Excellent Boom Lifts to Assist With Cell Tower Maintenance

Cell Tower Maintenance

Some people think that tower climbers belong to a special category of workers – naturally deprived of height issues. This is not true. The feeling of safety while working at the height is provided by modern reliable equipment. You can easily take all precautions and guarantee 100% safety for a climber following some basic instructions. The worst thing in this profession is ignorance.

It’s not so scary when you use appropriate equipment

All those beautifully painted industrial structures, and towers in particular, need a regular maintenance and repair. This type of service is highly demanded. It might be an anchor replacement or repairs of the damage caused by storm. It’s always better to catch the problem before it starts. Do not think that tower maintenance is a huge and pricey enterprise. In fact, you need a group of skillful climbers, a set of instruments and a boom lift to get the job done.

Cell tower maintenance requires a reliable boom lift

Boom lifts from Alpha Platforms are undoubtedly the best option for tower maintenance and repair. Once you try them in work, you realize that operations at height are quite simple. No other equipment would let you reach the top and sides of the tower better than large boom arms and extendable baskets of boom lifts. This type of equipment is absolutely safe when you take basic precautions and use it in a right way.

Boom lifts are rather versatile, consider the characteristics of the tower and its location to choose the best option. If you have to deal with a number of obstacles or access some hard-to-reach areas while doing the job, choose an articulating boom lift. As it has several articulating boom sections, you will be provided better mobility at the height. This is also an optimal choice if you have to work in a confined area or a tight space. But when it comes to tower maintenance, it’s normally enough to use a telescopic boom lift. This type of equipment reaches very far and high areas and may overcome obstacles as well. One more big advantage is an opportunity to work really fast – such lifts get a required working position very quickly. But do not even start without a skillful operator, if you need one you may contact Alpha Platforms as well.

Boom lifts are a great choice not only for maintenance of cell towers, of course, but also for all other types of towers: concealed, monopole, lattice, guyed ones. Regardless of the tower type, you can rely on the experience and professionalism of Alpha Platforms!

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