Best Assistance For Transmission Lines Repair At Height

Transmission Lines Repair

At the very first symptoms of poor operation of transmission lines, you need to provide the proper immediate repair. You could have seen some pictures where transmission lines are reached by helicopters for some operations, but this way is too extreme and not commonly used as the industry has a wide range of modern aerial lifts.

Aerial lifts as unrivaled option for transmission lines repair

Boom lifts are widely used in urban and industrial locations. This type of equipment is provided with a reliable and powerful articulating arm that may reach the top of transmission lines and bend to travel along the entire structure. Crew members are easily lifted and lowered to access all areas of the structure and have all the necessary repair instruments at hand moving along with them. The industrial task of transmission lines repair is better to be solved with help of a telescopic boom.

No other machinery will give you a more efficient result. Aerial lifts ordered at Alpha Platforms successfully access any overhead wires and electrical cables that often require maintenance and repair. They allow to stay at height for an extended period of time with a feeling of comfort and safety.

As the job requires to move around the object, it would need a mechanical arm extending up from the base. Telescopic boom does the job well – it extends upwards to the required height of the transmission lines for necessary repair operations.

If the project demands a more maneuverable lift, that would also travel sideways, the best option would be an articulating boom lift.

Now when you have a skillful crew, rent the best aerial platform for you job

The fleet provided by Alpha Platforms includes aerial platforms that can reach the height from 65 to 230 feet. Depending on the height of the transmission lines you are going to deal with, choose an appropriate truck- or track-mounted aerial platform for an excellent result.

You will get the lift on the very day of a rental and right at the location of your object. Specialists of Alpha Platforms will set up the equipment and operate it throughout the day from a basket in order your crew could get the job done. We do not recommend you to attract any other operators whose professionalism may rise to doubt. Our own operator can guarantee the best utilization of all available functions of the modern advanced aerial lifts provided by our company and assure the highest level of productivity, safety and efficiency from the very beginning to the final stage of the work.

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