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Reach Far in Any Direction
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The truck-mounted aerial work platforms in our fleet range from 92 feet to 300 feet in height reach and up to 135 feet in side reach.
Our unique fly jibs extend to 30, 60, and even 100 feet. No other height access method in the market allows you to maneuver 200 feet up and 100 feet over.

Need down-and-under reach capabilities? You got it!


Truck Mounts

Explore and choose a truck-mounted boom lift
The tallest boom lift in the world - 300 Ft Boom Lift
300 Foot Boom Lift
Truck-Mounted Aerial Work Platform
Max height: 300’ / 90 m
Side reach: 106’ / 32.3 m
Cage load: 1,168 lbs / 530 kg
250 Foot Boom Lift
Truck-Mounted Aerial Work Platform
Max height: 246’ / 75 m
Side reach: 128' / 39 m
Cage load: 1,322 lbs / 600 kg
230 Foot Boom Lift
Truck-Mounted Aerial Work Platform
Max height: 230’ / 70 m
Side reach: 115’ / 35 m
Cage load: 1,322 lbs / 600 kg
210 Foot Boom Lift
Truck-Mounted Aerial Work Platform
Max height: 210’ / 64 m
Side reach: 133’ / 40.5 m
Cage load: 1,322 lbs / 600 kg
190 Foot Boom Lift
Truck-Mounted Aerial Work Platform
Max height: 187’ / 57 m
Side reach: 135’/ 41 m
Cage load: 1,322 lbs / 600 kg
175 Foot Boom Lift
Truck-Mounted Aerial Work Platform
Max height: 175’ / 53 m
Side reach: 130’ / 39.5 m
Cage load: 1,322 lbs / 600 kg
150 Foot Boom Lift
Truck-Mounted Aerial Work Platform
Max height: 148’ / 45 m
Side reach: 95’ / 29 m
Cage load: 1,322 lbs / 600 kg
There are simply no rivals to the function,
productivity, safety,
and reach of our aerial lifts
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See What Our Customers Say About Us

Great experience! First time on the 300 foot boom for a Local Law Facade Inspection. Vadim, the operator, was in complete control of the equipment and made the whole process smooth. Flagmen secured the area below and allowed my Client to operate their hotel without any disturbance. Honorio Designs Architecture, PLLC


Excellent service, arriving on time every day, responsible with the load limit, very attentive to the lubrication and controls of the crane.


Excellent team working with us, always willing to do anything for the best


Thank you very much Alpha Platforms it was a great experience working with your professional crew, wish you more success and for sure will work together in future.
Special thanks to Mr. Viktor


Jon told me that it was a pleasure to work with Alpha Platforms, the crew was skilled and helpful, the equipment was top notch. Our installers appreciated the security of the platform vs working off of a swing stage, it made their job easier and more efficient. From first meeting thru to the end of the work day everything ran as smoothly as it could. City Sign Service, Inc. will definitely be partnering with Alpha Platforms on future projects.


Operator Alex & his team did a great job. Punctual & professional, they did everything we needed. Working on one of the largest bridges on the planet today & we couldn't have done what we did without Alpha Platforms. 250ft in the air & still a smoother ride than most manlifts I've been in. Thank you to you & your team; we're looking forward to the next one!


I've worked with the great people at Alpha twice and I've found them to be punctual, professional, and very courteous. Their equipment is modern and very well maintained. They get my highest recommendation.


Big thanks to Alpha Platforms. Excellent equipment and service. Alex and his team are very knowledgeable and eager to get the job done. This is the second time using their service and it was great. Highly recommend Alpha Platforms. Thanks again Alex.


The Alpha Platforms team and Alex the boom lift operator have been the most professional, efficient and proactive team to work with. I inspected 1410 Broadway with Alex on a 250 ft high boom lift near Times Square. The experience was amazing! Alex navigated the boom lift flawlessly and made me feel comfortable at that incredible height. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND working with them if you need to carry out FISP inspections. If you get Alex as the operator, that’s your cherry on the cake! Looking forward to my next inspection with them.


This is a very professional company, with very experienced operators. They operate the larger lifts, and are great for FISP inspections and difficult to access areas. Thanks to Victor and his team for the efficient inspection today!


The most stable Arial Lift I have been on my who career/ especially being as it was very windy today I felt no turbulence I can not believe how smooth not only that but the lift moves in directions I've never seen before with reach beyond what you are use to I will definitely tell my company to work with these guys again very professional and an operator in the lift makes it better to communicate Loved it.


I've rented from Alpha numerous times for our large solar installs and their company is professional, well managed, and an asset to any company with a need for height access. The staff is friendly and courteous, which always makes the rental process so seamless. I would strongly recommend Alpha's equipment and service as they are like no other.


Ethical contractor - aims to save client's money by lifting engineers up so they can inspect a façade in one-day, rather than hanging scaffolding. Pictures of an inspection on West 97th street Manhattan - very cool truck.


We Lift You Above All

Our equipment is regularly maintained, cared for, and certified.
  • Built-in redundant safety controls
  • Real-time cage movement dashboard
  • 10 min setup and ready-for-work
  • Long-term rental rates and bare rentals
  • ІPAF-certified operators
  • 24/7 all-inclusive operated rentals
  • Wide selection of various boom heights
  • Side reach, “up-and-over,” and “down-and-under”
  • Permit and traffic management
  • "Up-and-around" access
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