Rent Aerial Lifts in Wilmington, Delaware, to Outperform Your Competitors

Rent Alpha Platforms Aerial Lifts in Wilmington, Delaware, to Outperform Your Competitors

Rental of aerial lifts in the city of Wilmington, Delaware, is the key to business success for many companies. These services cover lots of various industries from landscaping and agriculture to construction and warehousing. Boom lift rental ceased to be an alternative and turned into a necessity. For many businesses it makes no sense to buy heavy equipment and bear all costs connected thereto. Aerial work platforms must work 90% of your business time to pay off. In all other cases, it’s more cost-effective and reasonable to use the services of a company like Alpha Platforms.

Innovation, convenience and safety

Our truck-mounted boom lifts are super-functional and versatile, so they are able to cover the impressively wide range of industries in Wilmington. These aerial work platforms have no rivals when it comes to innovation and productivity of height access equipment. The fleet of Alpha Platforms is represented by the models whose height reach ranges from 150 feet to 300 feet, with the side reach up to 115 feet.

You might be unaware of the fact that these huge machines are able to set up and extend up within 7-10 minutes. They do not require other means of transportation to get to your working site. Compared to conventional booms, they have a better lifting and reach capacity. It’s very convenient to make use of this solution while doing business. Besides, clients may choose a desired working schedule from daily to monthly operation of aerial work platforms on site.

As to safety, we treat as the top priority in our business. Our technologically advanced AWP deserve to be operated by specially trained people. So, only IPAF certified professionals with years of experience are allowed to work for Alpha Platforms. Their skills and knowledge ensure the maximum utilization of all features of our aerial work platforms and let you save money and nerves.

Boom Lift Truck Alpha Platforms

Benefits of AWP rental in Wilmington, Delaware

If you still hesitate whether you need to buy your own aerial work platforms, consider our benefits that support the rental alternative:

  • Truck-mounted boom lifts help you meet strict deadlines which is rather important under the conditions of rigid competition.
  • You are more flexible when choosing the machine that meets your requirements best;
  • You can discuss special individual conditions with a provider of aerial work machines and obtain a discount if you need AWP for a large project;
  • You do not have to spend anything at all on maintenance, repair and storage of boom lifts – this seriously reduces your expenses;
  • To hire means to save. Rental assumes lower costs, more efficient utilization and professional advice of those who have been in the market for years;
  • You do not deal with the problem of depreciation. Technologically-advanced, well-maintained and reliable machines are always available for your service.
Truck-mounted boom lift Alpha Platform

Trained personnel as a desired option

If you want to use our competent staff to assist you on a working site, it won’t be a problem. We hire people with years of experience and provide them with additional training and certification. These people know our machines as onу knows his ten fingers, so will be able to use every feature of an aerial boom lift for your benefit and ensure maximum safety of your property and personnel.

We will help you make the right choice

Boom lifts with different lifting capacity and side reach ability have different values. So, it’s important to take into account all factors and details of your project to avoid unnecessary costs.

In the absence of professional advice, you can hire a too small AWP and cause frequent turnarounds and thereby decrease performance and output. If you hire a too big and heavy machine, you can cause additional risks on site. Do not ignore the necessity of discussing the project with a provider that allows choosing the optimal aerial work platform from the variety of boom lifts. Add special attachments to enhance performance of a boom lift in order to complete the tasks more efficiently, safely and faster.

One more important thing. Rental of a boom lift from Alpha Platforms in Wilmington, Delaware, can be a great test-drive before you decide on buying your own aerial work platform. It’s always better to try before you purchase such an expensive machine.

Based on the advantages named above, rental of an aerial work platform from our company will become a reliable turnkey solution for prosperity of your business in Wilmington. Do not hesitate to give us a call and ask your questions!

Alpha Platforms is the pioneer in operated boom lift rentals and height access service in the 150-300-ft range. Our precise German-made lifts have become the favorite height access method for those who try them once, as they combine unmatched productivity, safety, and reach.


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