Aerial Lift Rental for Large-Scale Construction Projects

Aerial Lift Rental for Large-Scale Construction Projects

In the modern world we expect lifting equipment to be ultimately productive and efficient. Major construction projects usually have strict deadlines and require reliable aerial platforms to keep up with the terms. Large-scale projects would take long years to be competed if people relied on scaffolding in the absence of modern boom lifts.

These machines complete tasks that seem to be impossible with ease. Their amazing abilities change the images of big cities, it’s thanks to boom lifts we see cities growing so fast – all those shopping centers, sports arenas, business centers, circuses, cultural venues we cannot imagine our life without. They not only help to build these structures but also to maintain, reconstruct and repair them, when necessary.

Frankly speaking, the modern construction industry cannot do without aerial platforms, and they will not be replaced by any other equipment able to reach heights in the foreseeable future.

Aerial platforms are used almost at every stage of major construction. Early in they help to move materials and instruments, then – to lift builders even to hard-to-access areas for finishing works. They are intended to complete the job where the extreme height is the main constraint.

Boom lifts rental

It’s not a secret that aerial platforms are too expensive for most construction companies, even those implementing major construction projects. Instead of buying, companies normally rent boom lifts for temporary works. It’s the best affordable solution that stays within a budget.

Using rented boom lifts, construction companies do not care about maintaining them, training operators, repairing works, or arranging for overnight storage. They simply exploit aerial platforms on an hourly, daily or weekly basis, depending on the scale of the project.

It’s cost-effective, convenient and simple.

Boom lifts – reliable, cost-effective and productive

There are countless construction sites all over America and workhorses available for rent from Alpha Platforms are always there to help reach extreme heights! Our company provides aerial platforms that combine productivity and easy transportation. It’s not also a problem to hire professional operators for brilliant performance and guaranteed safety at major jobsites.

Clients save money and time when rent boom lifts compared to any other machines for construction works. They can easily estimate expenditures with no extra ongoing expenses.

Choosing the appropriate model for your project

There are many types of aerial platforms – each with its own features, basic and additional options. In order to avoid extra expenses, it’s important to describe the task to specialists of a boom lift provider.

In order to match aerial platform to your specific project, you will need to provide the following information to our estimator:

  1. the works to be done,
  2. ground conditions,
  3. access to the work site,
  4. terrain and gradient to be crossed by an truck-mounted boom lift,
  5. presence of any power lines or other subterranean hazardous obstacles,
  6. bearing capacity of the ground at the construction site,
  7. number of workers to be lifted,
  8. the maximum height to be reached,
  9. presence of any overhead structures which might damage the boom lift,
  10. need for any additional devices (for example, to lift materials),
  11. preferred fuel type of an aerial platform,
  12. possibility of refueling on site and some other details.

Most popular boom lifts for large-scale construction projects

Alpha Platform provides boom lifts for various major construction projects in New York. The company has several reliable platforms intended to work even in the most extreme conditions. A-300 Aerial Platform, for instance, is mounted on an all-wheel drive and equipped with a rough terrain undercarriage. It can be sent to perform really tough tasks.

A-300 faces any challenge – whether in the city or beyond, completes urban tasks and complicated jobs on oilfields. It’s maximum working height is 90 meters, maximum horizontal outreach is 88 meters, maximum length of the jib boom is 9,65 meters.

A-210 aerial platform is also satisfying for many urban and industrial projects. The model is equipped with a twelve-foot wide work cage, 1,322 lb weight capacity, it can reach the height of 210 ft with side reach of 133 ft. A-210 is one of the most demanded models offered by Alpha Platforms.

The company is its own center for operators training and certification. The range of applications of the aerial platforms offered by Alpha Platforms is very wide. The long list of capabilities of the boom lifts make them the crucial equipment in lots of industries and irreplaceable helpers in implementation of major construction projects of New York and the East Coast.

Alpha Platforms is the pioneer in operated boom lift rentals and height access service in the 150-300-ft range. Our precise German-made lifts have become the favorite height access method for those who try them once, as they combine unmatched productivity, safety, and reach.


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