Zero Aerial Work Platform Liability

Alpha Platforms Carries All The Liability for Safe Height Access During Our Projects

Did you know that with traditional rigging methods, such as ropes, hanging baskets, or scaffolding, you, the client, and the structure owners both share liability in the event of an accident?

Alpha Platforms' boom lifts are equipped with state-of-the-art safety features that ensure maximum safety for workers while also minimizing liability for our clients.


Property Owners -
You Share in Aerial Work Liability

Once height access equipment is installed (roof BMU, anchors, hanging baskets, ropes, ladders, rigging equipment), the property owner is responsible for the equipment’s annual maintenance, timely inspection, and re-certification.

The owner must ensure every person who ever works on their property is qualified and trained in proper use of the equipment and actually follows the designed protocol every time!

In case of an accident, the property owner is liable and will be dragged into a claim because part of their property was used for accessing heights.


Eliminate Aerial Work Platform Liability
with Alpha Platforms

Rigging and climbing for tower or building construction or maintenance always raises an aerial work platform liability concern. Alpha Platforms doesn’t just protect the workers on the job site but also protects our clients from potential lawsuits.

Alpha Platforms eliminates most liability concerns for our clients. When service technicians use aerial work platforms, they don’t need to use any part of their property or structure for rigging.

This means the cell tower or building owners don't carry liability. They are not responsible for providing a safe working environment for service provider workers conducting their tasks on an aerial work platform.

What is it worth to your business to reduce your property’s height access liability to zero?
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How Alpha Platforms’ Aerial Work Platforms Reduce Your Liability to Zero

Aerial work platforms are preferred for work at height because they eliminate liability for property owners. As no part of the structure or property is used to secure work at height, property owners carry zero liability.

Even though aerial work platforms may be more expensive than other boom lifts or rope access, their safety and liability benefits outweigh the cost, making them a more popular choice for property owners.

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Predictable and Unpredictable Safety Factors

Intelligent, computer-controlled aerial work platforms eliminate decision-making-related concerns as long as they are set up properly.

When it comes to safety, two types of factors are at play: predictable and unpredictable. Predictable factors can be controlled and influenced, such as the proper manufacturing, installation, certification, and maintenance of safety equipment, as well as selecting a vendor with a safety program and certified technicians. However, the unpredictable factor of human decision-making will always be the weakest link in the safety system.

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Increasingly stricter U.S. work-at-
height safety requirements make liability minimization a significant differentiator when choosing an appropriate height access method.
Reduce your Height Access Liability to Zero with Alpha Platforms on Your Next Project
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