Water Tower Painting

Water Tower Painting

It does not sound like an easy task. But when you attack the problem with appropriate skill and equipment, everything goes smooth and even exciting. The first thing to consider is safety measures.

The tower should be emptied a few weeks prior to commencement of the works. Crew members should work under the curtain, wear helmets and have safety ropes attached tightly to their bodies, chest harness crossed over their shoulders and chest joined at the waist. All antennas should be removed from the top of the tower. The surface of the tower – cleaned of any dirt and debris.

All the parts of the tower that do not need to be painted should be coated. When the basic work is done, you may paint them another color.

Boom lifts to reach the height of the tower

Apart from the professional skills of crew members and painting instruments, you have to solve another big task – to prepare the required boom lift to reach the height of the tower. The best to be recommended for this task is a reliable truck mount. The characteristics of the truck mount are to be chosen based on the size of the water tower. At Alpha Platforms you can get a truck mount with a platform ranging from 65 to 230 ft in height reach and up to 115 ft to side reach.

These aerial lifts simply do not have any rivals according to their efficiency and functionality when it comes to water tower painting! The working process goes much faster than you could expect. The largest lifts easily set up within ten minutes extending to 230 ft. As for lifting capacity they considerably supersede traditional booms, their reach is unmatched compared to other types of equipment.

Enhanced lifting capabilities

Truck mounts found at Alpha Platforms also have a set of attachments to enhance the capabilities of lifts. You will enjoy the additional functions of power lifts, boom winch to lift the crew up to 2,660 lbs, extendable cages, some internal control appliances and many more. The process of painting is rather long and not for the faint of heart really – workers need to feel safe to do the work well. Besides, it’s not a single stage process, they start from coating the central tower and then proceed to support beams and further to outer support columns. The top of the tank is the last one to be painted. Throughout the process crew members move from the bottom to the top of the tower and they really have to feel ensured in each moment of the work. Aerial platforms from Alpha Platforms provide that very feeling of absolute control and safety! You don’t have to be a daredevil to paint the water tower, man!

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