What lifting equipment is to be chosen for cell tower inspection?

What lifting equipment is to be chosen for cell tower inspection?

Metal structures of cell towers make us connected. Everyone knows how important it is for each of us today. Some of cell towers may reach 100 meters in height. Standing outside, they are affected by adverse weather conditions and atmospheric phenomena. Sensitive equipment of cell towers requires regular inspection and repair. This is why cell tower inspections are carried out according to the scheduled plan.

Operations included in cell tower inspections

All components of a cell tower should be in a good working condition, this is why it’s important to check all elements of a structure to guarantee continuous communications. The inspection is to be carried out by a group of few professionals provided with instruments. To reach higher points of a cell tower, they normally use boom lifts and aerial platforms. Such lifting equipment allows to make operations safely and comfortably without any risk and fear. Ensured by the reliable lift rental, they can make: minor repairs, replacement of equipment, painting of components, rust removal, coating with antirusting compounds – all these operations are carried out high above the ground.

  • Specialists need to check the condition of cables and antennas and replace those that have been damaged.
  • Some equipment has to be renewed. The new 4G format of communication requires many station components to be replaced.
  • Painting of metal constructions. Old paint is to be removed, the surface is primed and then – painted with rollers and spray-guns. A cell tower with height of 50 meters normally requires 2 weeks to be painted.
  • Rust removal. To protect the entire construction from damage, it’s necessary to undertake an inspection and remove rust from its surface.
  • Coating with antirusting compounds. After removal of the old paint and priming, the metal is to be coated with protective compound. It will prolong the service life of the cell tower.

Each task related to cell tower inspection will find a reliable boom lift!

In fact, any cell tower requires regular inspections. It’s a large scope of work that requires a lot of aerial platforms and services of experienced operators. You can easily find both if you contact us for lift rental. We will help you to choose the best boom lift based on the height of a certain cell tower, the character of works and other details of your order. We accept your requests 24/7!

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