Choosing The Right Height Access Equipment: Part 2

Choosing The Right Height Access Equipment: Part 2 Alpha Platforms

We continue looking at different types of height-access equipment in order to help you make the right decision.

Boom Lifts

Boom lifts are more versatile than all the above types because they allow vertical and horizontal movement. They come in telescopic and articulated varieties. These lifts are perfect for reaching over obstacles and bringing the workers to hard-to-reach spots at various sites.

Boom lifts provide excellent maneuverability. So if your project involves maneuvering around objects, they are a good choice. They reach up to 130 feet. For comparison, the majority of scissor lifts have a maximum reach of 50 feet.

The downsides of using boom lifts include small platforms, which can hold only a few workers, and high costs.

Choosing The Right Equipment

When choosing the best equipment for your project, you need to consider the following parameters:

  • The height of the job – big heights narrow down your choice substantially.
  • How much equipment you need – not all methods allow bringing heavy equipment.
  • What type of ground you will work on – the evenness of the terrain can be a deciding factor in the choice of equipment.
  • Are there any obstacles – if you need to maneuver around and over obstacles, you can easily choose the right equipment.
  • The available space – your choice depends on how much space you can use for the equipment
  • Required training – some equipment requires special training in order to be operated properly. Meanwhile, workers should have special training for working at heights in order to take advantage of some of the equipment. While you are considering all of the above factors, you need to think about quality and safety. Outdated and malfunctioning equipment can result in traumas and deaths.

Another factor to consider is the budget. Purchasing height-access equipment is often a costly endeavor, which many businesses can’t handle. In order to cut costs, you may want to consider height-access equipment rental. At Alpha Platforms, we have a variety of equipment for numerous purposes. Our experts are always ready to offer extensive consultations on which equipment suits your project the best.

Alpha Platforms is the pioneer in operated boom lift rentals and height access service in the 150-300-ft range. Our precise German-made lifts have become the favorite height access method for those who try them once, as they combine unmatched productivity, safety, and reach.


Which Aerial Lift Should I Rent?
Which Aerial Lift Should I Rent?
Get a free estimate on what aerial lift fits your job site and work requirements the best. It's sometimes a much smaller lift than you might think! At Alpha Platforms, you have the biggest choice up to 300 feet in height and up to 135 feet in side reach!
Budget Boom Lift Rental
Budget Boom Lift Rental
Industrial and construction projects require large and heavy equipment like boom lifts. Owning such equipment in a corporate fleet is too pricey to make any sense.
Which Boom Lift Would You Choose? Important Information
Which Boom Lift Would You Choose? Important Information
Boom lifts are common pieces of equipment that can make your work at heights simpler. The large boom arm with an extendable basket helps you reach the places you wouldn’t be able with other equipment.
To Rent Or Not To Rent: That Is The Question
To Rent Or Not To Rent: That Is The Question
Aerial equipment is expensive. When it comes to renting it for several projects, many companies start thinking about the purchase. It seems as if frequent use will recoup the cost of the unit.
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