Aerial Platforms Bare Rental without An Operator

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Alpha Platforms offers bare rentals as a safe and efficient solution for conducting work at heights.

Alpha Platforms features a fleet of top-of-the-line aerial platforms available for bare rentals, giving project managers a cost-effective option for height access projects over long periods.


We Offer the Best Bare Rental Aerial Platforms

Alpha Platforms has been providing height access services since introducing the world’s most technologically-advanced aerial platforms in the US.

Aerial Platforms Bare Rental is a Viable Option for Long-Term rentals

Aerial platform bare rentals can be a more efficient option if your team has experienced lift operators with an extensive track record of safe equipment operation. In that case, opting for bare rentals typically results in savings for the renter, as they don’t pay for additional services included in Operated Rentals.


We Offer Two Types Of Aerial Platform Bare Rentals:

150-300’ lifts for long-term projects (6 Weeks +)
Requires a CDL driver and IPAF certification for two operators.
92-140’ lifts for short or long-term, typically local projects (Daily or Weekly)
IPAF certification and a clean standard driver’s license are required. Weekly or daily rentals for member clients.

Choose Bare Rentals If Your Project and Team Match These Requirements:

  • Sufficient experience with truck-mounted aerial platforms
  • CDL drivers are available to drive larger lifts (150’ to 300’)
  • Long-term rental duration or frequent small local projects
  • Your IPAF-certified operators can demonstrate their skills in our yard. As an official IPAF training center, Alpha Platforms can train and certify your operators for longer projects. We also provide training and IPAF certification for all our member clients

However, note that with bare rentals, the renter is responsible for insuring and maintaining the equipment, including repairs and troubleshooting issues throughout the rental period.

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Alpha Platforms offers exceptional customer service and support to ensure that renters have the proper equipment for their needs and can operate it safely and effectively. With an extensive rental fleet and experienced technicians, Alpha Platforms is the ideal choice for all your equipment rental needs.

At Alpha Platforms, We Offer Customized Solutions to Height Access Challenges in All Industries, Resulting in Increased Productivity, Safety, and Work Crew eEfficiency.
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