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Huge Thank You to Alpha Platform's for making our first Façade Ordinance Inspection in Pittsburgh, PA possible! The team went above & beyond to get us to the places we needed to go, did an incredible job managing traffic, and even made friends with the local police department! I had an overall great experience working with the Alpha team and look forward to our next inspection!


The Alpha Platforms team and Alex the boom lift operator have been the most professional, efficient and proactive team to work with. I inspected 1410 Broadway with Alex on a 250 ft high boom lift near Times Square. The experience was amazing! Alex navigated the boom lift flawlessly and made me feel comfortable at that incredible height. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND working with them if you need to carry out FISP inspections. If you get Alex as the operator, that’s your cherry on the cake! Looking forward to my next inspection with them.


Operator Alex & his team did a great job. Punctual & professional, they did everything we needed. Working on one of the largest bridges on the planet today & we couldn't have done what we did without Alpha Platforms. 250ft in the air & still a smoother ride than most manlifts I've been in. Thank you to you & your team; we're looking forward to the next one!


I've worked with the great people at Alpha twice and I've found them to be punctual, professional, and very courteous. Their equipment is modern and very well maintained. They get my highest recommendation.


I just finished a Fisp inspection with Alex's team. It was a pleasure working with his crew. Hope that puppy brings many smiles Alex...until the next inspection. Thanks for keeping us safe today!


My firm ROCK Arch Eng uses Alpha Platforms exclusively on all of our FISP inspections. Irina is wonderful to work with and all of their boom pilots and supporting crews are professional, courteous and pleasure to work with. I highly recommend them all the time. Keep the good work Alpha Platforms & pleasure doing business with you - Marco

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Customer Testimonials from Case Studies

Mike P.
Building restoration services family business owner

We wanted to give it a try and see what this boom truck could do. We loved the idea of a wide basket that could reach up to 30 feet and get to the brick wall over the roof. The main reason we loved the truck was how it maneuvered the boom to lower the bricks inside a dumpster, which was located behind the truck. It saved us at least one extra day of work. It all went great.

Joseph A.
Head stone mason, national cathedral

The project was performed successfully, and we were really glad to have contactless means of reaching the building, as we all know that pipe scaffold might damage the structure, in this case, very very sensitive.

Jason A.
Director of operations, family-owned regional electrical services provider

Alpha has the most efficient and leanest site setup time I’ve ever seen. My brother, who is the top climber of our group, first struggled to understand how this cage could go around the tower better than the crane - and when it did the whole 360°, he became a believer. Also, each laborer said how incredibly safe they felt - very different from the small crane basket. We were able to secure and push back the panels in place without the basket ever moving.

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