Articulated Boom Lift For Rent

Articulated Boom Lift For Rent

Every day New York has a huge number of tasks and projects that require the use of an articulated boom lift. Easily getting around obstacles and reaching the top of tall buildings and objects, this vehicle is highly effective and versatile for many industries. At the same time, most companies cannot afford to purchase this expensive equipment for non-regular projects, that is why they rely on rental services. But what factors are to be considered while choosing a provider of aerial platforms?

Alpha Platforms offers a wide range of perfectly maintained articulating boom lifts in New York for a wide range of projects and tasks under flexible terms that will satisfy a client. When it comes to truck mounted boom lifts, we are ready to offer the best. The toughest job will be done with help of reliable and durable machines of Alpha Platforms. We will show you how the challenging task can be executed smoothly and easily.

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Rental near you

articulated-rental-near-you Articulated Boom Lift For Rent

Regardless of your location, we will be able to provide you with the required model of an articulated boom lift. Discuss details with our specialists to choose the aerial platform that will satisfy your needs best. Anyway, a truck mounted boom lift hired from Alpha Platforms in New York is a flexible and cost-effective solution. This type of machine favorably combines the reach of a significant height with the ability to overcome obstacles. Most of lifts are powered by batteries or diesel engines. When used indoors, the aerial platform is often provided with white strips protecting the walls from black marks. The machine is self-propelled, that is why you do not need to bear extra charges for transportation. It can arrive at the required destination ready for operation.

One solution for multiple options

Our reliable machines are offered in a wide range of lifting capacities, weights, types of propulsion and operating heights. A certain situation has its own requirements, but you are always welcome to consult our team and ask your questions. We’ve been in the rental market for many years, Alpha Platforms has a fair name and a good reputation in the city of New York. You do not have to overpay for a heavier machine, if your job does not require particular options, at Alpha Platforms you always get the optimal model of a truck mounted lift for a specific task.

Why articulating boom lift?

This type of a work-horse has a small footprint combined with an impressive reach. The boom sections of the arm operate in motion independently, that is why you can easily overcome obstacles from right to left and up and down and maneuver between the sections. It’s hard to find a better solution for small working areas with hard-to-reach objects. Small base and zero swing of the tail make articulating boom lifts perfect for operations in confined areas and tight spaces. Boom extensions and jibs will allow you to operate and maneuver even higher.

If you plan to work in a closed area, choose a battery-powered lift instead of diesel-powered one.

New York companies and contractors hire aerial lifts from Alpha Platforms for different purposes. The most common ones are probably:

  • Electrical / maintenance operations
  • Construction
  • Roof works

These machines are often rented by automotive or steel plants whose working areas are occupied by machinery and piping. Without articulating boom lifts, it’s rather hard to provide due seasonal maintenance for such objects. Less common but also regularly occurring conditions that require articulating boom lifts are the following:

  • Really tight or congested spaces where other machines are helpless in reaching heights
  • Irregular, short-term necessity, seasonal maintenance
  • Working indoors in the areas full of obstacles

When you rent an articulating boom lift from Alpha Platforms, you save on maintenance and storage expenses, but always enjoy reliable and well-maintained equipment. You also save your time which is important for any business and project. In the majority of situations, it’s more beneficial to rent an aerial platform than to own it.

Popular models

Super maneuverability and an outreach of up to 75 ft is provided by S-120 – the model of an articulated platform with a jib on an eleven-ton chassis.

A-150 platforms are also highly demanded in New York. Light-weight and compact, they perfectly deal with a wide range of urban tasks. Greatly versatile and highly reliable.

It’s easy to find what you need at Alpha Platforms. Please, do not hesitate to contact us for details: +1 855-2000-855



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