Truck-Mounted Aerial Lifts Rental from 150’ to 300’

Truck-Mounted Aerial Lifts Rental from 150’ to 300’

The list of industries, which regularly use aerial work platforms to make people’s life more comfortable and safe, is very long. Construction, city improvement, energy, utilities and others – all of them need to reach heights for required operations. At the same time, it does not mean that all these providers of services have their own truck mounted aerial lifts. The majority of them find rental of machines to be the more reasonable and cost-effective solution for their business. It’s truly easy, inexpensive, convenient and safe, especially when relying on professional operators provided by the same company that offers aerial work platforms.

Factors to consider while choosing a boom lift provider

Choosing a long-term reliable partner-provider of boom lifts, it’s important to make sure that this company strictly observes all necessary safety standards and regulations, provides proper training to workers and does not put profit before human health and safety. Another important factor is the range of aerial work platforms offered by the company. Two or three machines with different lifting capacity is not serious for a provider in a big American city. The fleet of machines must be diverse and satisfying to the versatile needs of multiple industries both in the city and beyond at large projects like oil fields. To meet requirements of all industrial companies in New York, Alpha Platforms provides boom lifts with working heights from 150’ to 300’. Truly there is no task related to height, we would not be able to solve on a worksite!

What type of machine is best for your project?

When you rent a proper aerial work platform, you make your job sufficiently easier. Whether you need to access a tall structure for maintenance or repair power lines at height or maybe require an elevated work platform, Alpha Platforms has the machine specially created for this particular job. But don’t be sure that choosing the right machine is simplicity itself, because it is not.

There are many factors to be considered while choosing the right boom lift – features of the working area, any obstacles on the worksite, the weight of the load to be carried by the lift, additional options required for improvement of performance, number of people to be involved in the working process and more.

It will be easier for you, if you have already used this kind of services. First-timers need to discuss all details with specialists before they make an ultimate choice.

Truck-Mounted Aerial Lifts Rental from 150’ to 300’  Alpha Platforms

From small to big

Alpha Platforms covers all the industrial height-related needs of organizations by the highly versatile fleet of boom lifts available in New York.

Thus, such tasks as house management, tree cutting or daily routine operations executed by public authorities can be done with A-150' boom lift.

A-150 platforms are true workhorses to carry the bulk of your daily workload when you work at heights. Their lightweight and compact size in transport position make them perfect for any city work. A heavy-duty Freightliner chassis, powerful engine, auto leveling outriggers, and a 12-foot wide cage with all standard A-line cage features and options offer great versatility in a myriad of everyday uses for this boom lift. The 30-foot upper boom provides generous up-and-over reach essential for various applications.

The A-175 lift’s specialty is its enormous side outreach at a working height of up to 175 feet (53 m). An all-wheel drive, extra-heavy duty chassis, light boom structure, 30-foot upper boom, and a basket rotation of 2 x 200 degrees allow a record 130-foot (40-m) side reach and provide exceptional mobility, taking flexibility and up-and-over reach to the next level. The overside 12-foot wide workman basket featuring 1,322 lbs (600 kg) of load capacity maximizes worksite flexibility and efficiency These characteristics give the A-175 a unique side reach advantage over even the tallest JLG and Genie lifts’ modest capabilities.

Our flagship model for the most extreme projects, the A-300 is the tallest manlift in the world mounted on a conventional chassis. This rare 300-foot tall articulating and telescopic hybrid lift is German-engineered at the highest technological level. When combined with the operated all-inclusive rentals staffed by the IPAF-certified experienced driver, the A-300 lets you quickly complete the jobs that you didn’t think were possible. This model's 100-foot upper boom and X-Jib provide unparalleled up-and-over reach and job site flexibility. Imagine being able to reach 100 feet out over the roof at 200 feet high. That's why the A-300 makes your most complex heigh-access project a breeze.

Only benefits, nothing more

Rental of aerial lifts is the secret of success for any industrial business. With the broad choice of models which can fit any environment and working conditions, you can solve any task related to lifting operations.

Using rental instead of buying, you avoid the problems of storage, maintenance, repair of heavy expensive machines, so the benefits of aerial work platforms’ rental are more than obvious. There is not safer and easier way to reach heights now than aerial platforms. The very design of these machines ensures flexibility and mobility with increased performance. They confidently outperform man-baskets and scaffolding, leaving them behand in the past century.

Alpha Platforms is the pioneer in operated boom lift rentals and height access service in the 150-300-ft range. Our precise German-made lifts have become the favorite height access method for those who try them once, as they combine unmatched productivity, safety, and reach.

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Aerial Lift for Building Maintenance
Aerial Lift for Building Maintenance
Alpha Platforms offers aerial work platforms for planned, irregular, preventive, corrective, scheduled maintenance, as well as maintenance required as a consequence of an emergency situation. The company has been assisting clients in preserving value of their properties since 2011.
5 Benefits Of Truck-Mounted Access Platforms
5 Benefits Of Truck-Mounted Access Platforms
When choosing equipment for working with heights, a small mistake can lead to delays and safety hazards. While the quality of such equipment should be top-notch, the type of the machine is just as important.
Aerial Lift Rental Cost – How Does It Form?
Aerial Lift Rental Cost – How Does It Form?
Regardless of the works to be done, it’s not difficult to find a suitable boom lift for rent that will satisfy your budget. There are many providers in the market that compete with each other and provide affordable prices.
Vehicle-Mounted Boom Lift Hire - Alpha Platforms
Vehicle-Mounted Boom Lift Hire
Vehicle-mounted boom lifts represent the safest and fastest way to lift your crew, tools, and equipment to the required height. Improve safety on a working site and save money by increasing productivity 3-5X with Alpha Platforms operated rentals. Call today.
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