Rental of Boom Lifts in Cleveland, Ohio

Rental of Boom Lifts in Cleveland, Ohio

Do you need an experienced provider of reliable aerial work platforms in Cleveland, Ohio? You have just found one! We happily inform you that Alpha Platforms services are now available in your city which means that all height access jobs will be solved in Cleveland with ease from now and on!

How to reach the height easily and within your budget in Cleveland?

alpha2 Rental of Boom Lifts in Cleveland, Ohio

Alpha Platforms, the company that originally comes from New York, knows everything about jobs at height and provides super safe and effective machines for elevating personnel and materials to hard-to-reach places without risk of accidents. These workhorses are engaged into minor and huge industrial projects far from civilization and with the absence of roads. Today the company confidently expands to all American states and improves the quality of height access operations on a nationwide scale. Cleveland, Ohio, is now covered too.

We’ll help you install electrical equipment, move and lift objects in warehouses, cut tall trees, install pipes, paint water towers, wash windows in skyscrapers, paint ceilings or facades of tall buildings and more. The list of jobs covered by aerial lifts is almost endless.

Be cost-effective when you work at height

Alpha Platforms is the company that lets you fully understand what you pay for. We know how special your project is and the terms of our cooperation can be rather flexible. You can get a required truck-mounted boom lift on an hourly/weekly/monthly basis and have it at any place in Cleveland or beyond. Be sure that you can do within the budget.

Factors to consider when you rent a boom lift

aerial2 Rental of Boom Lifts in Cleveland, Ohio

We recommend you to consider all accompanying factors of your project to choose an appropriate model of a boom lift. Evaluating them all, you can narrow down to a certain machine that will be the most effective for your tasks.

Discuss with specialists of a boom lifts provider the following matters:

  • The schedule of work;
  • Location, its remoteness and nature of terrain;
  • Need for operators to help you with boom lifts;
  • The height you need to reach and possible obstacles on the ground and above;
  • Number of workers to be elevated;
  • Possible restrictions involved;
  • Indoor or outdoor use.

Specialists will ask you these questions if you address Alpha Platforms and you should not ignore them. Clear answers will help you save money and nerves. It’s crucial to timely identify the best aerial platform at the early stage for success.

Alpha Platforms: available, reliable, efficient

For many years we have been building our business on these main principles. But the first and foremost is safety. It means that all the personnel of the company have necessary certificates and licenses for operating boom lifts.

If you call us, you get a chosen machine as quickly as possible. Even the most complex and huge machines fully deploy within five minutes on site. With Alpha Platforms, you can work under short- and long-term schedule depending on your needs. We guarantee the highest quality of height access services in Cleveland, Ohio!

We believe it to be very important to avoid extra and hidden costs in our business, and our clients do not face unpleasant surprises at the final stage of work. We can precisely estimate how much time we need to reach the work site and perform the required operations. If anything goes wrong, you will get an honest compensation. Every machine sent to work is thoroughly inspected and well maintained. We appreciate loyalty and trust of our customers and hope to find more clients here in Cleveland, Ohio. Test the quality of our services to stay with Alpha Platforms for years!

Professional height access services in Cleveland

Since 2011 our company has been gaining experience in this market as one of pioneers in North America. We combine technologically advanced machines from leading manufacturers and professionalism of our operators who regularly confirm their qualification, skills and knowledge.

With their help you get the most of these gorgeous machines! We offer boom lifts that range from 65 to 230 ft, which is enough to tackle any job at height. IPAF certified professionals from Alpha Platforms will ensure smooth operation and high productivity on the territory of your project.

Let us know the details about your project via phone or website, in order we could offer the best height access machine to your company within your budget. We will be happy to answer all your questions.

Find the highest quality, innovation, and excellent customer services at Alpha Platforms in Cleveland, Ohio! Trust our experience, and even the most complicated problems will be solved with ease!



The International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) promotes the safe and effective use of powered access equipment worldwide in the widest sense – through providing technical advice and information; through influencing and interpreting legislation and standards; and through safety initiatives and training programmes. IPAF is a not-for-profit organisation owned by its members, which include manufacturers, rental companies, distributors, contractors and users. IPAF members operate a majority of the MEWP rental fleet worldwide and manufacture about 85% of platforms on the market.
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