Aerial Lift Safety

Aerial Lift Safety

When accessing heights, boom lifts are invaluable. They provide a safe and efficient way to reach tall structures and hard-to-reach places and complete tasks that would otherwise be impossible or incredibly dangerous.

In the height access industry, aerial lift safety is paramount, and that's why Alpha Platforms is committed to providing the safest and most reliable height access service in the market.

Alpha Platforms’ Safety Track Record: ZERO-accidents since we started in 2011
Aerial lift safety is ensured by the state-of-the-art, manufacturer-built safety systems combined with our experienced IPAF-certified operators uniquely trained on Alpha Platforms’ aerial lifts.
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How Does Alpha Platforms prioritize safety above all?

Our comprehensive safety program includes every aspect of our services. It prioritizes safety to minimize risk to workers, clients' property, and the surroundings. We take aerial lift safety seriously. This is what we do:
Decrease Your Liability
Did you know that with traditional rigging methods, such as ropes, hanging baskets, or scaffolding, you, the client, and the structure owners all share liability in the event of an accident?

Truck-Mounted Aerial Lifts Are The Safest Type Of Lift

Safety is critical with aerial boom lifts, as any mistake can cause serious accidents. At Alpha Platforms, we prioritize safety and ensure that our equipment is safe, reliable, and well-maintained.

What Happens if a German-Engineered Double-Safety System Ever Fails?

Alpha Platforms has three additional aerial lift safety and backup features:
Emergency Electric Motor
If the truck engine fails while the lift crew is working at heights, the operator will activate the aerial lift safety emergency electric motor from the cage for emergency lowering.
Hydraulic Controls
If the electric motor also fails, the lift will be lowered by using hydraulic controls at a turntable. Alpha Platforms' flaggers are trained in hydraulic emergency lowering.
Rope/ Descender
If there is no flagger, the operator will use a rope/descender to get to the ground from the cage and then lower others using the aerial’s hydraulic controls.

Aerial Lift Safety
is Our Priority

At Alpha Platforms, we take aerial lift safety seriously and have gone to great lengths to ensure that our lifts are the safest in the industry.

When you choose Alpha Platforms for your height access needs, you are choosing a company that prioritizes your safety and the safety of your workers above all else.

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