Rental of Aerial Work Platforms in Des Moines, Iowa

Rental of Aerial Work Platforms in Des Moines, Iowa

We are glad to inform citizens of Des Moines Iowa, about the opportunity of using the height access services from one of the most reliable suppliers of aerial boom lifts – Alpha Platforms company. Being a pioneer of the industry, Alpha Platforms has grown and reached many American states including Iowa, now providing technically advanced boom lifts and professional operators to local companies.

Today we have clients among manufacturing companies that need our machines to reach overhead loads and objects; repairmen who have to do their manipulations at height; construction firms that simply cannot survive in this business without aerial work platforms; emergency crews that save lives with help of height access equipment; heating, ventilation, air conditioning workers who make our lives more comfortable and warmer. In other words, boom lifts of Alpha Platforms are involved in many various industries, probably including yours.

Use professional advice to choose the right AWP

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It is not so complicated to pick the right boom lift for a certain project if you know the basic details and nature of manipulations you need to do. When you need to reach the particular height moving vertically up, you’d better hire a telescopic boom lift. Overcoming obstacles at height, moving workers and instruments aside are the tasks for an articulated boom lift. The more you learn about different types of height access machines, the easier it is to choose the right one. We cover pretty much diverse projects including commercial, residential and industrial ones in Des Moines, Iowa. Our fleet includes compact and highly productive boom lifts for various urban purposes, as well as rough terrain models for heavy operations in extreme conditions.

Improve the efficiency of boom lifts with optional attachments

Do you need more people to work at height? Consider a telescopic cage that extends from 8 to 12 ft and features the capacity of 1 360 lb. This attachment will allow to lift six or seven crew members in the safest and most reliable manner. You may also add movable cage controls that can be placed in any spot of the cage where the operator will find it convenient.

Productivity of Z-line machines can be substantially improved with an additional four-foot manual cage extension that provides the width of the cage equal to 16 ft. It’s very simple to install this cage and does not take longer than five minutes, without any extra tools.

Z-line lift can be supplemented by a boom winch that is very useful for lifting, construction and installation operations high above the ground. The winch is controlled from the work cage.

If you’re going to make a professional footage of any mass event – concert, show, competition, filming etc. – you will probably need camera mounts on boom lifts. At Alpha Platforms, you can rent them as an option together with Z-line lifts.

Dealing with a serious industrial project, you might need an all-wheel drive boom lift or a rough terrain machine. In Des Moines, Iowa, we have several models of rough terrain AWP that will perfectly do in extreme conditions.

Besides, we can offer a heavy-duty cage with an extended capacity of up to 1,540 lb.

Some clients ask Power Lift System for super performance and loading the basket with stuff on the ground to be lifted really high and over possible obstacles. This feature is popular among construction companies and the firms that install windows, frames, metal panels, façade elements etc.

Cooperation with Alpha Platforms as the key to success

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It’s not difficult to make simple calculations and prove the fact that hiring boom lifts is cheaper and more beneficial than purchasing them for the majority of companies in Des Moines, Iowa. With good rental services, you do not have to worry about storage of huge machines, long idling periods, maintenance and repairs, professional training of operators and their occupation when boom lifts are out of use. You do not need to renew the fleet of aerial work platforms, but instead always obtain the best machines from Alpha Platforms.

We appreciate long-term business relationships based on trust, on strong principles of integrity and mutual respect. You can always expect an individual approach and flexible conditions offered by Alpha Platforms. Daily, weekly or monthly based rental at an affordable price with zero hassle.

We hope that your company in Des Moines, Iowa, will become another happy client of Alpha Platforms – the pioneer of the height access industry in America!



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