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General Construction Boom Lift Applications

When it comes to construction, not all aerial lifts are created equal. Alpha Platforms' extreme reach platforms can work alongside cranes and small JLGs, taking construction workers or window crews to heights up to 300 feet


Steady, Versatile, and Powerful Aerial Platform for Fast and Flexible Reach

up to 300 feet Height
up to 135 feet Side
up to 100 feet Up and
over reach
12 feet long Extra-
large cage
1,322 lbs. Lifting capacity
for 6 people
up to 15 min lift
Reduce Spend on Expensive Cranes
Our platforms can replace cranes for small jobs, lifting up to 1,322 lbs., saving you 50% on equipment alone. Reduce reliance on expensive cranes and replace them with our boom lifts. Our robust lifts operate steadily in windy conditions: windy days are typically unsafe to operate cranes, resulting in delayed deadlines. Furthermore, any demolition operations will be made easier to execute using the extreme side reach of our lifts, up to 135 feet.
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How Do Our Boom Lifts Help with Construction?

This is a short list of projects we can accelerate, saving you time and reducing your costs:


  • lift workers alongside cranes to work simultaneously
  • assist ironworkers in securing I-beams or trusses
  • install safety netting, roofing, gutters, and chimneys
  • access roof for HVAC ductwork and other installations
  • restore structures, paint at heights, and replace and install lights
  • remove and replace windows, paneling, framing, and sealing
  • decorate facades and complete other exterior work
  • assist with crane operations, assembly, maintenance, and crane inspections
  • other construction projects requiring extreme height reach or side reach

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