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Cherry picker is a very useful machine applied on construction sites and to perform many types of jobs at the height impossible to be reached with a ladder. This type of machine requires professional knowledge because when operated wrongly, it may cause unpleasant incidents and injuries.

When companies deal with minor urban tasks, they often choose cherry pickers out of all available aerial platforms.

What is cherry-picker used for?

The original purpose this machine was invented for, as you may guess, was picking fruits. The elevated platform helped to reach higher areas that could not be reached and maintained otherwise.

Cherry pickers are often called basket cranes or hydra ladders.

Today, they are widely used for work at warehouses, for operations related to installation, maintenance and repair of lights, power lines, heating units, any mechanical systems, dealing with street banners and so on.

Did you know that order pickers and forklifts that grab loads from elevated sections in a warehouse are also often called cherry pickers?

Yes, they are highly functional indeed.

Cherry picker types

Depending on project requirements, clients choose among:

  • truck-mounted cherry pickers
  • telescopic cherry pickers
  • articulated cherry pickers
  • trailer-mounted cherry pickers

cherry-pickers are normally truck-mounted but can also sit on paneled vans or flat beds. Some are also attached on self-moving platforms or trailers.

Alpha Platforms offers Cherry Pickers: they provides very flexible access to many different surfaces at height; it is helpful for tree and building maintenance, being widely used by public authorities as well; it is highly maneuverable with its short wheel base.

Please, check out all cherry picker models available from our company. Luckily, it can always be rented at the affordable price from Alpha Platforms. Rental of the cherry picker is a cost-effective, reliable and prompt solution for your business.

Additional features

While operating with a cherry picker, a worker should stand alone on a platform or in a bucket. Some models have a duplicate set of controls that allows to alternate the position of the bucket. Telescopic cherry pickers are able to adjust the reach of the device. Tipping over is prevented by special auto-safety controls. Other models are provided with articulating boom sections.

Cherry pickers may also vary depending on the source of power:

  • electric (batteries charged);
  • gasoline;
  • diesel.

Electric cherry pickers are ideal for working indoors.

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Basic safety tips

Regardless of the project characteristics and your goal, keep safety while operating a cherry picker as a top priority. Profession of operators who deal with heavy equipment is undoubtedly prone to hazards and they need protection and observance of safety regulations.

First of all, they should be properly trained and skillful for handling a cherry picker. It will help them to maneuver the machine if it has a failure or requires maintenance. This will also protect from incidents in the working zone.

Always inspect equipment before getting started. Pay attention to each part of a cherry picker and never postpone minor repairs if they have to be done. Provide workers with safety harnesses, helmets and uniform.

Safe clearance from hazardous areas should always be maintained on site – stay at least 3 ft. from powerlines.

Get the work started only when you have a plan and proper supervision – it is dangerous to handle the machine with efforts of a single person: someone should always remain on the ground while another one is lifted up. Do not ignore weather conditions too – avoid working on a windy day – wind is only stronger at height.

Alpha Platforms is the pioneer in operated boom lift rentals and height access service in the 150-300-ft range. Our precise German-made lifts have become the favorite height access method for those who try them once, as they combine unmatched productivity, safety, and reach.

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