6 Safety Tips for Roof Construction Workers


Since the summer is in full swing, many contractors are taking roof construction projects. Trying to complete your projects while the weather is warm is an excellent idea as long as you take a special approach to the workers’ safety.

By renting height-access equipment, you are decreasing the risks of accidents. However, human errors often lead to unfortunate consequences. We’ve collected the most important safety tips for roof construction workers. Consider them in order to optimize your work process.

  1. Start with a Talk

Before you send your workers to the roof, take about five minutes for a pre-start talk. Even if you are working with experienced staff, it’s good practice to remind the employees about the potential hazards waiting for them on the roof.

Together, you should assess the work area and identify all problematic spots that need their special attention. Even if the pre-talk seems unnecessary, remind your employees that it has saved numerous lives in the past.

  1. Watch the Weather

Even though summer is an excellent time to do your roof projects, extreme heat should keep your staff off the roof. Even if warm summer rain doesn’t seem to interfere with comfortable work, remember that it makes the roof a huge hazard for slips and falls. Wait for the roof to dry before continuing your work.

  1. Check the Ladders

If you are using ladders rather than specialized high access equipment, you must be very careful. Check each ladder before use to ensure that it’s safe. If it seems as if the ladder needs repair or replacement, stop using it immediately. Even a small crack in the ladder can lead to terrible consequences.

  1. Keep The Roof Clean

Dirt and debris on the roof are potential slip and fall hazards. Before starting your work, make sure to sweep the roof. Do it after you finish working as well. Debris can cover the roof areas that should be visible to workers in order to ensure safety.

  1. Be Careful with Skylights.

Skylights are big hazards for roofing experts. They must be covered and labeled properly in order for the workers not to step or lean on them. Do the labeling before you start working.

  1. Pay Special Attention to Slate and Tile Roofs

Both slates and tiles are formidable slip hazards. All workers must be properly trained to work with slate and tile roofs.

If you want to maximize the safety of your crew, consider renting specialize.

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