifts in the Film IndustryBoom Supplier Responsibilities

The boom lift rental company is looked to as the experts for everything when it comes to the boom operation during filming. After all, it is unlikely that anyone in a filming operation is licensed or even knows how to operate a specific boom lift, and almost no filming operation has the time it takes for someone to learn. So, most often, one or more skilled operators from the boom lift rental company gets the privilege of a behind-the-scenes look as they operate the lift on behalf of the production. At Alpha Platforms, we take our responsibility as agents in a larger production seriously, and always enjoy helping with boom lift operation for NYC films and movies. In our line of work, precision and safety is always key to a successful job, and never is that more true than in the filming industry; if there needs to be a take two, it won’t be on account of us!

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Best NYC Films

Los Angeles to New York, two cities that may as well be worlds apart; in addition to the vast distance separating these megacities, is the completely different look, feel, attitude, and even reputation. While Hollywood may be famously LA, that has never stopped writers, producers, and directors from setting The Big Apple is the literal or fictional scene for their films and shows. As a boom lift rental company, Alpha Platforms is proud to help bring New York City to the big screen through aerial filming; today, we’ll share a few of our favorite New York City films and franchises.

ghostbusters-203x300 Best NYC FilmsGhostbusters

This series may not seem like the most obvious choice for a limited list, but, in a number of ways, we believe it is. First off, it is worth mentioning that both the original and re-invented Ghostbusters franchises feature casts from the famed New York show, Saturday Night Live. This simple fact, plus the expert utilization of some incredible local landmarks, has made the goofy sci-fi franchise both a success and also a representation of the city itself. Plus, these films famously use aerial filming to capture the grandiosity of large ethereal villains, dangerous situations, and even some high-speed driving scenes. While not thought of as action movies, these films pack enough aerial filming in them to credit the description in our minds!

taxi-driver-200x300 Best NYC FilmsTaxi Driver

Somehow, Taxi Driver captures the spirit of New York on an individual level. Maybe it’s found in young Robert De Niro’s famous “you talkin’ to me?” line or just the film’s gritty realism, it seems to deliver a uniquely New York image. This is one of those movies that will capture anyone’s heart if they watch it enough, but probably none more than those that grew up (especially poor) in any of the NYC boroughs. Best of all, the film was allegedly filmed during a time of political unrest, with strikes, violence, and intense heat making for a difficult shoot, yet the end product seems to show none of that struggle in an unintentional way.

superheros-200x300 Best NYC FilmsSuperhero Shows & Movies

From Deadpool to Daredevil, it seems like just about every superhero has a movie or show set in NYC. While these movies aren’t necessarily known for their depth in plot, they do gross huge amounts in the box offices and give New Yorkers a chance to see what it would be like if aliens, heroes, titans, and villains all had a hayday amidst the skyscrapers we hardly seem to notice anymore. There’s something fun and imaginative about superhero films; even though we all seem to know about where they’re going to take us, there’s something comforting in the journey of it. We’ve watched the hero’s struggle play out time and time again with New York as a backdrop, yet it never seems to get old.

Our Rentals

At Alpha Platforms, we are proud to help take your film to new heights with our boom lift mounts designed for aerial filming. Our skilled operators know exactly how to get your camera operators in position throughout a continuous shot. Whether you’re bringing the next superhero box office breakout or just wanting a more dramatic angle for a coffee scene shot, we’ve got the tools and experience necessary for the job. Get our skilled boom lift operators for your next project by giving us a call today.

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Changing Skyscraper Windows

Simple tasks are made difficult when height is added. At over a hundred feet in the air, nearly any task can go from simple to complicated. For the skyscrapers of New York City, lift rentals are often necessary to simply change out a window. Setting up a lift rental to work both inside and outside of the building simultaneously may seem complicated, but is often far easier than the alternative.

The Basics of High Rise Window Changing

Working At Heights in NYC

In NYC, working at heights is a way of life. Entire industries exist simply to support the vertical nature of our homes and businesses and the problems that come with height. High-rise window washers work throughout the city in scaffolding and harnesses each and every day; imagine the effort it takes to not only clean, but replace a window at height. For most, the thought of working at heights is terrifying beyond belief, but the process is actually much safer than you might imagine.

skyscraper1 Changing Skyscraper WindowsCoordination

The first step toward changing a high-rise window is to be coordinated. When you’re multiple stories of the ground, any mistake can be a costly one. Something as simple as a screw falling from that kind of height can really hurt someone, and those small mistakes have to be avoided at all costs. The way this happens is through clear, concise communication and coordination. Often, individuals on the window installation and repair team will be both inside the building behind the now-missing window and others will be outside, either in a lift rental or scaffolding from the roof, and together they must fit the window snugly and securely into the track.

It Fits!

Not surprisingly, the manufacturers and installers of skyrise windows build them with a few basic principles in mind: 1) They should never, ever fall out and 2) They have to be able to be easily replaced. Unlike with windows at a typical ground-level building, those working at heights don’t have the luxury of being able to make adjustments and movements on the fly. The replacement window has to fit snugly into the track that holds the window in place or there is a huge risk for injury and liability going forward. The people of NYC trust that the windows and fixtures installed above them are made to be secure components of the building, whether they’re replacements or not. For those that know how to change out a skyrise window, getting the fit is surprisingly simple.

Skilled Operators

It is important that operator of the lift rental is able to safely and effectively navigate the basket to the appropriate position, often with window and crew included. At Alpha Platforms, we include an experienced lift operator with every rental to assist with whatever your task at hand may be. Our team knows and understands the intricacies of working at heights and is happy to offer our expertise in any way that is beneficial to the safety and success of the job.

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