Which Aerial Lift Should I Rent?

Which Aerial Lift Should I Rent?

The ability to rent an aerial lift for a height-access project has simplified the work of many companies over the years. The renting party usually gives advice about proper lift rental, delivers the equipment to the work site, keeps it in mint condition, and arranges transportation from the site.

However, it’s up to the manager to evaluate the project and consider which aerial lift types are most suitable. Aerial lifts aren’t manufactured specifically for a certain type of industry or job. For example, manufacturing companies can use these lifts to reach overhead details. Window cleaning companies use them to wash windows on high-rise buildings.

General contractors take advantage of aerial lifts to get to hard-to-reach repair areas. Construction companies usually can’t do their work without several types of aerial lifts. Other workers using aerial lifts are emergency crews, HVAC contractors, advertisers hanging banners, and many more. So which aerial lift should you rent? Going over the common lift types can help you understand which one is the best for your project.

  • Electric Scissor Lift – This lift can move up and down, which makes it more flexible than scaffolding. The working heights of electric scissor lifts vary so always check the specs before renting.
  • Rough Terrain Scissor Lift– As the name implies, this aerial lift is created to deal with rough terrain and harsh environmental elements. These lifts are usually rented for construction projects.
  • Personnel Lift – These lifts are suitable for projects that require one person to use it. The height of such lift reaches 26 feet. They are highly useful for indoor tasks.
  • Electric Boom Lift– These lifts have a platform, which can move horizontally and vertically. It can provide an impressive reach and better versatility than the majority of other aerial lift types.
  • Straight Telescopic Boom Lift – Such lifts are mostly used outdoors. They are great for reaching tough areas in places where scaffolding is useless.
  • Towable Boom Lift– A truck can tow these lifts in order to transport them between the work sites within one project.
  • Atrium Lift – These lifts can fold to have a compact size, allowing them to pass through a doorway. Then the lift opens up to reach formidable heights.

Knowing which lift to rent can simplify your project and keep you from making unnecessary payments. You can always test a model first in order to see if it gives you the results you are looking for.

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