P – 76′

P-76 Cherry Picker

A combination of a pantograph and telescope allow P-76 lifts to offer particularly flexible access to various surfaces at a height. This is crucial for applications in building management, tree cutting, or for use by public authorities.

Height & Side Reach



Specs and Features

Max. working height

Max. basket bottom height

Max. outreach

No CDL required

Fully hydraulic operation

Angle of main boom

Turntable rotation

Basket rotation

Basket load

Size of basket


Height in transport position

Width in transport position

Total length

Total weight

76’1” / 23.2m

69’ 7” / 21.2m

33’ 6” / 0.2m

High maneuverability (short wheel base)


-25° to + 80°


2 X 90°

500 lb / 30 kg

4’7” X  2’9” X 3’7”

1,4m X 0,85m X 1,1 m

10’1″ / 3.07m

7’2″ / 2.18m

19’7″ / 5.97m

12,345 lb / 5,600 kg

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