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Socage is one of the most reputed and distinguished producers of aerial platforms. Equipment of this Italian brand is often chosen by companies for a wide range of works. These aerial platforms are light and compact but still featuring excellent performances in terms of outreach and elevation. Socage embraces innovative technologies and unique solutions, undertakes ambitious projects and reigns at the market of lifting equipment.

Socage brand represented in America – rental services

Boom lifts of the Italian brand are widely used in America as well. Alpha Platforms is one of the companies in the industry that offers Socage lift rental for multiple tasks. Socage truck mounted aerial and access platforms range from ten to seventy-five meter working height. Socage lift rental is one of the most demanded services at Alpha Platforms because these vehicles are helpful in a huge variety of industrial and agricultural tasks. Our clients often rent the following vehicles of the brand:

  • Socage T-Series represented by aerial platforms that reach the height of 14,5-20 meters. Such platforms are used for roadworks and a wide range of maintenance operations. They safely lift electricians and operators to the required height for power lines works. At the same time, T-Series, that can be mounted on 3,5-ton vehicles, make all operations simple and quick.
  • Socage DJ-Series – aerial platforms with double articulated booms and jibs. This equipment is ideal for operations at the height of 32-37 meters. It easily overcomes obstacles and quickly relocates the basket for the needs of a working team.
  • Socage E-series – these ones have electric controls being mounted on X-shaped chassis. The advantages of the series are in its ability to mount the equipment on 3,5-ton trucks and in its lightweight. The line is represented by double articulated, telescopic platforms – both equipped with JIBs and without them.
  • Socage TJ TJJSeries are made for operations at the height of 30-75 meters. Some models have one or two JIBs. Additional articulation and the freely moving basket make it easier to overcome obstacles at height.

Affordable and quick Socage lift rental

We hope we have helped you to understand what type of Socage equipment meets your working requirements, but if you still have any questions, do not hesitate to ask our specialists on the phone. Making your order in advance and mentioning all details will help us deliver the required equipment to the certain location on the date you schedule for your works. Please, provide us with maximum information in order we could choose the best option of Socage aerial platforms for your task and save your money. Rental of good-quality Italian aerial lifts is the best solution for your business!



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