Top 10 Most Popular Jobs Executed by Aerial Lifts

Top 10 Most Popular Jobs Executed by Alpha Platforms Aerial Lifts

It’s hard to imagine today how industries would do without the help of aerial lifts. These workhorses allow to build tall structures, maintain them, provide repairs and make the modern landscape look the way we’ve got used to see it.

The main function of an aerial work platform is elevation. It helps to lift personnel, materials and tools to the desired height for required operations. The range of purposes aerial lifts are used for is very wide. They represent complicated equipment which is operated by specially trained and properly certified professionals.

Top 10 Most Popular Jobs Executed by Aerial Lifts

What are the Main Applications of an Aerial Platform?

Let us now focus on the main applications of an aerial platform and name the most popular ones. Why are they getting into the air? And what functions and characteristics do they need to have to satisfy the needs of standard projects in various industries?

1. Building and Construction

Aerial work platforms have no rivals in the sphere of construction: provided by articulating and telescopic boom lifts, they easily reach various levels of heights and hoist workers, necessary materials and tools overcoming obstacles, if any. Maximum heights are conquered by telescopic boom lifts but when a maintenance or building site has hard-to-access areas, there is nothing better than an articulating boom lift.

Aerial work platforms successfully do a lot of jobs related to construction. Ductwork repairs and installation, wiring maintenance, installation of different structural features high above the ground and many more. Many models of boom lifts perfectly operate on rough terrain and easily maneuver between obstacles on semi-finished construction sites.

For example, A-150 aerial work platform with a jib can be rather helpful at many construction sites. It can lift a group of three-four workers and their tools, and reach the height of 150 feet.

2. Safety Inspections

All those modern massive structures like bridges, airplanes, water tanks and monuments sooner or later require safety inspections and maintenance. Aerial lifts safely and easily hoist inspectors and engineers to the required height in order they could do their job. That’s why you often see them next to shopping malls, warehouses, factories, production centers. They make our lives better.

When the object to be repaired or maintained is rather high above the ground, you can rely on A-230 boom lift from Alpha Platforms which is very versatile for many urban works and not only.

3. Window Cleaning and Repairs

Boom lift operators are also those very guys who take care of windows installed at height. They safely elevate workers on their platforms many floors above the ground to make windows clean. Both scissor lifts and boom lifts perform the task, but the first ones are commonly used for interior windows. The highest windows are reached by telescopic boom lifts.

4. Orchard or Tree Works

How to pick that apple hanging so high? With help of an aerial platform, of course! It’s the job for compact and light-weight machines like cherry pickers. One worker fits in a bucket and accesses hard-to-reach branches of a tree in a rural area.

5. Repair of Electrical Wiring

Electricians traditionally rely on aerial work platforms, too. A long reaching arm extends vertically and horizontally bringing workers with tools to telephone wires, electrical lines and transformers elevated over the ground. Indoor projects prefer scissor lifts, outdoor ones often need other truck-mounted boom lifts that can reach higher electrical lines.

Tons of different tasks are performed by electricians of telephone companies, building firms and many others with help of aerial work platforms.

6. Tall Tree Trimming

Boom lifts come to help where ladders are helpless. They work on commercial and residential territories and elevate trimmers and landscapers who make all those trees look neat and beautiful.

7. Entertainment Works, Broadcasting, Special Events

Oh, yes! If Lady Gaga wants to impress fans by soaring high over the stage, she does it with help of an aerial lift until she learns to fly on her own. That’s the secret of numerous performing artists.

Besides, aerial platforms help to arrange special events working behind the scenes. They allow to install lamps, hand speakers, fix concert attributes etc. Your favorite rides in amusement parks are built and repaired with the use of boom lifts as well.

8. Sporting Events

Lighting and staging for sporting events are lifted and lowered by scissor lifts and other types of aerial platforms. We can see scoreboards, arenas and crowds of fans from a bird’s perspective thanks to aerial work platforms. They contribute to a bright show!

9. Maintenance and Repairs of Roller Coasters

Back to entertainments – when amusement parks do not have their own aerial work platforms, they hire workhorses of Alpha Platforms and other providers of AWP to access roller coasters and eliminate any malfunctions or even safely bring visitors of the park back to the ground in case of an emergency.

10 Warehouse Construction or Indoor Projects

Electrically-powered aerial lifts are often used to elevate goods and instruments indoors. They allow to perform a huge number of operations – setting, repairs, maintenance, handling loads, holding boxes and installation of equipment.

Typically, a narrow platform is enough for a warehouse to execute the task. Powered by batteries or electricity, they do not pollute the air being safe for workers and citizens.

To find out what machine is going to be the best for your project, contact specialists of Alpha Platforms and get the detailed professional answer.

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