Window Cleaning In The Cold


The winter is here and many people are wondering if window cleaners keep doing their job when it’s freezing outside. At Alpha Platforms, we are always glad to get the job done regardless of the weather. Our general rule is that we can clean a window unless the temperature is lower than 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

If most homeowners plan seasonal window cleanings and get them done in the fall, commercial building owners have a tougher job cut out for them. Storefronts and facades often get dirty in the winter due to melting snow and hard water stains. Some of our clients require winter window cleaning before special occasions, presentations, and other events.

Special Cleaning Agents
We prepare special window cleaning solutions that contain non-freezing elements similar to windshield washers to keep the water from freezing. We try to use the minimal amount in order not to harm the environment. If for some reason we face a frozen window, we are always ready to conquer it with special razor blades and scrapers.

Warm Employee Uniform
All our employees have high-quality winter suits in order to keep them warm at the freezing temperatures. They wear comfortable gloves that make it easy to handle the equipment while keeping the hands warm.

Delicate Planning
Since the winter days in New York are rather short, we have to do some special planning for winter cleanings. The windows shouldn’t be cleaned with the sun shining directly on them. Accordingly, the cleaning sessions are moved around to accommodate each client depending on which side his or her windows are facing. Winter window washing requires a substantial amount of logistics.

Equipment Tuning
During the winter, the rubber grip handles of most squeegees become useless. The rubber freezes and slips. That’s why we purchase special grips to wrap around the squeegee handle. We also invest in safer ladders that feature grip feed thread on each step.
We know the importance of keeping the windows clean all year round so we are ready to do it in any season!

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