Truck-Mounted Aerial Work Platform A – 250′

A-250 Platform Lift

Our A-250 platforms are German made and mounted on a rugged, custom-built 5 axle Kenworth chassis, tuned up for tight city streets and turns. The A-250 is our most frequently used model in 150′-300′ range—this machine is equipped to face any challenge, from various city jobs to oilfield projects in extreme conditions.

Everything is extreme about this lift.

Extreme side reach of almost 135 feet (41 m) allows to work over excavations of city construction sides, or to cover over 4,000 square feet of building façade surface from one setup position. A huge 60-foot upper boom allows to reach 60 feet over any terrace or angled roof at 180 feet above the ground. And, finally, 400-degrees turning cage is perfect for swirling around any object like roof, chimney, or tower. It is a modern marvel and a “Rolls-Royce” of lifts.

Height & Side Reach


P750-MEWP-Working-height-diagram Truck-Mounted Aerial Work Platform A - 250'


P750-MEWP-lateral-outreach-diagram Truck-Mounted Aerial Work Platform A - 250'

Specs and Features

Max. working height

Max. cage floor height

Max. horizontal outreach

Max. working range bellow floor level

Max length of jib boom

Turntable rotation

Cage rotation

Min. stabilizer spread

Max. stabilizer spread

Unit dimensions in transport position

Gross vehicle weight

250’ / 75m

233’ / 73m

115’ / 39m

20’ / 6m

31’6 / 9.65m


2 X 80 degrees

8’6” (within truck width)

27’1” / 8.25m

14m X 3.93m X 2.51m

70,107 lb


Max. extendable cage load

Extendable cage dimensions

Max. heavy duty cage load

Heavy duty cage dimensions

Cage rotation

230V/110V socket in the basket

Hydraulic power outlet

Movable cage controls panel with graphic display

Secondary controls station at a turntable

1,320 lbs. / 600 kg

12’7” X3’4”X3’6” / 3.81 x 1.04 x 1.1 m

1,322 lbs. / 600 kg

8’1” X3’4”X3’6” / 2.47m X 1.05m X 1.1m

2 X 80 degrees

24V DC socket in the basket

200 bar (2,900 PSI)

10 l/min (2.6 US gpm)

High pressure water/air line inside the cage

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