Building Façade Inspection – Because Any City Ages

Building Façade Inspection

With the lack of building façade inspections and maintenance, we put ourselves to the risk of injuries and property damaging. Regulations of any city stipulate regular intervals of façade inspections. Such works are often done with a rope access, but in many cases, when they have to reach the floors lower than 20th, for example, inspection is made with help of a certain boom lift.

Façade inspection is recommended to be carried out every seven years to keep the infrastructure safe and functional, while the city infrastructure – future-proof and reliable.

Aerial Platforms Take Care of Urban Exteriors

It’s not hard to understand how important for any city it is to keep the exteriors of buildings in a good condition. This responsibility is normally taken by a managing board or an association of co-owners. Even being tight on budget, they will always find it quite reasonable to rent a boom lift for this type of work. Safe and reliable equipment, professional services of a qualified operator, delivery of the boom lift to a required location and attractive prices make Alpha Platform a very competitive provider of vehicles for height access. Please, check out they how we work to make a right choice.

This could be a façade from brick, glass, steel or stone – in any case it will require a regular inspection and maintenance. It is not only about the attractive look, but also – about functionality and safety. Façades protect structures they cover and provide safety to passersby. It’s always better to detect a minor issue before it turns into a serious problem.

Choice of Aerial Platforms and Work Frequency

According to experts, facades of a building in normal condition are to be inspected every two or three years. As to buildings in poor condition, the annual inspection is recommended. If you wish to guarantee the quality of the work and meet the requirements, hire a registered architect or a team of professional engineers.

A-300 platform is ready to work in a tough environment, they can face any challenges and operate in extreme conditions. They are also widely used for building facades inspection as well. It can bring inspectors really high and far along the façade.

Quite often it’s enough to make use of A-150 platform instead. These platforms, being true workhorses, are among the most demanded and widely used for any urban works.

Local Law 11 New York City FISP Inspections
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Alpha Platforms is the pioneer in operated boom lift rentals and height access service in the 150-300-ft range. Our precise German-made lifts have become the favorite height access method for those who try them once, as they combine unmatched productivity, safety, and reach.

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