Boom Lift Rental With Operator

Your Team Does Not Need to Know How to
Operate a Lift

Alpha Platforms' fully operated rentals provide clients a safe and efficient way to complete work at heights.

With a range of world-class lifts and an experienced operator to handle all aspects of the lift's operation, renting from Alpha Platforms allows project managers and work crews to focus on the job while experiencing maximum productivity and safety.


Boom Lift Rental With an Operator Is The New Gold Standard for Reaching Heights

While JLG self-propelled lifts are widely used for minor-height access projects, our Boom Lift Rental with an Operator is often the best choice for working at extreme heights.

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Ready to Assume Risks of Renting Self-Propelled Lifts?

Still struggling with traditional JLG or Genie lifts? JLG challenges include:

  • $
    Lack of specialized training like OSHA certification increases the risk of accidents and injuries.
  • $
    Mastery of lifts comes with experience. Extreme heights above 150 feet require an operator with expertise and proven experience, especially when operating around wires, trees, glass, antennas, and other expensive and fragile structures.
  • $
    Liability is entirely on you if you rent a self-propelled boom lift.
  • $
    Delivery and setup issues that typically arise are yours to handle, resulting in losing precious time on site.
  • $
    Insurance and additional costs quickly add up to the baseline rental price. You may not know your final rental cost until after job completion.
  • $
    Inefficient use of the boom lift without a professional operator results in reduced job productivity.

What are the Benefits of Alpha Platforms’ Operated Rentals?

You work with the most experienced full-time lift operators in the industry
You assume zero liability because our height access method is contactless
You use equipment in top condition and fully prepared for the most challenging work
You focus on the job and finish your
work faster
You gain a free pair of experienced hands in the basket, if needed
You are not responsible for daily
safety check-ups on the equipment
Your work crew just handles their work on the job site.
Our job is to lift them to height and ensure optimal access and safety.
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